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C1 Chapter one

" where are you off to so early this morning" Ana asked concerned.

" Are you keeping an eye on my every move now?" Alexander asked.

" It's not that Alex. I......" She wasn't able to complete her statement before a slap landed right across her face and she burst into tears.

" Will you shut the f**k up. You're not a child" he said pushing her till she fell on the bed. " Mind you, let this be the last time you ever question me, understood?" He said and left.

" Aaaaaaah" Ana screamed. " What kind of a marriage is this? What kind of marriage is this where I can't even show concern for my husband" she said sobbing.

" Miss Ana...." a maid walked.

" What is it Veronica?" Ana asked wiping her tears. She couldn't let Veronica see her in tears.

" Madam, Mr Alex is waiting for you in the parking lot. I think he's really furious" Veronica said.

" I'll be there now." Ana said, she quickly put on a robe, put on her slippers and headed for the parking lot.


" Alex, you called for me?" Ana asked with fear in her voice.

" Ana, I'm sorry for raising my hand to you" he apologized.

" It.... its fine" she said.

" Are you sure?" He asked.

" Ye....yes" she stammered.

" Good. Now, I'm expecting guests over in the evening. Make sure you prepare a nice meal for them alright" he commanded with an authoritative tone.

" Yes." Ana said.

" If I'm to return and you've not prepared food, ........... I reserve my comments" he said, got into the car and the driver drove off.

Ana just stared at the moving car until it moved out of sight. She was definitely not happy. Who would be?

No single day passes by without Alex raising his hands to Ana for the most foolish things.

Yes she had a lot of money at her beck and call but what was the point of having all this money when there was no peace of mind? Ana usually asked herself.

Today, she'd woken up, she saw Alex dressing up like he was going out and all she did was ask where he was headed but then he hit her. She was definitely not happy. Who would be happy living like a punching bag in her own matrimonial home?

" I'll go get ready" she thought and left for her room.

After coming out of the shower, she dried her hair. Changed into a simple orange gown, brushed her hair and put on light makeup.

Ana was a very beautiful young woman in her early twenties. She had dark long hair, ocean blue eyes, a pointed nose and lips as red as rose. She quickly tied her hair up in a lose bun and headed straight for the kitchen.

" Good morning Miss Ana" the helpers greeted.

" Good morning" Ana replied with a fake smile. She didn't want any of the helpers to know what had transpired between her and her husband. She wanted to fix her marriage with Alex but Alex clearly wasn't interested.

" Miss, sir said there would be guests over and everything needs to be perfect" a maid called Melanie said.

" Yes. I'm aware of that" Ana said. " How about this,... Veronica, Desmond, Erica and I will handle the kitchen, while Monica, Melanie, David, and Sonya will handle the guests. Is that fine by all?" Ana asked.

" Yes miss" they all chorused.

" Now get to work" Ana said and retreated to the kitchen.

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