Drunken Sword/C1 Fight to the Death(1)
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Drunken Sword/C1 Fight to the Death(1)
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C1 Fight to the Death(1)

In the desolate depths of the majestic Alps, in a narrow valley, the strong winds raged like the howls of furious beasts. Blizzard snow flew everywhere! The entire canyon looked as if it had been split by a giant sword and the cliffs on both sides were as smooth as a mirror! Standing at the bottom of the valley and looking up, all he could see was a slender white line of light!

Who would have thought that the one who will be sought after the highest in the world would be Gu Xuan! " Since ancient times, this saying has proven the gorge of danger and absolute!

The bottom of the ravine was completely covered with black rocks. It emanated a bone-chilling cold that sent chills down one's spine!

A young man was quietly standing on a square rock. He wore a black cap, the brim of which was pressed down slightly, casting a shadow over his eyes. His black tracksuit flapped in the wind, and a faintly discernible aura spread out from him!

Several dozen meters in front of the young man, several figures in blood-red robes stood side by side with weapons in their hands. They exuded a majestic killing intent as they firmly blocked the entrance to the canyon! A hook-nosed middle-aged man in a suit stood with his hands behind his back. He held a golden long spear in his right hand. The spear's point was pointed towards the ground, emitting a cold light!

"Wang Yi Xuan, don't run anymore. Can you still not see the situation clearly? Fifteen marquis, eight Counts, and a Supreme Realm cultivator! Do you think you can escape? There are two choices. One is to surrender, two is to kill without mercy! " The suited man pointed his spear at the youth in black! A ghastly and terrifying aura rolled over the youth like a surging tide!

"Killing without mercy? Who do you think you are? " Yi Xuan suddenly raised her head. Her eyes did not have the slightest white color as she stared intently at the suited man in front of her! A wild aura instantly exploded out, blocking the suited man's aura!

"Haha, good!" This sovereign appreciates you! It's a pity for you, a genius. Our Holy Spirit Sect has been fighting with the dao protectors for thousands of years, but we have never been as miserable as we are today! However, in order to kill you, this noble one believes that it's worth it! " The suited man howled crazily into the sky as the imposing aura around his body rose bit by bit!

"Hur Hur Hur!" You really know how to add gold to your face! He chased me for a hundred thousand miles! Ten marquises and fifteen Counts have been killed by your father! If it weren't for you being promoted to the Honored Warrior Stage, you would have set a trap here at all costs! "Nola, you old thing are going to die here too!"

"This daddy has lived enough. There has never been a dao protector who has surpassed my achievements! If you give me a few more years, I will light your Heaven Lamp! I'll chop your smelly meat into a bun and feed it to the dogs! " Yi Xuan's fists were clenched tightly as her knuckles turned white! His aura surged non-stop!

Nola! He knew that the young man in front of him would not surrender. Nola raised his right hand slowly!

As Xuan Yao glanced at the sky behind Nola, she noticed the raging snowstorm. Slowly, she retracted her gaze, and a trace of weariness flashed across her eyes! With a flick of his right hand, a large saber suddenly appeared in his hand. The large saber alone was 75 centimeters long and 20 centimeters wide. The blade was pitch black, and there were no patterns or carvings! His two hands slowly gripped the hilt of his saber tightly as he pointed the saber point at the ground. Streaks of blood slowly flowed down from the blade!

Boom!" Yi Xuan shot out like a cannonball, shooting straight towards the figure of Nola as the huge brown boulder beneath her feet disintegrated into fine powder in an instant! The strong momentum shook the rocks on both sides! Flames rose from the blade's body!

The power of fire was released! Gold Crimson Blade! This was an expert skill of the Guardian of the Fire!

On the other side, the instant that Yi Xuan rushed out, Nola waved her hand and grabbed onto the long spear that her left hand was holding. Both of her hands gripped onto the long spear, and it released a dazzling golden light as it shot out like a dragon! The force beneath his feet suddenly vanished, leaving behind only afterimages as he rushed towards Yi Xuan!

Behind him, including the marquis on the other side, the marquis had also drawn his weapon to pincer her! Suddenly, a chilly wind started blowing and ghosts wailed. This was the Evil Qi Method used by the Holy Spirit Sect to devour souls, and countless vengeful spirits were dancing in the air!

As she gripped her saber with both hands, she suddenly lifted it above her head. A crimson light began to shine from the blade, as if it were condensed into a solid substance! It crazily hacked in front of him, it was not so much hacking as smashing! Nola's pupils contracted as she retracted her grip on her spear and swung it at the blade!

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