Dream/C5 The Show Was a Success
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Dream/C5 The Show Was a Success
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C5 The Show Was a Success

Our dorm 407 show is almost ready, but Jiang Dongdong's expression... Again and again. Dongdong seemed impatient. He slammed the script down heavily. "F * ck! I'm not going to do this anymore. What kind of lousy program is this?" He then walked away. The rest of the people were at a loss for what to do. What should they do? They were going to act the day after tomorrow. Dongdong had played a lot of lines. He had changed the roles at the last minute. Ah Yan tried to persuade Dongdong in the dormitory for a long time, but it did not work. There was nothing he could do about it. Ah Yan took the script from Zhao Kang. He said, "Show me the lines."

Zhao Kang's face was full of joy, like a person walking in the desert meeting sweet dew. "Good, good, very good. Thank you, thank you!"

This top student was a top student. His memory was super strong. In less than an hour, Ah Yan could recite the lines smoothly. At the same time, he was able to correct the mistakes of other people's lines. However, because he had never come into contact with literature, his performance was still very stiff. But now, there is no better way. He could only use it. Just as we were about to celebrate the completion of the program, the Arts Department of the Student Council sent us the rest of the script. He said he forgot to take it. There are still a few scenes after that. They hurried to rehearse and left after that.

Zhao Kang had an innocent look on his face. He came up with a new script and continued to rehearse. After reading the content, it was basically Ah Yan's lines. Other people did not have many scenes, so they could settle it with just a few words. But here came the problem again. Why was there a girl's role? She was even fighting with Ah Yan. Who was going to act? Our 407C brothers are so righteous. We can't be allowed to act in a woman, right? So we set our sights on Zhao Kang.

Alright, stop messing around. I'll call them and ask them what they want to eat. If it wasn't for Brother Lei, I wouldn't be so polite to them.

"Brother Lei? What Brother Lei?" We were a little confused as we listened.

"Oh, no, it's nothing. I'll call them and ask them. Please wait a moment." Zhao Kang was in a hurry. He walked to the balcony and called them. A few minutes later, Zhao Kang walked over. He smiled mysteriously and said, "Come, let's go to the multi-purpose hall in Building No. 2 to rehearse." They were in a good queue in the dormitory. Why did they have to go to the multipurpose hall to rehearse? The group was very reluctant. They all wanted to finish queuing quickly. They also wanted to play a few games of fantasy basketball (online games, competitive sports games).

"Aiya, good news. The president of the student council arranged for the Korean girls to perform together. The girl who plays with you might be a beauty. The Korean girl. " I don't need to say anything, you know. " Zhao Kang patted Ah Yan's shoulder.

They had to put down the game for now. They were going to the multipurpose hall with the script and the equipment. I just finished my script and was dragged along by Xicheng and the others.

The Korean girl was already in the multipurpose hall.

Xiao Ma said somewhat agitatedly, "Hey, Wanting, how are the lines going? In a while, the construction department boys are going to rehearse with us. Aiya, do you think Lin Feng will come too?"

As they endured the nagging of the pony, a hint of melancholy and displeasure flashed across their faces. They were almost unable to concentrate on rehearsing.

Wanting waved her hand and said in disdain," How would I know? Whoever he comes to, as long as he can act."

Xiao Ma said, "Just now, the Arts Department said that the guy who acted against you changed. Would it be Lin Feng?"

Wanting, Yunshu, Sang Lian'er rolled her eyes. It was as if she was chewing gum. They could not stop the pony at all. They really wanted to find a thick piece of cotton cloth and stuff it into her endlessly chattering mouth.

Xia Yunshu frowned and walked over. She asked the pony, "Hey, do you know how your future husband died?" Xia Yunshu was a little unhappy, but her slightly angry look was even more lovable.

Xiao Ma was confused. He had never even talked about a boyfriend, so how could he talk about a husband?

"What? Hubby? Mine? How did he die?" Xiao Ma was still as honest as ever.

"I was so noisy by you! Can you shut up? If you continue to argue, I'll invite you out!" Xia Yunshu's last sentence, "go out," was extremely hysterical. The shrill and ear-piercing sound shook the entire classroom. It was a completely different person from her usual gentle personality. Coincidentally, When he said, "Get out," Aryan pushed the door open with the props in his arms. He was almost intimidated by the roar of the Hedong Lion. "Please... Excuse me, rehearse for the party program. It's... it's here, isn't it? His voice was trembling, worried that he had gone to the wrong place. He looked honest and kind.

Xia Yunshu quickly walked over and took the item from Ah Yan's hand. She was very embarrassed and her face turned red. She looked so cute that people could not help but want to pinch her.

"So it's you. What a coincidence!" Ah Yan recognized Xia Yunshu as the Korean sister who went to the dormitory with me the day she entered the school. At that time, she mistakenly recognized her as my girlfriend.

Xia Yunshu was stunned for a moment and also recognized A'Yan. "What a coincidence, right! Where is Lin Feng? Isn't he going to participate in the performance?" Xia Yunshu blinked and asked.

Xiao Ma came over again. "Lin Feng? Is Lin Feng coming or not? Is he going to play the scene with us?" Young Ma had just been criticized, but he acted as if nothing had happened. He still acted as if nothing had happened. However, this kind of girl was quite cute. At least she would not worry about herself. If she had any troubles, she might forget about a bottle of soda and an ice stick. She would forget about everything. She would not be as sentimental as Sister Lin. In the end, she would die of depression.

Xiao Ma's excited expression was undoubtedly telling Ah Yan that the so-called Korean beauty next was this classmate Xiao Ma in front of him! Korean beauty? A hand-to-hand show? "Oh my god, can I apply for a temporary change? Can I let Lin Feng act? Zhao Kang, Zhao Kang, you tricked me to death." When Ah Yan thought of this, an awkward expression appeared on his face.

You're all here! I've been waiting for a long time. " Our actors are in place. Let's hurry up. " Zhao Kang walked in and said with a smile. Our group also followed him in. The female actors in the Korean class were more and more attractive than the others. The boys in the Korean class had a lot of good luck with women! However, with this performance, we could be considered to be close to the water. Dongdong and Ah Yan's plan to leave was just around the corner.

Xie Wanting walked towards me. Her eyes looked at me a little strange. I unnaturally interrupted this atmosphere and stiffly said, "Same... school, hello." Instantly, they stopped looking at each other awkwardly and looked around aimlessly.

"That, you are, that, Lin Feng?" Xie Wanting stood in front of me. As the evening wind blew past the window, her white dress and hair were blown by the wind. It was so pure and beautiful. "Look at our lines. You should see how to act!" Her beautiful outline made a blurry image flash through my mind - I met that goddess in the library.

I was stunned. Only now did I understand that Wanting mistook me for the male lead of her opponent. I immediately pulled Ah Yan over and introduced him, "This is Meng Yanxing, a good brother in my dormitory. Just call him Ah Yan. He is the one who acted as your opponent." After saying that, she also had a little regret. She did not participate in the performance back then. Otherwise, the person acting against her opponent would be me.

Ah Yan was especially excited. He recognized that Wanting was the girl who had lost her headscarf. Ah Yan wanted to tell her that he had picked up the missing headscarf, but when the words reached the tip of his mouth, he did not say it.

"Hello, Student Ah Yan. Let's begin." Xie Wanting gave a simple greeting and started the rehearsals.

In the play, Ah Yan and Wanting walked all the way. When Wanting held Ah Yan's hand, Ah Yan appeared very nervous. His heart was like a flame that was constantly spreading. Since young, Ah Yan was busy with his studies. This was the first time in his life that he was held by a girl. He leaned so close and was the type that he liked. Coincidentally, Wanting was so charming and charming. If it was any other man, he probably would not be able to control himself.

This was the twelfth time. It was almost time for dinner and our stomachs were protesting. Just that simple sentence: "Look, the moon is so round today. The night is beautiful and you are even more beautiful under the night sky.

But Ah Yan was stammering, saying that it was incomplete. We were all worried for him. "Maybe it was because of the meal time, but on the thirteenth time, we all agreed that it was about time. Zhao Kang could only barely count as Ah Yan and the others passing. While we were cheering, the male host on Sang Lian'er's side had another problem.

"What's going on? President Pan (President of the Student Council) Can I have some snacks? What about the male host? "Why isn't he here yet?" Sang Lian'er held up the hair above her head with a look of impatience.

"Aiya, we agreed to let it go," Sang Lian'er said. But he is in his third year and his company has been in trouble recently. " President Pan explained helplessly, but no matter what he said, his words were all so pale.

"I won't listen to you. It's useless. What do we do now? Who's going to do it? " If I really can't do it, I won't do it either! " Sang Lian'er widened her eyes and raised her voice.

Aiyo, my Lian'er beauty, At this time, don't play with your temper, okay?" The student council president on the other end of the phone tried to comfort her, "I'll help you think of a way now, and I'll think of a way."

Ah Yan and Wanting had just finished the drama and there was another problem with the host. Wanting looked at me and then at Sang Lian'er. Ji Congxin lacked a male host? Wasn't this ready-made? Could the great scholar, Lin Feng, not be qualified?

Me? Damn, why is it me again? I'm just here to watch the rehearsal today. Along with everyone's jeering, I was inexplicably chosen as the host again. Originally, I wanted to go back to take a shower, lie on the bed, and leisurely read some books. This time, the endless tasks came again.

My phone rang. It was Han Xue who called. As soon as she opened her mouth, she complained, saying that I didn't even know to call her to greet her. Her dormitory's sisters' phone cookers had already finished cooking a few pots of rice. I thought, yesterday morning, I was still talking on the phone. I didn't neglect my girlfriend Han Xue.

"What are you doing? Why is it so noisy beside me?" Han Xue heard the bustling sounds of the girls around me.

"Oh, I'm preparing a program with the foreign language department. Let me host it. I'm looking at the host's draft!" I didn't think much about it and forgot that Han Xue was a jealous person. In high school, because she smiled and said a few more words to the girls in the next class, she was thought to be flirting with them. After that, she got angry and had a big fight. She almost ignored me for two weeks.

"Foreign language department? Oh, this activity is quite extensive. It has only been a few days, and the beauty of your construction department is not even enough for you, Lin Feng?" Han Xue's words carried a provocative tone.

There are not many girls in the construction department. Besides, there are not many pretty girls... " I was speaking the truth, but I seemed to faintly feel that something was wrong.

"Okay, Lin Feng, tell me the truth. You are indeed going to participate in the event for the purpose of looking at beautiful girls. You... Humph... I am not happy!" Han Xue was angry over the phone and her ears were exploding.

"How could it be? No one is as beautiful as you. We are preparing for the show. We will call you when we get back." The rehearsals at the side were all watching and could not explain much. They could only hang up the phone hastily.

In dormitory 407C, I took a cup to the water dispenser to fill it up. Half of it was filled and there was no more water. This barrel drank very quickly. He turned around and asked Xicheng, who was playing a game, to confirm that it was Jiang Dongdong's turn to buy water this time. Where did this guy go? Why did he always return to the dormitory so late recently? Ah Yan, who was carrying a level four English on his back, also shook his head. As he was speaking, Dongdong came back with a bag.

"Where did he go? Dongdong?" We smiled evilly and asked. We thought he had a new girlfriend behind our backs.

"He's attending a lecture." Dongdong said as if it was nothing.

"A lecture? What lecture?" Ah Yan asked first, feeling that Dongdong was not honest. He still did not tell the truth.

Dongdong did not say anything. He just put down his schoolbag and opened the zipper, wanting to take out some things from inside.

"Sigh, what lecture is not important. The key is who is sitting with?" I put one hand on Dongdong's shoulder, but Dongdong still doesn't know what we are going to ask. The others couldn't help but laugh.

Xicheng interrupted our lewd laughter. "Well, Dongdong, the water dispenser in the dormitory is gone. It's your turn to buy it this time."

Dongdong agreed readily and continued to look at the information in his hand.

"What is this?" Zha Shuai picked up a few magazines.

"The Education Training Joint Group Creation Platform was established by more than 40 brand training institutions in the country. Every single one of them has their own unique strengths. If we work together, we can form a larger scale and win against each other. " Dongdong sounded like he was talking, but the three of us stared at each other, not understanding anything.

"What kind of education? Winning together? What kind of nonsense is this? "Don't be brainwashed by them." I kindly reminded him.

"Simply put, the benefit for us is... You go to this joint organization and release personal information according to your discipline's strengths. He can arrange the most suitable place for you to go, and at the same time, provide you with the most authoritative training. Teaching materials, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes, classes. These are the research results of the top scholars and teachers in the country, so that teaching is not a problem. At the same time, you can also earn a sum of money to pay for your tuition fees. " "This sounds like a waste of youth compared to playing games. Furthermore, this fee... It's more expensive than handing out orders at the mall or selling things at the supermarket. And it was also meaningful. It fits our university identity.

"Dongdong, that sounds good. To put it bluntly, he was just going to be a teacher in a training class. " Class? "Besides, we study wood and wood. This education is not suitable for our specialization!" Xicheng thought for a moment and said his point of view. "Also, there are so many teachers and students. How can it be our turn to show off?"

"The news on the Skynet came out yesterday. The last Normal student this year is exempted from the Teacher Certificate." Ah Yan was especially sensitive to information like the exam. "That is to say, from now on, Normal students will have to participate in the Teacher Certificate examination just like ordinary students. Furthermore, it is now the national comprehensive examination, and the interview has become even stricter."

Dongdong raised his thumb and gave Ah Yan a thumbs up gesture. At the same time, he corrected Xicheng's slightly negative attitude. "My hometown, this is not what you said. Think about it, which few of our majors were chosen by themselves? Didn't they transfer the drugs in? " If you're really interested in this major, you won't be drooling in class. You're almost drooling on my arm. "

At the cost of money, Tin wanted to refute something, but after thinking about it carefully, he was indeed not very interested in this major. This was an indisputable fact, so he gave up. Following Dongdong's words, he said, "It seems to make sense. Take our hometown, Lincheng City, for example. There have been many training institutes in these few years. This is indeed a direction of development. If you have the time, ask where this tutoring class is registered."

I interrupted Xicheng and then asked Dongdong, "Where is the tutoring class? "You haven't said yet. What else can you do other than attending classes during the organizational activities that you are participating in?"

"Well, I heard a little today. I think there will be more in a few days. You guys can go if you have time."

"Tch, keep me busy. Let's play two games of fantasy basketball first?" Wang Yao asked. " Your center is not good enough. You don't even have as many boards as my little vanguard. " The basketball game has started again in our dormitory.

"Dormitory 330 in the girls' building. After dinner. There were all kinds of snacks and the latest Korean dramas.

"Ring Ring Ring," the phone in Dormitory 330 rang. Xiao Ma ran to pick it up. He turned around and shouted, "Wanting, "Another handsome man said he was looking for you!" Wanting was already harassed by this kind of phone call and would be sent flowers by her senior brother at any time. The neighboring class sent chocolate, and the phone suddenly had an additional 100 phone bills. Sometimes, her phone's contact list would be blacklisted, but her dormitory phone would ring again. There was really no helping it. Wanting's anxiety just happened to become the envy of the other three dormitory mates. Especially Dai Yue and Sheng Qian.

Wanting said softly and gestured with her hands, saying that she was not there. Xiao Ma did not understand and picked up the phone to say, "Handsome, Wanting said she was not here!" Wanting was so angry that she was almost petrified. She was not afraid of a god-like opponent, but she was afraid of a roommate like you, Xiao Ma! Sigh, tonight's duck blood fans treated you for nothing.

Xiao Ma realized that he was not careful with his words and quickly came over to curry favor, "Wanting, you were so engrossed in your rehearsals today. Every frown and smile on your face. The people beside us seemed to have been brought into that atmosphere by you and Meng Yanxing."

When Bao Xiyue heard Meng Yanxing, her jealousy became even stronger. At the commendation ceremony for the school scholarship, Bao Xiyue was also there to help. Meng Yanxing had won the entire academy's "First Award" scholarship. The top student had a pure and innocent appearance, and it caused countless girls to love him endlessly, yet this just happened to cause Xie Wanting to meet him again." Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Wanting, I feel that the way Meng Yanxing looks at you is like the way Meng Yanxing looks at you. No, that's not right. There's an 80% chance that he has feelings for you. " Furthermore, that limited edition scarf of yours was picked up by him. What's this, this is called fate... "

"Enough, you shut up!" Xie Wanting said somewhat excitedly," You still feel it? Do you know what feeling is? Feeling is the most unreliable thing."

Xiao Ma was annoyed, but he was still unconvinced: "Alright, then have you met anyone who could move your heart? What is the prince of the White Horse in your imagination like?"

"Me? Me. I haven't... met him yet. I don't know." As she spoke, the image of the boy appeared in Wanting's mind. She just did not want to say it out loud. She did not know how to say it out loud.

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