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C4 Welcome Party

University life is colorful, free of parents' imprisonment. Without the torture of the Sea of Question, there was an additional yearning for freedom. The welcome party is also in full swing, welcoming our arrival. The president of the student council and some of the students from the Literature and Arts Department were discussing with Zhao Kang from our department. Let us freshmen prepare some programs. This idea sounds interesting. Originally, it was to welcome our arrival. In the end, we had to do our own thing and prepare a program to welcome ourselves? This student union was really good at taking advantage of loopholes and slacking off. However, this Zhao Kang was also quite capable. He had just arrived at the school a few days ago. The student council has something to do with him. It is said that it was recommended by our counselor teacher. He had to be impressed in this aspect.

Everyone in our dormitory is here, Liu Xicheng. Jiang Dongdong and Liu Xicheng are from the same hometown. They both came from the Lian City. Jiang Dongdong is from Lian City, Ning County. That place is a bit off. Although it was within the jurisdiction of the city, it was still considered a place. However, Liu Xi had never been there before. However, since he has come to Jianling City to go to university, Naturally, it was not so clear as to address him as a fellow villager. Liu Xicheng was not tall. When he did things, he did things. He was the only student in our dormitory who had ever lived in a school. And he has started living in a school since junior high. He had quite a bit of experience in the dormitory's collective life. He was the dorm head that we acknowledged.

Jiang Dongdong didn't talk much. He seemed to be a bit weird. After a few days of contact, he hadn't heard him say anything. He claimed to have a master. However, during the past few days, he hadn't seen him call a girl to ask for warmth. He didn't talk about his girlfriend. Even if she was a man, she should at least tell him that she was safe and sound after such a long time. There must be something fishy about this matter. He didn't know if what he said was true or not, but considering that they had just met, it was inconvenient for him to ask more details.

At this time, it was just past seven o'clock in the evening. After dinner, we were all idling in the dormitory reading books. "Dong Dong," there was a knock on the door. "Is it convenient for you to come in?" A gentle female voice came from outside the door.

I was the closest to the door. I got up and opened the door. A beautiful woman with delicate features appeared in front of me. Which senior is this? Did she run into the wrong dormitory? Or is it a club promotion? It can't be. Ah Yan, Liu Xicheng, Jiang Dongdong put down the book in his hand as well.

"Hello! I am your form teacher and counselor. My surname is He, He Long's He." So it was the form teacher teacher. After being dumbfounded, he greeted Teacher He one after another. I am secretly delighted. The person who will accompany us for four years is such a young and beautiful Teacher He.

After exchanging greetings, Teacher He officially informed us.

"Tomorrow at 8: 30 a.m., gather at Room 1102 in Building 2. Our class meeting before the new semester will be held."

"You must be Lin Feng." Teacher He faced me.

"Yes, Master He." I'm very curious why Teacher He asked me this question alone.

"I heard that you wrote quite a good article and even won an award, right?" The corner of the teacher's mouth inadvertently rose, as if he was even more mysterious than Mona Lisa's smile.

I hummed in acknowledgement. I lowered my head in embarrassment. It's no big deal. It's just a previous award. He had become lazy over the past few months. He had intended to write a novel, but he hadn't moved a single word.

"Good, let me tell you something. There is a written competition in the academy, so I recommend you to go. Perform well. The specific requirements for tomorrow's meeting will be over. Come to my office and tell you in detail." Without giving me time to think, the first task of the homeroom teacher fell from the sky after school started.

Right, and also. Director Ding told me yesterday that there was a welcome party. Our class still needs a show. How about this? Zhao Kang will tell you about this later."

After Teacher He asked some questions about living and living, he told us to rest early and prepare for the start of school. Then, he left.

"Who is this Zhao Kang? Why do I keep hearing his name?" Ah Yan scratched his head and looked at us.

"Is he from the 407B dormitory next door?" Liu Xicheng continued to ask.

"It should be the tallest one," Xicheng Liu said. Jiang Dongdong, who didn't say much, suddenly said.

Zhao Kang pushed the door open and entered the room. "Brothers, are you still awake?"

Dongdong glanced at him and muttered, "Sleep your sister, what time is it?

"The department wants us to give a show. I have discussed it with the students in the Arts Department of the student council. Let's have a better show. Let's play a play. The script is almost ready. It is a funny version of ten ambushes. However, we need many actors. Your dorm has at least two brothers! " Jiang Dongdong was still mumbling. "Brothers? Who's your brother? I don't like your smug look. You're just a small fry.

We looked at each other, but no one agreed. Meng Yanxing was a top student. He was the top student in the entire department. He rarely came into contact with anything about literature and literature, and he had no interest in it. I just received a job from my form teacher. I can't take two jobs at the same time, can I? As the new dormitory head, Liu Xicheng had no choice but to do it.

The three of us looked at each other almost at the same time. "Hey, why are you looking at me like that? I'm not going. I'm not happy with Zhao Kang. Why are you being so arrogant? "Of course I'm not going." Jiang Dongdong looked at the three of us looking at him with an unnatural expression.

I turned on the music and did my best to choose a song that everyone could accept. The music filled the dormitory. My roommates didn't say anything and were intoxicated by it.

As the lights were about to turn off, Xicheng started to mobilize. "Aiya, Dongdong. This is the first show to enter the university. Don't let them look down on us 407C." Xicheng started to use his three-inch tongue attack. Seeing that Dongdong didn't nod his head, "Besides, this time, we will welcome the new arrival. We will collaborate with the Department of Foreign Language and the Department of Art. When the time comes, the audience will be filled with beauties! Aren't you going to perform well?" Liu Xicheng encouraged Jiang Dongdong. Seeing that the firepower was still lacking, he looked at me again. I also added, "Dongdong, go. Even if there is no food for you, Xicheng and I will still introduce you to a beautiful girlfriend. As compensation, I will make sure you like her. "My girlfriend is in the H major art department. "Xicheng's wife is in Acropolis University. Are you worried that she doesn't have enough resources?"

"Tsk, who wants you to introduce me? I have a girlfriend." Jiang Dongdong was disdainful. But the words were not so firm.

Liu Xicheng saw this and smiled. "Oh, Dongdong, we are still from the same hometown. This is nothing. Don't try to lose face. Lin Feng and I are both experienced people. We understand, we understand, ha."

The top student, Ah Yan, who was memorizing the fourth word in English finally could not hold it in anymore. "I say, Lin Feng, why don't you introduce the Korean sister who came to our dorm last time to Dongdong?"

When Dongdong heard the Korean sister, he became interested. "Korean? Which one? Have you all seen her before?"

A'Yan stretched out a hand and gestured." That figure is curvaceous, her appearance is beautiful, and her long hair is draped over her shoulders. When she left the dormitory, her shy eyes and her slightly red face really cause others to be unable to refrain from thinking... "

What do you want? " Jiang Dongdong opened his eyes wide.

"Ha, just do what you want. Don't you have a girlfriend? Why do you ask so many questions? Go to sleep," Dongdong said.

After saying that, Ah Yan winked at us, then picked up the English level four vocabulary book.

"Let me think about it. Not for anything else, but for our 407C honor." Dongdong turned his body to the side.

He fell asleep. In his dreams, he imagined thousands of different kinds of Korean girls. The beautiful night accompanied us as we opened a new page on our university schedule.

A ray of morning light shot into the house. He opened his eyes in a daze. Oh my god! It was 7: 30, so he quickly got up. The classroom would gather at 8: 00, and the first class meeting before the start of school. Xicheng, Dongdong, and Ah Yan were still snoring like dead pigs. I patted the bed and woke them up.

"Hey, hey, hurry up. Get up. I'll go downstairs and buy breakfast for you. See you at the entrance of Building 2."

I rushed to the cafeteria to buy soybean milk, biscuits, and so on. I carried them to the entrance of Building 2. Zha Shuai rushed over from behind and took the breakfast from me. "Thank you. Lin Feng, let me take it. You are really a warm-hearted man. Your wife has found you.

"Good. I have to go to the washroom and pass it to Zha Shuai. I rushed to WC. Zha Shuai walked up the stairs with breakfast in his hand. He wondered how many good-looking girls would be in the class. Would there be...

The soybean milk was knocked over and splashed all over the floor. Before Zha Shuai could recover from his shock, a strong hand had already pushed him over. "Kid, grow some eyes and sprinkle them on daddy's shoes. This is a new Italian model. Can you f * cking afford it?"

Zha Shuai looked up. Wasn't this the Wu Lei he met in the cafeteria? It was a narrow road between enemies. Why did he meet him again? He even knocked over the breakfast of his brothers. The brothers from Dorm 407C also arrived one after another.

"Old Red, you hit me, and you are still so unreasonable? Don't think that I'm afraid of you just because you're in your third year!" Zha Shuai did not show any weakness.

Wu Lei and Hong Ding shouted at Zha Shuai. Just as they were about to attack, they were stopped by the cold man. He took them out of the school building. As they walked, they heard the two people complain, "Brother Yi, what's wrong with you now? In the past, we would have cut off these ignorant bastards."

When I came back from the toilet, I saw the soybean milk scattered all over the ground and Zha Shuai's face that was uglier than the ground. We advised Zha Shuai to forget about it. He was just a freshman, but he still had to endure. It was calm and peaceful. There were many opportunities to deal with those people.

Zha Shuai was located in Jiangsu territory, but because he was very close to Shanghai, his father often brought him along when he went to Shanghai when he was young. He was also used to calling himself a Shanghai person and learning to speak Shanghai. He always argued with us. From their car to Shanghai, it was less than 20 minutes or so. When they were arguing with Wu Lei's group just now... And he would say some lame Shanghai words in a fit of excitement.

When he walked into classroom 1102, he found that almost all of his classmates had arrived. We could only sit in the last row. Such a seat was very convenient for us to appreciate every girl in the class. It's normal for the construction department to have a few monk classes, but the heavens take good care of us. We actually have five girls in our class, but when it comes to looks... I can only say that the heavens are still fair. With numbers, don't covet anything else. Forget it, just treat it as a monk class.

A girl wearing a light blue headscarf quietly walked in from the back door. Her steps were light and light, and the lace ribbon on her white dress looked so cute and sexy.

"Student, may I ask if this is a new student's Korean class?" A gentle and pleasant female voice came from behind.

We turned around and Xicheng replied, "No, this is the 1102 building and wood class. Beauty, did you go the wrong way?"

The girl in white hurriedly looked at her phone, patted her head and muttered, "It's 1120. Aiya! I went the wrong way. It's so embarrassing. It's all my fault that the sisters in the dormitory did not wait for me. Just as she turned to leave, the blue headscarf on her hair fell off along with her long hair. Ah Yan walked up to pick it up and wanted to return it to the girl in white. However, with a wave of students entering the school building, the girl should have disappeared without a trace.

Ah Yan held the headscarf with a fragrant smell and looked in the direction the girl had disappeared in. It was as if his soul had been hooked. He stared blankly for a long time before returning to his seat. The form teacher, Teacher He, walked into the classroom. "Students. Be quiet. Our class meeting is about to begin." After sorting out the information in his hands, He looked back and said, "That Zhao Kang, come. Help the teacher to name him." Zhao Kang walked over. "Son of a b * tch," he said. Why is he everywhere? Why does he like to show off so much?" Jiang Dongdong curled his lips.

Zhao Kang sat in front of me and turned his head. "Hey," he said. Lin Feng, Master He asked me to tell you, Don't forget to go to her office after the meeting. I have something to tell you. Zhao Kang had already gained the trust of his form teacher, so he had to tell him about it. They only found out after they went to Teacher He's office. Not only did the dean know that I won the national prize for my essay, but the dean also knew that I won the national prize for my essay. The journal that's been stranded in the yard for a long time, give it to me, too. The name of the US is useful. It is the honor of the department to make the best use of one's talent. It is also their trust in me. I was inexplicably given the title of editor-in-chief of a journal, and I was forced to hand over my manuscript every two weeks.

Later, I went to Teacher He's office. "Lin Feng, perform well. Zhao Kang recommended you to me. After observing for a few days, I also feel that it's not bad. I'll arrange for you to be the vice class monitor and cooperate with Zhao Kang, okay?" I nodded when I saw the look of respect on Teacher He's face.

"I should be happy to accept this task and work hard, but when I heard that it was recommended by Zhao Kang, I felt a little uncomfortable and needed to cooperate well with him. This means that he has already been recognized as the class monitor? Sigh, but no matter what, I'll take over first. "Thank you, Teacher He. I will do my best. Don't worry, Teacher!"

"Alright, I won't misjudge you. Do your best. Right, how's the preparation for the welcome party? Zhao Kang has already received the script. Hurry up and rehearse. This is the first show of the university. The department leaders will be there too."

"Okay, Teacher He. I understand." I replied respectfully. Since young, no matter when I talk to the teacher, I always have a nervous and reserved attitude.

"Which role are you playing?" Teacher He drank some water and asked casually.

"Me? No, I didn't act." After saying that, he had a feeling that he had disappointed Teacher He.

"Oh, that's fine too. Finish your script properly. You are the vice class monitor. Work well with Zhao Kang and take care of your classmates around you. If anything happens, report it to me in time."

I left the office and walked back to my dormitory. Suddenly, I was patted on the shoulder by someone. It gave me a shock. So it was Zhao Kang. He was holding a few documents in his hand. "Lin Feng, ha, I should call you vice class monitor Lin." There was a smirk on his face. He knew it so quickly. He was well-informed. He was undoubtedly the most capable assistant in the eyes of his form teacher. He would discuss everything with Lin Feng first.

Pass me a printed notice.

"Tomorrow night at 6: 00 PM, meet in the meeting room of Building 2. Students will select new cadres." Zhao Kang said proudly.

"What? Student council? " Choose a new cadre? What does it have to do with me? I didn't register! I don't want to say it.

"Hey, Teacher He recommended you. Go," Wang Yao said. Also, this is an application to join the Party. After you fill it out, give it to me and hand it over to the Group Branch." As he speaks, the document is stuffed into my hands. Suddenly, he felt that being a class officer had many benefits. The feeling of being an 'official' was really not bad. No wonder some people in society became more and more powerful and were still unsatisfied.

In the dormitory, Zhao Kang's lively figure was definitely the focus of our 407 (A, B, and C) dorms.

"I have prepared enough props for you guys. This is the script. Everyone, memorize your lines. Hurry up and make the best use of your time. There are still three days left to perform." Zhao Kang held some stage clothes and small props in his hands and placed them on the table in the living room 407. The living room was almost 30 square meters. There was plenty of room for practice.

It was almost everyone's first time participating in rehearsals. It was fresh. Again. Zhao Kang claimed to have stage experience in primary school and had planned many artistic performances. This time, he was the one who organized the drama. He was the director. Due to the lack of resources for actors, He had no choice but to direct and act on his own. All the props were ready and the script was in hand. He read his lines in silence. It was quite interesting. Jiang Dongdong was also unwilling to fall behind. The lines in his hand were drawn with a fluorescent pen. It seemed that before he went to bed that day, Jiang Dongdong did it for our 407C's "honor. It was quite a struggle.

The foreign language department is also participating in the welcome party with us. This year's foreign language department. The Korean language class's girls were all talented and talented. Xie Wanting's singing voice in dormitory 330 of the girls' building was euphemistic and pleasant. It was just like her name. Xia Yunshu from the neighboring dormitory, 331, had a beautiful figure. She had learned folk dancing since she was young and had participated in many competitions. All of them had won awards. It was unknown whether it was a coincidence or a deliberate arrangement by the heavens. Most of the sisters in the same dormitory as Xie Wanting had outstanding looks. However, the difference was that they only ate snacks every day. It's Korean drama, sleep, Shopping, hanging up, It was as if their years of hard work had come to an end when they graduated from high school. The sentence that often hung on their lips was: A woman's youth is very short. Without care and nourishment, it is very easy to grow old. Making money and fighting for it was a man's business. But there was another type of girl, even though she got along with them all day long. She always had her own unique views and made use of her superiority. However, she did not rely on beauty. She could clearly rely on her beauty to eat, but she insisted on fighting with her strength. Being beautiful was her capital. Being beautiful was the ability. She was Sang Lian'er. He was elected Vice President of the Foreign Language Department.

Xie Wanting tried on a new dress in the mirror. At the same time, she wore a brand new headscarf. "Sigh, I don't know when I lost that headscarf. Look at how I lost it. That's the limited edition that my uncle brought from Hong Kong. What a pity."

Xiao Ma (Sister from Dorm 330) came from the countryside. When he ran into the makeup of his roommates, he also learned how to dress up.

Sister Wanting, who knows which handsome guy he might have picked up and is looking for you. Who knows, he might even meet Prince Charming! Hehe!" The little horse looked in the mirror and comforted Wanting with a teasing tone.

I'm borrowing your auspicious words. I don't have as many fantasies as you do all day long. It would be better if you could find my scarf. If you really can't find it, you can only accept your fate." Touching the pony's head, it was like touching a child.

Xiao Ma: "Say, if I deliberately throw a headscarf into the pile of boys, would it..."

Xia Yunshu said, "Yes, definitely! The boys will definitely say that your headscarf should be washed. Look at your greasy hair, you haven't washed it for a few days? I can smell your oil when I just entered your dormitory!"

Xiao Ma touched his hair and sniffed it before putting it in front of his nose. He quickly ran to the bathroom. Dai Bao was also in the same dormitory. Sheng Qian and the other two girls walked on campus. They were the type that had a higher chance of turning back.

Xiao Ma's voice came from the bathroom. "Sister Wanting, can I borrow your shampoo? I'm out of shampoo!" Xie Wanting was speechless. She was busy preparing for the welcome party and let her do as she pleased. Anyway, she had already used up her shampoo.

Xia Yunshu said, "This party is with the construction department. I'm looking forward to it. I wonder what kind of program Lin Feng will show?"

"Lin Feng? Who is Lin Feng?" Xie Wanting and the other two members of her dormitory Dai Yue, Sheng Qian, all looked at Lin Feng with doubt.

"Lin Feng, this name is very familiar." Sang Lian'er supported her chin with her hand. "Oh, I remember. Is it the Lin Feng who won the first prize in the new era?" She took out a program list from her bag and looked at it.

"Yes," Wang Yao said. I saw him when school started. He was so handsome. He had the outline of Huo Jianhua. Wu Yanzu's eyes were similar to Lin Zhiying's facial features. And his figure. Xia Yunshu suddenly became excited. As she spoke, she even used her hands to make gestures on Dai Yue's body. Dai Yue kept rejecting her.

Alright, how can it be so good! You want to tell all the celebrities one by one?" Xie Wanting and Sang Lian'er interrupted her almost at the same time.

"Lin Feng? Lin Feng from the civil engineering project? Is it him?" The pony was half-washed and stuck its head out. It looked as if it had picked up a treasure, waiting impatiently for an affirmative answer.

"Sigh, wash your hair first. I think it's suitable for you to learn earth wood. As the saying goes, earth wood, earth wood, and wood. What kind of top quality man can there be? I think it's suspenseful!" Dai Yue said coldly in a bad mood. Sheng Qian also chimed in, "Right. Yes, I think so."

On the list in Sang Lian'er's hands, she found the program report for the civil engineering project. However, there was no Lin Feng's name in it, which made Xia Yunshu a little disappointed.

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