Embrace The Light/C3 Hospitalized
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Embrace The Light/C3 Hospitalized
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C3 Hospitalized

Damn...my body hurts like hell...

I slowly opened my eyes, I didn't know why but I just had to look that way, which was to the far end of the room.

And there she was in her long black looking cape, with her hoodie down covering her hair and half of her face. She was walking with a thud as her cane touched the hospital floor, I tried to move but I couldn't. She was grinning wide when she feels my fear. She was showing her rotten teeth and wrinkled face. She was coming towards me.

Oh my god...please not now...

Then she was behind me. Her rotten smell hit my nose as I felt her cold decaying body embraced me. Her long nails scraped my arms, I could see the bloody rotten fingernails. She was humming above my head, and that was when she said.

"My beautiful child, you are too precious. Come with us, live with us...my dear son has been waiting for you..." she whispered in her old shaky raspy voice. Then she touched my jaw and moved me to look the other way. She nudged me to see the tall man that I would see from time to time, since when I was eight.

I had felt his presence several times, but he always comes and go so I never think much of him. But now I was whimpering, I was crying, I was truly terrified for my life. I could feel my body was getting weaker. Her laughter filled the room, as the man walked to the other way.

My body felt hot and cold at the same time, I was shivering, my teeth were chattering, then a loud beeping sound echoed inside the room.

I could see people in scrubs surrounded me, they were sticking needles in my IVs. Then the old creepy woman was gone just like that, and the hospital machine sound was back to its regular beeping rhythm.

And then whatever they put in me seemed to do the work, as I felt my eyes slowly became heavy and I drifted off to sleep.


It was daylight when I opened my eyes, and the nurse who was taking my vitals greeted me.

"Good afternoon miss, we have been waiting for you to regain consciousness. Let me get the doctor for you. And there are police officers outside, waiting to take your statements, we are waiting for you to wake up, to do the procedure on assault victims. I'm truly sorry that this happened to you..." She tapped my hand and walked out of the room.

I could feel my tears fall to my cheeks.

I finally did it, I ran away. Now I just need to hide and run further.

I sat up and tried to get up, my body hurts but I have to do this. I must get away before they found me here, I groaned as I try to put my feet down on the cold floor.

How the fuck am I going to do this? I don't have my shoes and my clothes.

But before I could answer my own thought, the nurse came back with the officers, a woman, and a man. The woman quickly came to my side.

"I must go before they found me. Please, you got to help me. I can't do this anymore, I won't....please...." more tears came running down my cheeks. I still feel dirty from last night though they had changed me into a hospital gown. This was my lowest point, I felt like I just wanted to give up and die.

"Sshh...miss, you're safe now. We have security on your door. Nobody will enter without our approval. I'm sergeant Green and, this is my partner Lieutenant Kelly. We will continue with the gathering of evidence for your case. We had already collected your clothes and shoes. My partner will wait outside until we're done with this." She was wearing surgical gloves when she holds me and helped me back to my bed.

The nurse came back with another female nurse, she was carrying a large bag and put it aside then start to arrange them in order. I was nervous as the other nurse close the bed curtain, and cocooned us all in.

Sergeant Green caressed my shoulder, trying to calm me down. "So what's your name? It's okay, we can talk about anything, just to keep your mind off of this." She said to me softly.

"Florence...I can't...why don't you tell me, what's going to happen to me after this." I looked at her, while the nurses started scrapping from under my nails, and combed my hair. Then one of the nurses was taking the scraps and put them into the evidence bag, and marked them carefully.

"We need your last name dear..." The older nurse asked, while she was jotting down words on her pad and then to the evidence bag.

"Patterson," I said lowly.

Then the other nurse helps me stripped off my hospital gown, I was teary and crying as I looked at my battered state. Older wounds were still visible, but the fresh ones were horrifying to look at.

"Sshh... just let it out, I couldn't even try to imagine being in your position. Please bear with us, it'll be over in a few moments okay? This will make sure, that we will put all responsible people in jail for a long time." Sergeant Green said softly, while she rubbed my back. Then the nurses started the embarrassing moments, as they took close up detail pictures of my wounds on my naked body.

I could feel sergeant Green was sighing behind me when she took in all of my wounds. I could feel the anger in her, I could feel how mad she was with the people who had done this to me.

"We will get them. You just need to be strong for us. I'm just asking you that, it must be hard but please...be strong okay Florence?" She asked while the nurses kept on taking my pictures, lifting my arms, turning my body, my legs, they kept on taking my pictures quietly. It felt like hours, while I kept on crying and sobbing, and listening to sergeant's Green soothing words.

Then it was finally over, as the nurses gathered back all of their equipment.

"Florence dear, I'll be back later after the police finish taking their statements. I will help you wash your body in the bathroom okay? You are a strong woman." The older nurse came up to me and caressed my hand. Then they opened the bed curtain again, once I was back in my hospital gown.

Lieutenant Kelly came into the room, minutes later.

"He could stand outside if you're not comfortable with male presence." Sergeant Green informed me.

"I'm sorry, I'm good...he can stay," I told her. I could feel that she's a young mother and that she truly cared for me. That made me felt safe, that made me believed her.

"Now if you could state your full name for us, and tell us everything then we could carry on with the next procedure." She nodded to her partner as he flipped open his pad and start scribbling.

"Flo, I'm Florence Patterson. My parents are Cindy and Jared Patterson...." then I started telling them the whole story.

I could tell, that they were skeptical about me being a clairvoyant but kept on taking my statement anyway. They must've known that I couldn't possibly, do this battering to my own body. And that there was someone out there, who was responsible for my state of being.

I told them that he didn't rape me, but they advise me to pressed charges on assault and attempted rape. I nodded to her and started crying again, as I remembered what happened to me last night.

"Hey, it's okay we got their names, it'll be over soon." She caressed my arm tenderly then I felt it, the motherly loss, how she had just lost her baby. She was not a young mother. She was supposed to be one but lost the baby as she was injured in a shootout. The baby I saw must be the future one, I did saw her earlier with a beautiful baby boy.

"I'm so sorry about your loss, but not long now...it's a baby boy, a handsome one..." She was taken back by my words as she looked at her partner. He was shocked but was back to writing down on his pad seconds later, trying to keep calm as he nodded to Sergeant Green.

An hour later it was all done, then they leave me alone in my hospital room.

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