Drunken Sword/C2 Fight to the Death(2)
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Drunken Sword/C2 Fight to the Death(2)
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C2 Fight to the Death(2)

Is there anyone who would fight like this? Obtain the knife and stick! It's simply! If he hadn't changed the stab into a swing, he would have been hacked apart already!

"Clang!" A deafening crisp sound exploded in the valley! An invisible shockwave blasted several figures away, smashing into the cliff and causing crushed rocks to fly everywhere. As for Yi Xuan and Nola, they were also sent flying backwards by the strong impact!

In a split-second, both of her legs smashed into the ground, sinking deep into her knees. She quickly turned around and fiercely thrust the tip of her blade into the rocks of the valley. "Chi ~ ~" an ear-piercing sound echoed throughout the valley! After several tens of meters, Xuan Wu finally stabilized her body with a "deng deng deng" sound. She abruptly drew her broadsword and held it horizontally in front of her. Her eyes were bloodshot as she stared fixedly at the three deep gouges in front of her!

On the other side, Nola was not feeling well either. She rolled on the ground for dozens of meters before stabilizing herself. Her spear blocked in front of her. Her hands were lacerated viciously. Blood gushed out and the power of the spear was evident!

When she saw this sight, Yi Xuan tilted her head, revealing a trace of an evil smile!

His hands tightened their grip on the saber again, and his legs slightly bent. "Bang!" Without the slightest hesitation, he charged straight at Nola. With his broadsword positioned horizontally at his side, the scarlet flames doubled in size! The saber appeared in front of Nola in an instant and slashed horizontally without any fancy moves. It was just a simple chop!

"Madman!" He's simply a madman! " Nora cursed! He had never seen this kind of fighting style before. He didn't have the slightest skill or intention to stop! Even Nola would not dare to take such a head-on blow. She pushed back with both of her legs and a thick black smoke rose from her body. Skeletons appeared out of nowhere and wrapped themselves around his body. They raised their spears in front of them to block him!

"Clang!" "The sound of metal striking metal once again filled the entire valley!" Whoosh! Nola was sent flying backwards! The skulls around his body were all burnt to ashes by the flames!

"Ha!" With a loud shout, Yi Xuan's eyes turned round with rage! After forcefully stabilizing his retreating body through the air, he stuck to it and swung his arms in a circle. Once again, he slashed down with his blade!

"You madman! "Roar!" Nola screamed so loudly that she felt like her scalp was about to explode! He desperately protected the spear in front of his chest! He fiercely bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of essence blood. Immediately, his body swelled up and his momentum increased rapidly. Even the long spear shone with a golden light. It was obvious that this old fellow had used a life-saving secret technique in order to preserve his life. He was quite decisive!

Boom!" The long saber struck the spear once again. The impact did not lessen as the spear and saber smashed into Nola, causing a loud bang!

"Bang, bang!" "Bam!" A loud sound rang out as Nola slammed her body into the cliff wall!

"Pfft ~" A mouthful of blood spurted out from Nola's mouth. Her clothes were in disarray and she looked extremely weak. The long spear was smashed until it deformed, becoming dim without light! A pair of vulture-like eyes was staring at Yi Xuan!

"Pfft!" On the other side, Yi Xuan did not continue her pursuit. Instead, she held onto her blade with one hand as she spat out a bloody sword with a pale face! He rolled up his sleeves and ruthlessly wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth. He glanced at the gaping hole in the blade, and then glanced at the vast white horizon in the distance!

"Haha, Yi Xuan, even you are unable to endure it? Do you f * cking think that my men have died for nothing? How much combat strength do you still have? Did you use up all your remaining strength with those slashes just now? Isn't it? "Haha!" Nola! Nola stared at the pale-faced Yi Xuan as she crazily jumped down from the cliff and started laughing at her.

Yi Xuan Xuan did not say anything as she stared intently at that hateful face!

Since he had fallen into the trap, escaping for a hundred thousand miles and being surrounded by a dozen marquis had drained most of his strength! His body was already unable to bear the pain. Coupled with the two slashes he had made with his full strength, he had now reached his limit!

"Pui!" "Old fool, even if your grandfather were to die, he would kill all of you as a burden!" He glanced at the distant white sky again, intentionally or unintentionally, his right hand reached out with his middle finger and ruthlessly looked down on his opponent, causing him to slowly close his eyes and grasp his blade with both hands!

"Whew ~ Whew!" He took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. Instantly, his robes fluttered and dust flew everywhere.

"Not waiting for your brothers? Oh! Oh right, they don't seem to know that you've fallen into their trap, right? "Oh, ready to die?" Nola laughed in a mocking manner. Ignoring the blood trail at the corner of her mouth, she pointed her spear straight at Yi Xuan!

Suddenly, Yi Xuan's body swayed left and right like she was drunk. "Whoosh!" A faint sound rang out in everyone's ears. Yi Xuan was already shooting out like an arrow that had left the bow. Her footwork was strange, and she was flying forward in a "S" shape!

With the saber on his belt, the tip of the blade glowed with an indistinct red light as he appeared in front of Nola in the blink of an eye!

Nola slightly crouched down, "Dragon like Spear!" With a low cry, the long spear shot forth like lightning, piercing straight towards Yi Xing Xuan's chest! However, the next moment, Nola felt a sense of danger engulfing her entire body. She subconsciously wanted to retract her spear to defend herself, but she was no longer able to do so. This move, "Spearlike Dragon", had injected 80% of her strength into her body.

As he looked up, he saw Yi Xuan give him a strange smile. "Pick up your saber!" With a low shout, his two hands changed from holding the saber to one holding the saber. His left hand shot out to grab the spear edge! The blade in his right hand did not change. With a twist, the blade was raised upwards!

Nola watched as the blade grew larger in his eyes, and he suddenly swung his spear to the side, dodging the attack. At the same time, his left hand formed a claw as he swiped at Yi Xuan's chest.

"Slash ~ ~"

"Pu ~ ~" The sound of two blades slashing through a sack resounded, and a blood sword shot out!

As the two passed each other, their backs facing each other, Yi Xuan's body was bent with her right hand wielding the blade, the blade was raised high in the air, maintaining a posture of raising the blade. The black sports uniform on her chest was tattered, and it was badly mangled; the five bloody holes were deep enough for one to see the bone, while traces of black Qi coiled around her flesh was bubbling and bubbling. His left hand lifted the long spear. The tip of the long spear pierced through the entire left palm and thrusted out!

On the other hand, Norris' suit was cut into two halves, and a huge gash appeared on his lower left shoulder. The gash was so deep that one could see the bone. Blood spurted out, but it avoided the vital parts!

"Puchi!" Yi Xuan abruptly pulled out her spear, causing a streak of blood to shoot out from it.

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