Drunken Sword/C3 Dark Knight Descends(1)
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Drunken Sword/C3 Dark Knight Descends(1)
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C3 Dark Knight Descends(1)

With one hand holding her large blade and the other holding her spear, all of the surrounding blood flowed down along the long spear as if it were free. Instantly, several of the surrounding Counts and Marquises seized the opportunity to rush forward, as if they had seen the end of her oil and wanted to take the opportunity to kill her.

Feeling the intent of Xiao Xiao, who was standing in the middle of the air, she swept her gaze across the surroundings, and lines of blood lines began climbing up her black pupils! Suddenly, his big mouth opened into a smile of his own. His large white teeth were extremely frightening, as if he was a devil that had crawled out of hell.

Under the puzzled gazes of the surrounding marquis, he only saw Yi Xuan throw out her long spear from the middle. The sleeve of her left arm instantly swelled up and under everyone's incredulous gaze, her entire left arm swelled up, becoming as thick as an adult's thigh!

"Whoosh!" Suddenly, Yi Xuan locked her gaze on a Marquis and thrust her spear forward like lightning. Instantly, the spear broke through the sound barrier and flew out with an ear-piercing whistling sound!

The marquis who was locked down was immediately dumbfounded. He subconsciously raised his weapon to block. "Clang!" "Pfft!" The weapon cracked and the spear pierced through the marquis' head, nailing him to the cliff! The Marquis had wanted to take her for granted. However, even in death, he could not understand why this devil would kill him in the end and just die in such a muddled manner.

At this moment, the Marquis had suddenly died, and everything happened in a split-second. Many people were stunned, unable to react.

The death of a marquis was only the beginning. As soon as the long spear was thrown, it instantly rushed towards another marquis who was closest to her, directly cutting down on her head!

Before this marquis could recover from the shock of his companion's death, he saw blood flowing out of his wound, the devil's face enlarged in his pupils, and the gigantic blade came crashing down. The marquis felt death enveloping him, and stood unmoving on the spot, completely forgetting to defend at the very least!

"Pfft!" Blood sprayed several meters high into the air. A Marquis did not even have the chance to cry out before he was hacked into two halves, turning him into a wild ghost!

At this moment, the other marquis, as well as the Count, reacted and instantly shot backwards.

Who knows if the next devil will attack me or not, or if I will become a ghost under the blade, losing my life!"

"Twelfth!" Hahaha! "Awesome!" At this moment, Yi Xuan's entire body was drenched in blood, and blood flowed profusely from her blade. Her pair of black eyes swept towards the surrounding marquis! Those who were seen immediately felt their bodies go cold, their souls leaving their bodies! Retreating once again, he wished that he could pull it as far away as possible! This was the gaze of a devil from hell! The boy in front of him was simply a devil!

"Bastard!" You bastard! I will tear you apart alive! " Nola's eyes turned red as she gritted her teeth and pulled out her spear, roaring madly!

This was f * cking crazy. Killing one thousand enemies while inflicting eight hundred lives without regard for his own life. He had even shamelessly attacked his own men. Seeing his two men so muddled-headedly dying, he felt like his heart was bleeding. He was already the twelfth marquis to die at the hands of this bastard!

Marquis! The peak combat power of the Holy Spirit Sect!

"Since you want to die so much, I'll grant your wish!" Nola! Nola slammed his spear to the ground, his hands forming claws in front of his chest. He closed his vulture eyes and stood there like an ordinary person, his fighting spirit gone!

"Dark Knight, descend!" Suddenly, Count Nola spat out a few notes. His aura skyrocketed and a black fog rose into the air. Many black skulls appeared and hissed as they bared their teeth. Miserable shrieks rang out one after another! "In a flash, the tattered suit was torn to shreds, revealing a huge cut on his chest.

The strange thing was that as the black mist wrapped around the wound, her pupils abruptly constricted. She could see that the gigantic blade was actually healing itself bit by bit, and new flesh was continuously growing as the flesh began to squirm! His aura rose crazily, and a cold wind blew across the entire canyon. Miserable screams and black fog filled the air!

In the next moment, Nola's tightly shut eyes suddenly opened and two ghostly lights flashed in the air. Nola's blue eyes turned dark green, as if green liquid was flowing within them. Two fangs emerged from the sides of her mouth, and a head of yellow hair grew crazily as it covered her back, while a few skulls flew around her!

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