" oh my goodness. I'm so sorry for your loss" Justin said consoling her.

" It's alright" Ana said.

" I promise you, we'll get Justice for the death of your baby alright?"

" Alright" Ana said.

" Now please smile" Justin said giving her a reassuring smile.

" Yes" Ana said and gave him a light smile.



" Welcome home miss" David said.

" Thanks" Ana said.

" Wow wow wow" Alex said clapping as he walked down in his white shirt and crazy jeans combo.

" Alex?" Ana was scared.

" So you finally come home? I thought you were going to spend your whole life in the hospital" he said and chuckled.

" Sir, she......" Veronica wanted to defend Ana but she received a slap from Alex instead.

" Alex!!" Ana screamed as she gave him a slap.

" Miss?" Everyone was shocked.

" Just because you can hit me and get away with it doesn't mean you can do the same to my best friend and still get away" Ana said fearlessly.

" Did you just raise your hand to me?" Alex asked. This was the first time he had ever being slapped in his entire life. No one had the guts to talk to him let alone hug him.

" Yes and I'll do......." Ana was interrupted by a thunderous slap from Alex.

" I see. So your new boyfriend now gives you the guts to raise your hand to me. This time, I won't hit you. I'll let the police do it" Alex said and dialed the police.

" Alex, what are you doing? I'm your wife. You......" Alex just sighed and left.


" Mr Hamilton," an officer walked in.

" Good, you're here. Arrest her on the basis of violence" Alex said.

" But isn't she your wife?" The officer was confused.

" Do as I say or you'll be the one ending up in the lockup" Alex threatened.

" Yes sir. Arrest her" the officer told his team and they arrested Ana.

" Miss" Veronica called as they took Ana away.

She'd intended on following them but Alex stopped her..

" If you so much as even think of following her, then she assure you that you'll breathe your last breathe" he said and left.


" Please let go of me" Ana begged the officer. " I didn't do a thing I promise" Ana begged as she was pushed into a cell before it was locked.

" Listen madam, as much as I'd love to help you, I can't. I don't wanna lose my life. The only one who can save you is God or the Martinis and we both know that can't happen" the officer said and left.

" The martinis...... Justin can help" Ana thought to herself. " Officer, officer" Ana called.

" What is it you want?" The officer asked.

" A phone call. Please"

" I guess I could do that" the officer said and unlocked her cell.

" Thanks" Ana said.

" Here you go now. Be quick about this, I don't want Mr Hamilton to get me fired" the officer said.

" Yes" Ana said. She quickly dialed a number.

" Hello" the reciever answered.

" Sonya, is that you?" Ana asked

" Miss?"

" Reduce your voice. I need a favor from you" Ana told her.

" Yes miss. Tell me, what do I have to do?"

" Call Justin and tell him what happened. He'll know what to do" she said.

" Okay miss" Sonya said and hung up.

" Thanks" Ana said and dropped the phone.

" Come on, back to the locker" the officer said.


" How do I get in touch with Mr Justin?" Sonya asked herself.

" What's wrong Sonya? You look worried" that was Veronica.

" Yes, I'm worried" she explained everything to Veronica.

" That shouldn't be a problem" Veronica said.

" And why not? We didn't get his contact" Sonya said.

" Then why do we have social media? Chat him up on Instagram" Veronica said.

" That's true!!" Sonya said.



" I wonder why Justin isn't here yet. I wonder if they were able to get through to him" Ana thought to herself.

" And who are you to tell us what to do?" Ana heard the officer yell

" Release her now or you'll regret it" that voice sounded familiar........ Justin.

" Justin, Justin, is that you?" Ana called from her cell.

" Ana?" Justin ran to her cell. " How'd you end up here?" He asked.

" It was Alex. I got into a fight with him and then hit him so he threw me in the lockup" Ana explained.

" I'm here now alright? Don't worry. I'll handle it" he said and went back to the officer.

" Listen, I'm a high ranking official of the martinis. If you don't release her now then......" He said showing them his I.D CARD.

" Oh yes. Release her"' the officer said and they unlocked Ana's cell.

" Thanks" Ana said to Justin

" Madam, please sign here" a female officer told Ana.

" Yes" Ana said and signed.

" Let's go" Justin said.

" Go where?" Ana asked.

" Where else? Alexander Hamilton" Justin said and left.

" What is this guy planning?" Ana asked herself.

It won't be good...........

" jus.... Justin, hold on" Ana called a furious Justin causing him to halt.

" What?" He asked without turning to look at her.

" Please. What are you planning to do? At least tell me" Ana begged.

" Listen, there's no need to know. You'll see when we get there" Justin said and got into the car. " Are you coming?" He asked.

" Yes...... I'm coming" Ana said. She quickly got into the car scared.

" Come on driver, let's go" Justin said and the driver started the car.

All through the ride to Alex's house, Ana could not help but feel scared.

" What is Justin planning?" Ana asked herself. " What will Alex do to me after Justin is done with him? I'm scared".

" Driver, speed up" Justin told the driver with fury in his eyes.

" I'm sorry sir, but here in country G we have a speed limit and I can't go past that speed" the driver said.

" Stop the car!!" Justin ordered.

" But sir we're not there yet and....."

" I said stop the car" Justin ordered.

" But Justin....." Ana was interrupted by Justin.

" Stop the car or I'll seize your license" Justin threatened the driver and the driver stopped the car.

" Get out!!" Justin ordered as he got out of the passengers seat.

" But Justin you......"

" Ana, shut up!!" Justin said. He pulled the driver out of the car and threw some money at him. " Take that and go home" Justin said.

" Thank you sir" the driver said and left.

" But Justin, you ......." Justin started the car at maximum speed limit.

" Aaaaaaaaaaaaah" Ana screamed as she swung from left to right in the car.

" Use your seatbelt, that's what it's for" Justin said not reducing the speed limit.

" Yes" Ana stuttered, she quickly put on her seatbelt and sighed of relief. She looked at the mirror in the car and saw that her hair was now a mess. " Oh geez"

" We're here" Justin said and the car came to a halt.

" We .......we are here?" Ana stuttered. She was definitely scared of getting back into the house.

Justin got out of the driver's seat and opened the door for Ana.

" Justin, I don't think it'll be a good idea for me to come with you" Ana said trying to avoid going into the house.

" Ana, don't be scared. I'm here for you" Justin said and extended his hand.

Ana sighed before taking his hands and coming out of the car.

" It'll be alright, say it" Justin said as they walked into the house.

" It'll be alright, it'll be alright, it'll be alright" Ana chanted as they walked into the house.

" Sonya!!" Alex yelled.

" Sir!!" Sonya replied as she came down.

" Can you tell me why you did what you did?" Alex asked furiously.

" Do......do what?" Sonya asked scared.

" You ask me what?" Alex asked and gave her a slap which made her cry. " You went behind my back and got that woman released? "

" I..... I didn't do anything sir. I didn't, I promise" Sonya lied crying.

" You foolish woman, you......" Alex said and made to hit her .

" You hit her, you die!!" Justin walked in.

Alex turned to see who had the guts to threaten him.

" You?" Alex asked turning to Justin.

" Yes, me. If you hit her, I'll have the martinis arrest you and seize everything you own" Justin said

" Wow wow wow. Finally, I knew this day would come." He turned to Ana. " So you finally brought your lover home to threaten me. "

" Alex I......." Ana tried to defend herself

" Keep quiet!!!" Alex yelled. " Did you think I'll believe he's from the martinis?"

" But.... He is from the martinis and........" Ana tried to say.

" Well then, have you ever seen his ID card? Because if you have, I'd like to see it too" Alex said.

" I don't have to show you my ID card" Justin said.

'' then it means you're a fake. If you were real, you'd show me your ID card" Alex said not blinking.

" Ok then,.." he brought out his card. " Here you go" he showed Alex.

Alex was shocked. He didn't believe that Justin Balor was really from the martinis, a high ranking one at that. Now he knew he'd f**ked up. What would Justin do to him now? He knew Justin could seize all his wealth and put him behind bars for all he'd done with just a single phone call. Now he was scared.

" What's wrong Alex? Are you shocked that I'm real? Now you know what I can do to you" Justin smirked and put his ID card where it belonged.

" Please, I'm sorry Ana. I'm sorry. Will you forgive me? I don't know what came over me?" Alex begged and went to kneel in front of her.

" Alex, what are you doing? Move away" Ana asked, moving away from him.

" That's not gonna save you Alex. The police will be here soon and they will be taking you away" Justin said looking at him with disgust.

" Please Ana, I beg you to forgive me" Alex said still on his knees.

Ana looked at Justin and gave him the " should I? He looks sorry" look.

Justin then replied him with a " do as you please, it's your life" look.

" Mr Balor, we're here" an officer and his team walked in.

" Good!! Arrest this man on the basis of violence and murder of an innocent baby" Justin said pointing at Alex.

Immediately Justin said that, memories of the past flashed in. Her innocent baby, he died because of this monster. Now she felt disgusted.

" And who's baby has he murdered?" The officer asked.

Alex looked at Ana and smiled, sure that his emotional drama had worked and he would go free

" Mine. He has murdered my baby and assaulted me physically countless times" Ana said.

Alex looked at Ana, shocked. This woman now had guts.

" They are lying sir, I have done nothing of that such" Alex said hoping the police would believe him.

" Sir, it's true. He always assaults anyone he comes across" Sonya said and Alex was dumbfounded.

He never knew that a day would come when the tables would turn on him.

" Did you hear that? There are a lot of witnesses. Nothing can save you now" the officer said and handcuffed him. " Let's go" he said and his team took Alex away.

Ana thought of everything that has just happened and ran up crying.

" Ana" Justin called and went after her.

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