Drunken Sword/C5 Fall(1)
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Drunken Sword/C5 Fall(1)
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C5 Fall(1)

At last, the knife struck Nola's body. Nola slowly removed the handle of the gun and removed the broken blade that had landed on her right shoulder. She quietly looked at the weird-looking young man in front of her!

"Phew ~ Phew ~ Phew ~" Heavy breaths constantly came out from Yi Xuan's mouth. Was this the feeling of death?

He lowered his head to look at the spear that was stuck in his heart. Blood flowed down the spear's handle. He shook his head helplessly and extended his right hand to grab the spear's handle and slowly pulled it out!

He frowned, "It really is f * cking painful!" Finally, he cursed in pain! However, his hands did not stop moving. The long spear was gradually pulled out from his body and thrown ruthlessly onto the ground.

"Phew!" This is so painful! " He let out a heavy breath and helplessly looked at his chest that had almost flowed out! He slowly straightened his body and said, "Nola, here's the knife!" She suddenly reached out her hand to Nora.

Nola didn't hesitate as she handed the sabre to the teenager in front of her. Instead of receiving the sabre, she took off the hat on her head and placed it on her head. "Is that correct?" He even asked this out of the blue!

Nola didn't answer, she just watched on quietly! The surrounding surviving Counts came over and tried to take a few hits. F * ck, this devil killed a total of thirteen marquises, two-thirds of the Holy Spirit Sect's military power, and also dozens of Counts! Just the twenty-two people who had set up the traps in front of him had also been three marquis dead and one severely injured. As for the Count, a total of eight of them had died on the spot from the shock waves! The living Marquis Count wished he could chop the demon in front of him into pieces!

However, Nola gently raised her hand to signal for them to retreat. This was the last bit of respect they had for the Bravehearts!

"F * ck!" This is so f * cking boring! " Embarrassed, he stabbed the blade into the ground and placed his right hand on the hilt of the blade! Looking at the retreating Shaw, Yi Xuan also nodded her head in greeting!

His consciousness gradually began to exhale, and his breathing became heavier and heavier. Was this the feeling of death? He was really unwilling! There was not a single person on the vast horizon. Was the final words still not spoken yet? I'm afraid that we won't be able to be with you guys anymore, so I'll be leaving first!

Mom, your son didn't disappoint you, right? Entrance to the national famous university before the departure, did not let you down, right? Mom, take good care of yourself in the future and stop working overtime. It's time to take a break, but unfortunately, your son can't be filial and you didn't get a grandson in the end. You won't have the chance to scold me in the future, right? Your son can no longer make you angry, can no longer make you worry!

To tell the truth, your son hasn't had enough of making a ruckus, and he still wants to make you angry for a few more years. When the time comes, I'll give you a little grandson, and we'll both be angry at you!

Two streams of clear tears, mixed with fresh blood, slowly flowed down!

Dad, you said you were still so honest in the end, being bullied all day by Mom. And was it nice to see the note in the end? What a pity, the two of us agreed on a toast to celebrate! What a pity, your son can't drink with you anymore! Come on! In the future, he would do it well!

Little Yun Yun, you still haven't forgiven me, right? Sigh! I thought I'd have time to ask for your forgiveness. But there was no chance! If I'm not around, I'll find a good boyfriend and have him take good care of you! Unfortunately, I didn't get your kiss in the end.

Brothers, friends, farewell! Pleased to meet you! However, the money you owe me hasn't been repaid. There's no chance. Just burn some paper money for me in the future.

Images and faces flashed before his eyes like they had been in a movie.

Some were happy, but also sad, some were having fun, some were fighting in anger, all of them were surfing the internet, and all of them were skipping classes together! Sleep during class, fight for the college entrance exam with all your might! Finally, we were at the side of the road, drinking beer and eating barbecue and shouting, We're still together!

Suddenly, he felt that the world was so beautiful. He wanted to run away and grumble! This world still had so many concerns, so many lingering feelings, and so many things that it had yet to do! There were also those who were unwilling to forget!

So reluctant to leave! He suddenly wanted to live for a few more years, and he suddenly felt terrible!

"Goodbye!" F * ck! This father has been to this world before! Wuu! "Woo woo!" Finally, he broke out into tears. Snot and tears streamed down his face!

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