Drunken Sword/C4 Dark Knight Descends(2)
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Drunken Sword/C4 Dark Knight Descends(2)
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C4 Dark Knight Descends(2)

"This is the Dark Knight, descend!" Don't be surprised, you have never seen anything like it. In the history of the Holy Spirit Sect, only the founder of the sect has successfully cultivated it, because in these years, no one has reached the Supreme Realm and I am the first one! And you are the first to witness the coming of the Dark Knights in thousands of years. To tell you the truth, I have to pay an unbearable price to use this move! However, as long as you can die, that is enough! Enjoy it! "

"I will judge you for the God of Darkness!" A ghost-like voice came out of Nola's mouth, like the sound of grinding steel. It was extremely unpleasant to the ear, as if two people were speaking. There was even a hint of stress in it!

Yi Xuan immediately frowned. "You piece of trash, come! If you don't come now, all of your subordinates will die! " The red light flowed on the long blade, and the tip of the blade was pointed at Nola, who was emitting a strong momentum, as she said in a provocative tone.

"Dark Judgement!" Nora actually did not pay any heed to Yi Xuan's provocation as she gripped her spear with both hands and pointed it towards the sky. The spear that was originally flowing with golden light suddenly turned jet-black as a sinister aura radiated from it. The black clouds above the entire canyon rumbled as a gigantic skull appeared from nowhere. The skeleton spat out a gigantic black spear that it held in its mouth, locking down on Wang Yi Xuan Xuan in the blink of an eye. She let out a heavy breath, and the next moment, Nola burst forward, breaking the sound barrier.

"Damn!" You still f * cking have tricks up your sleeves! " Initially, her speed had already reached the limit, but at that time, Nola would still barely be able to keep up with him. Now, Nola had broken through the sound barrier, and she had already surpassed the limits of his speed!

No, I can't keep up! Zhang Xuan thought. All that was left in Yi Xuan's eyes were strings of afterimages. There was no sign of Nola at all! Too fast!

He had already unleashed two "chops" and "scythes" with all his might. The strength in his body was simply insufficient to sustain the rest of the moves! Clenching his teeth, he lifted the saber with his left hand and placed his right hand behind the hilt!

Boom!" With a booming sound, Yi Xuan burst forth as her large blade pierced towards the blurry afterimage that had appeared out of nowhere!

"Hey!" A surprised voice rang out. It was evident that Nola did not expect that she would be able to catch a glimpse of his figure. However …

Nola sneered as she lightly swung her spear to the side, wanting to break free of the blade that was thrusting towards her. She watched every movement in her sight, every trajectory as clear as day!

This was the suppression of absolute speed! You seem to be slowing down in front of me!

However, just as the spear was about to hit the blade, a strange scene occurred. The large blade disappeared into thin air! Nola suddenly turned her head to look at Yi Xuan, who was standing in front of her.

There was no one else!

Just as Yi Xuan was about to slam into Nola, she fell to her knees and her large blade dropped to the ground. He leaned back and the tip of his spear grazed past his scalp! After receiving the inertia, Yi Xuan's entire body fell to her knees as she slid past the ground and rushed out!

After passing by Nola, Nola, who had been kneeling on the ground, stood up straight like a carp. He flipped his legs and stomped on the back of the stunned Nola.

As for Yi Xuan, she had also used this opportunity to charge towards a group of Count Marquis who were hiding by the side and watching the show from the sidelines, swinging her greatsword and slashing it towards a Marquis who was still watching the show!

The group of marquis were greatly shocked, but they were all experts after all. The next moment, they scattered in all directions. The locked marquis also retreated with all his might, a longsword placed before his chest as he cast his gaze at Count Nola for help!

However, just how fast was Yi Xuan? Even though she had not broken through the sound barrier, she was at her limit. Furthermore, her Qi was locked onto her, so how could she possibly survive? Are you scared? Wang Yi Xuan didn't even look at this useless act of his!

In an instant, the two of them collided. The large saber slashed the longsword into two and the blade with a cut ruthlessly slashed at the Marquis' waist, causing blood to spurt out! He was like a man with two sections!

"Devil, you demon! I won't let you off even if I become a ghost! " The Marquis looked at the bloodied Yi Xuan as he spat out those words in despair!

"Pull it down!" We're not going to the same place! "You are the thirteenth!" Yi Xuan laughed in a mocking manner. She did not spare another glance at the Marquis, who was fleeing to the side with her saber!

It hacked down on his head!

"Clang!" A loud sound echoed throughout the valley! After the dust settled, the Marquis saw Nola standing before him with her spear horizontally, her broadsword directly hacking down onto the handle of her spear, preventing her from moving an inch forward!

"Enough!" Nola roared as she abruptly retracted her spear, and with lightning speed, swung it towards Yi Xuan! The Skull in the sky suddenly pressed down with the spear in its mouth. The sharp spear intent of the huge spear-carrying man instantly covered the entire canyon. Immediately, a cold wind blew within the canyon. Cracks actually began to appear on the immovable cliffs. It was obvious that they couldn't withstand this pressure and began to break apart!

"Yi Xuan was so shocked that her first thought was that she couldn't hold on! If he couldn't block it, then he would die! However, he still used the hilt of his saber to defend, using both hands to directly block by his side!

Boom!" The long spear brutally struck the saber's body, followed by a force that did not lessen as it smashed the saber along with the spear onto the left side of his body! In an instant, he was sent flying like a baseball towards a cliff! At the same time, Nola drew back and raised her spear once more. The skeleton in the air bellowed as it charged forward with its spear in hand!

"Bam!" A human-shaped crater was instantly formed on the cliff wall as huge rocks flew everywhere.

As Yi Xuan struggled to climb out of the hole, she raised her head and spat out a mouthful of blood, her face akin to golden paper. He staggered and knelt down on the ground. He held a saber in one hand and stabbed it into the ground, keeping his body from falling to his knees. His left arm hung limply by his side and his entire left chest was caved in! The spear had shattered the internal organs!

"F * ck!" Looking at Nola running towards him, he cursed weakly. His consciousness started to blur as he shook his head furiously, trying his best to keep his consciousness. He stood up shakily and took off his black cap … Suddenly, a weird hairstyle entered his eyes.

The area around his head was completely shaved except for a tuft of stubble on the top of his head. It looked like there was a big pot lid on top of his big bald head!

Nora, who was rushing over, suddenly felt weird. What was she up to now?

"Come!" With a loud cry, she placed her hat on the hilt of her blade, and with one hand gripped the hilt, "Zeng", she pulled the blade out from the ground! He held the saber in one hand and pointed it at the ground as he dashed out! He grimaced in pain as streams of blood dripped from his forehead and face. Blood dripped from his black pupils, making him look horrifying!

"Ah!" Yi Xuan bellowed as she wielded her blade with one arm. She swung it in a circular motion as she slashed towards Nola! Even Nola felt a chill in her heart. At the same time, a sense of admiration welled up within her! This was a madman, a genius madman! However, right now, Yi Xuan was already at the end of her strength. Just by standing up, her body was already completely drained of all power. The saber wield was completely controlled by her will!

Seeing the large saber coming at him with a soft and gentle strike, he did not dodge at all. Ye Zichen shook his head helplessly, closed his eyes and put more force into it.

"Dark Judgement!" With a loud roar, the long spear thrust out like lightning.

"Pfft!" The long spear pierced through the chest of Yi Xuan, the back of her heart stabbed out, the tip of the spear dripping with blood!

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