"What are you doing ?" I grumbled

"Oh nothing, just trying to get you out of this bed." Uh, too early to wake up even if I love this british accent.

"Hmmm, no"

"For fuck's sake Mia it's 12 am, get up or I'm carrying you" Mercy starts shouting.

"Okay, okay, no need to be mean, plus it's your fault if I'm tired and it would be funny to see you trying to carry me."

"Nope, not my fault if your addict to this show." I still wonder if she can pay attention to the entirety of an information, after all the years I have concluded that this is not her specialty.

"It is, you're always doing this, you find a show, start watching it with me and try to convince me that watching it till 4 am is a good idea." Maybe 5, I dont know.

"Not my fault if I have the best tastes in tv shows babe." She's right but I'm never going to tell her this.

"Whatever, what are we doing now ?"

Mercy and I are best friends, more like sisters. We do everything together, tell each other everything and we are rarely apart, the other's house is our house. We know each other for 6 years, I moved here from Australia to London when I was 10, our first encounter was not the best, on the first day of school she spilled her drink on me. After this she apologized and told me to come over at her house. Since then we never left each other. We can understand the other one with just a look.

"I was thinking about going to my house, we can hang out and we can get ready to go to the party" she says while looking at her phone " My mom just texted me, my parents are going out tonight so we don't have to sneak out" she tells me smirking.

"Cool" I say smiling to her and then it hits me " Wait, your brother ?"I asks her.

" Oh, he can fuck off" she says laughing and I join her. "Plus, he's probably going to be there too."

"Okay, let's go." I say and leave my bedroom with Mercy following me.

" Where are you two heading ?" asked my mom sitting at the kitchen counter reading some newspaper.

My parents are both doctors. They work a lot, when I was younger it made me sad, but right now it just mean that I'm going to be at mercy's so it's very cool. Plus my sister is often throwing parties so since it's my house it means that we can party too. My sister's name is Katherine, she's 2 years older than me so she's allowed to organize parties at our place.

"To Mercy's" I say

"Okay, are you going to be here tonight ?" she asks.

"No, I'm staying at hers tonight, we are going to do a girl's night" I lie.

"Cool, try to sleep even so"

"Sure, bye mom, I love you"

"Love you too honey, see you later." she says to us while we close the front door and starts going to her house.

She slowly open the door of her house, and soon after we hear a voice

"Mercy ?" this is her mom, Martha.

"Coming mom" she leaves.

I turn around to close the door but when I turn back I bump into someone, I'm facing two green eyes.

"Shit Matt, you scared me." I say with a hand on my heart, trying to get my breath back.

"I'm sorry" he says then starts smirking "How are you Minnie ?"

Two years ago he discovered that when I was little I loved watching Mickey Mouse. Since then he loves to call me that because he knows that I hate it.

Ugh, stupid butterflies

"Stop calling me that you dickhead." I huff and leave him still smirking

I open Mercy's bedroom door to find no one, I throw myself on her bed and start thinking while looking at the ceiling.

Why does he have to call me like that ? Seriously, what am I ? 6 ?

"Why are you smiling like a fool ?" Mercy asks scaring me, I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't hear the door open.

"Nothing" I quickly lie.

When I don't hear her, I take a look at her to see her looking at me quizzically.

"Seriously, nothing is going on." This is a half lie, yes nothing is going on but there is still something that she don't know "When do we need to be at the party ?" I say changing the subject.

"At 7 so we need to start get ready now since it's already 6 and my parents are already gone."

"Okay then let's get ready" I say starting to get excited to this night. When we arrive in the house this is crowded, music is booming through the room, there is a lot of drunk people who are making out, playing games or just talking. I don't know who is throwing this party but his house is huge, seriously who's sane person would buy something this big ? She's probably going to be trashed tomorrow.

I'm take out of my reverie by my phone pinging. I look at my phone to see that James just texted me.

James ❤️-Where are you babe ❤️ ? I'm outside

Me-I just arrived see you soon ❤️😘

James- Okay😘

"James is here, he's outside" I answer to Mercy who were looking at me waiting for an answer.

"Oh, cool, let's go " we are trying to find a way to the door, geez drunk people are annoying sometimes.

After some minutes of trying to walk in this room full of people we are finally outside. It's still summer so it's bright and warm. I start to look for him, after some seconds I spot him and we start to go for him. He's with his friends, he is the first to spots me.

"Hey babe" he says while pulling me with him.

"Hi, how are you ?" I asks him.

He don't answer me and starts kissing me.

"Okay guys, i'm going inside. Mia i'm going to be with Olivia and the girls, see you later." she says then walks away, i'm barely paying attention to what she's saying.

"Okay, see you later" I answer her while kissing him.

James and me are dating for some months now. I'm not in love with him, I mean he is kind, cool and good looking at but i'm not with him because of this.

Some years ago I discovered that I had feeling for Matt, Mercy's brother, I know lame but I couldn't help it. I tried to forget him but nothing works. So here I am kissing a guy who I don't really like to forget another guy. Sometimes life is weird.

After some shots and games with James and his friends i'm starting to get really bored.

"Babe, i'm going to see where Mercy is."

"I'm going with you" he gets up, help me getting up to where we were sat and take my hand.

We are walking hands in hands in this house who is too big for my liking trying to find Mercy. I feel two pair of eyes looking at me, I try to find them and I meet two green eyes, Matt

"Here she is." James says and point to the kitchen where she is taking shots and laughing with Katie and Madison.

"Mia ?" James asks me.


"You just-nevermind." I turn back to Matt to see him smirking at us, I huff and turn to James who is looking at something in the crowd.

"Have fun with your friends, I need to talk to a friend, I coming back soon." he pecks my lips and go away.

Weird, I take a breath and turn around to go to Mercy who look really drunk.


I'm watching her well known boyfriend trying to get her attention while she's looking at me, this sigh makes me smile. She huffs and turns back to him, he says something to her, kiss her and leaves.


I see her go to my sister who looks really drunk and starts drinking.

It feels like I knew this girl my whole life, Mercy and her are bestfriend, they literally do everything together. Over the years her, Mercy, Felix, my best friend, and me starts to hang out. Both our friends get along very well. In the beginning I was only seeing her like my sister's annoying bestfriend but the more I would spend time with her the more I was starting to look at her differently. I have a huge crush on her it's driving me crazy. Sometimes i catch myself dreaming of what it could be to be with her, kiss her, hug her, love her. That's all i want but i could never do this to Mercy, plus she has a boyfriend so i don't have any chance with her

I turn to Felix who is talking to Jack "I'm going to piss." He just nods at me

After nearby 10 minutes i finally found a bathroom, this house is too fucking huge.

I start to open the door to see a girl making out with some guy.


This guy is no one but Mia's wanker of boyfriend.

Okay so here is the first chapter, let me know what you think and what you would like to see. Comment and vote if you want me to post the next part 💖

New chapter is coming soon
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