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C4 Him

I've had always hated hospitals, there were too many wandering spirits. The emergency doctor told me, that I could leave the next day or the day after. It would all depend on the assessment of the psychiatrist, that I'd be meeting in the next few hours.

"But I don't have money to pay for all of this? Maybe I should leave now? I'm good, I'll think of something." I was seriously nervous about the hospital bill.

"Ms. Patterson, the nurse will later give you a form for the abused victim shelter, we have a connection with a nonprofit organization that takes care of abused victims such as yourself. Look, you don't need to think about that for now. You're very lucky that you came to this hospital. We have very generous organizations that support special cases. So, please concentrate on getting better yeah?" he looked at me, while I finally relaxed.

I was still hoping that I could leave right away, not just because of the expenses but I was also worried about spending the night again with all of the spirits. Even in the day time, I could feel their presence.

But the doctor said that it was a procedure from the hospital for the assaulted victims, that there would be a counseling session for my trauma.

Last night I was dreading to spend the night at the hospital, but the pain medications were making me sleepy, so I was thankful for that. This afternoon I was scheduled for a therapy session with Dr. Hayes. I highly doubt that he or she would help me with my problems. But I still needed the doctor's approval stating that I was stable enough to be let out of the hospital.

"Ms. Patterson..."

"Flo, please call me...Flo, I'm not big on my parent's name." I told the older nurse that has been taking care of me since yesterday.

"Well then Flo, I'm Maggie. How are you today darling? I got some forms for you to fill out, are you up for it? Look Flo...Dr. Markov had informed me about your concerns, later this afternoon you will meet with someone from the shelter. They will provide everything for you, to start your new life. But for now, you can fill out the forms, then I will take you to see Dr. Hayes in about thirty more minutes."

"Thank you, Maggie, I'm good with the forms. I can do it now." I smile at her and took the form, then had the goosebumps when I touched her hand. I felt all sadness that she felt for all of her patients, tears fall as I submerged in her feelings.

She looked at me confusingly. "Flo? Is everything okay?"

"Mmm hmm.. I'm good." I never was a big fan of letting people know of my so-called talent. I wanted people to see me as a normal human being. I never wanted all of these touchy feelings, it drained my energy and toyed with my emotions.

"Look...you can tell anything okay? Or maybe you can talk later with Dr. Hayes, just make sure you unload..okay?" She touched my shoulder, again her feelings surged throughout my body. I winced and pulled back from her touch.

"I'm sorry Maggie..."

"Oh, Flo my child...it's okay. You just get yourself better, okay?" She wiped my tears away then leave me and said that she would come back later for my schedule with the psychiatrist.

When Maggie ushered me to his office, I surely didn't expect to find him behind the desk. And by the look on his face, he was also surprised to see me. Maggie introduced me to him, then leave us for our session.

"So, Ms. Patterson..."

"Please it's Flo, Florence just not Patterson," I told him as he scribbled something down on his pad.

"Right, it's Walter for you then...we might as well keep this assessment light." He smiled and started flipping through my files. Then his eyebrow arched and his facial expression sadden.

"Look, this is beyond context. But the last time when we met, I was sure that you can feel me?" He got up from his chair and stood up. He looked at me, then quickly look out his office window. He seemed stressed already.

He must be in his early thirties, but he looked older from all of his burdens.

"I should've fought for you harder, I knew that there was something wrong with you at that bus station." He runs his fingers through his thick hair.

I've never felt it before, but his sadness made me wanted to comfort him. His eyes were deep and his dark expression was framing his handsome face. My toes curled inside my borrowed hospital clogs.

"Florence?" he asked me, taking me back from my thoughts.

"Hmm? Yes sorry...I'm not sure if the police had shared my information with you yet. I'm a clairvoyant. I see things, feel things, it's what put me in this situation. That night, when I accidentally touched you, your sadness overwhelmed me. Thank you for trying though, I should've fought harder also. But..."

"Hey, it's okay...we're here to let you unload, not to put the blame on you." He was about to comfort me with his touch but retrieved his hand back.

"Sorry, it's a habit..." he told me with his deep voice. I never knew that I could be attracted to a man by hearing his voice.

"It's okay, thank you for understanding. So...where should I begin?" I smile at him and tried to lighten up the conversation.

"Florence, this psychological stuff is my study. But it was brought early on by my other ability, I don't know what it's like to be a clairvoyant. But I know what it's like to feel and see things. That night at the station, I can feel that your presence was attracting them." He told me while looking intensively at me.

So I was right... He can sense me, he can see the dead, the spirits...

I was having all the funny feelings inside my heart. I've never felt this, I was suddenly happy.

What is wrong with me?? This man is trying to be professional and help me.

"Look, I have a group outside of this hospital. We usually meet up twice a week. It's for people like you and me, how to cope with the entities. Helping each other to channel our emotions, share our days. We do meditation and other stuff to unload our burden." He gave me his card and wrote down the schedule, and the address for the next meeting.

I took his card and we continued with our session. It was really nice to have someone to listen to all my experiences and let me rant without any judgment from his side. And he was listening to me, as he asked me several questions pertaining to my stories.

Our session ended as Maggie escort me back to my room. We were just getting out of his office and walking along the hospital hallway when there was a commotion in front of us.

Out of nowhere, a woman rammed my body down and got on top of me. She was crazy, but the energy that I felt was truly immense. It was like she was being possessed by a man, a very bad man. I cried as she tried to choke me, I could see her face was changing from her to another, a man's face.

She was screaming when she was pulled off from on top of me, my energy was sucked to hers. Then Walter was by my side. "Maggie, could you get her some water? I'll wait with her." Then she nodded and leave us to get some water after she seated me down on one of the sofas in the waiting area.

"Flo...I'm going to transfer my energy to you, she has sucked you dry. Do you trust me?" He whispered in my ear without touching me. He was careful not to let his body too close to mine, he knows it would drain more of my energy.

"Yes..." That was all I could say to him.

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