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C9 Chapter nine

Justin could not believe his eyes and ears. Did Ana just get Alex released? The man who had always assaulted her? Someone who killed her baby? Did she just release the man who landed her in the hospital? All these thoughts ran through his head. Here he was planning of keeping Alex in prison while he made Ana his but she ruined everything.

He cursed inwardly and sighed.

" Thank you Justin for giving me the go ahead. I couldn't live with the guilt of having being responsible for my husband being put behind bars" Ana said as she held Alex's hand.

Justin looked down to their hands and couldn't help but feel extremely jealous. He'd fallen head over hills in love with this woman and she didn't know.

" So this is what she was talking about earlier" he thought to himself.

" Thanks dude" Alex said and walked over to Justin. " I promise that from today going forward, I will treat Ana with enough love and respect"

Justin looked at him with disdain wondering what Ana saw in him that made her get him released.

" It's nothing" Justin said and forced a smile.

Alex moved closer to him and embraced him.

" Ok then" Justin said breaking the hug. " I'll get going now. I have somewhere else to be"

" Should I see you out?" Ana asked.

" If it's fine by you," Justin said picking his phone from the couch.

" Let's go" Ana said and led him out of the house smiling.

Alex looked around the house before speaking, " Sonya, get me some tea"

" Okay sir" Sonya said.

" I'll have it in my room" he said and went upstairs.


" Thanks Justin, for all you have done for me, I'm grateful" Ana said smiling.

" Why did you do what you did?" Justin asked

" I don't understand? I asked you if it was a good idea and you said it was so....." Ana was confused.

" Darn it!!" Justin kicked the air while running his hands through his hair.

" Tell me Justin, what's wrong?" Ana asked.

" Listen Ana, I don't know how to say this to you but I think I've fallen for you and I don't want Alex standing in the way" Justin said.

Ana just stood there looking at him without an expression on her face.

" Ana?" He cupped her face with both of his hands. " Tell me, say something. Don't you love me back? Tell me"

Ana still kept quiet. Justin looked at her, trying to read through her and before he knew it, she started laughing uncontrollably.

" Ana?" Justin was confused.

" You're such a joker!!" She said still laughing.

" What do you mean Ana? I said I love you and all you can say is I'm a joker?" Justin asked.

" Of course. How can you love me when you know I'm married? Come to think of it, you've barely known me for a week and then you said you love me?" She was still laughing. " You know we're just friends and we'll only be friends so zip the act, I know you are just joking"

When Justin heard what she said, not wanting things between them to get awkward, he decided to play along.

" So you got me? I thought I'd be able to fool you" he said smiling

" Duh! Who wouldn't?" Ana said tucking her hair behind her ears

" Guess I'll have to act better to fool you next time" Justin said.

" Yeah but I need to tell you something" Ana said.

" Yes, I'm listening" Justin said.

" Next time, I don't think it'd be a good idea to play a joke as this. It won't sit well with Alex and you know how he is so...."

". I get it. I won't play such an expensive joke next time" Justin said.

" Okay then, good bye" Ana said and hugged him before giving him a light peck on his cheek and going back into the house.

As she walked back into the house, Justin could not help but admire her more. He could not help but wonder how good she was in bed.

" How lucky is Alex?" He thought to himself. He rubbed the spot where Ana pecked him and kissed it. " I'll make her mine at all cost" he said to himself and left.

" My oh my, this is fun" Alex said from his room's window. He'd been watching them he whole time and he'd heard all that Justin said.

" So this Martini guy ha eyes on my wife? " He smirked. " You've just gotten yourself into trouble" he said and burst into laughter.


Hey guys, Star Macy here. I just wanna say thanks for all your lovely reviews.

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