Emotion detector system/C3 Emotion detector system
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Emotion detector system/C3 Emotion detector system
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C3 Emotion detector system

Hearing their heavy footsteps fading into the distance, Fulsin opened his eyes which were almost turned to darkness. His bloody hands struggled to catch the heart-shaped necklace on him.

The green-colored necklace now red with blood suddenly was covered by a strange gold light then turned silver and faded away.

"Mom! I'm sorry, I promised you that I would finish school and change our lives but I would not be able to since I'm dying, I wish I could make you happy." He said two drops of tears falling from his bloody face, he closed his eyes and darkness consumed him."

He appeared in a dark space with nothing but darkness, suddenly words appeared before him stunning him.


[ Congratulations host, Emotion detector system detected]

"What is that?"

He wasn't a fan of reading novels, and since he didn't have the time his mind was already occupied by how to help his mom in their situation.

[Binding in progress......99]

[Binding successful ]

[Detected that Host life is currently in danger gift package triggered]

[Ding! Congratulations, do you want to open the package] yes or no

"What are you?" He thought again already confused about how these words appeared before him.

[ To answer the host question, I'm an emotion detector system just like my name implies. I detect people's emotions around you and turn them into points you can use to buy from the system mall]

[Host, you are not in good condition so do you want to open the gift package] Yes or no

"Yes," he said in his mind.

[Congratulations host for obtaining, A Divine pill]

[It is placed directly into the host mouth]

Soon Fulsin felt a cold object miraculously appear and melt on his tongue right away. A second later he felt his entire body burn, he endured all the pain and itchiness for a minute and it all went away. He regained his consciousness sat up on the ground and looked surveying his surroundings it was already dark.

"Shit! My mother will be worried sick, I just hope she isn't already out searching for me," he muttered getting up to dust himself picking up his bag, and running towards the direction of his his apartment just around the neighborhood.

Soon, he was in front of his rundown apartment building which was so old that you would think it was a haunted house. His mother was pacing back and forth with a worried expression.

[Ding! Emotion detected, worry- 10%]

"Mother!" He called to her striding to her side.

"Fulsin, where have you been? I have been worrying sick since I came back from work two hours ago. What kept you so long?" She questioned taking him into her arms.

[Ding! Anxiety - 15%]

You don't have to worry, I forgot to tell you that I was staying for the evening studies since we would be having our monthly test in three days and I need to pass to get the scholarship price from the school next term. He tried to convince her and make her rest assured afraid to trigger her blood pressure.

[Ding! Detected emotion, calmness -5%]

Let's go inside, where is Layla? He asked.

She is upstairs helping cut the vegetables. She responded.

When they enter their small but clean two-bedroom apartment with a small living room of no more than 75 square meters with a small kitchen at the side. He changed his shoes and helped her mother change her shoes before escorting her to their small couch to sit.

"No, I'm going to prepare our dinner," she said getting.

[Ding! Detect, awkwardness - 6%]

"But he pushed her to sit back down, relax Mom, I will make our dinner you must be really tired." He said throwing a reassuring smile at her.

"No, let me, you should go and freshen up, she tried to get up again but he didn't let her."

He made his way to the kitchen, where he found his sister who already finished washing the veggies and cleaning the dishes from breakfast.

"Hey, go and sit with Mother let me make us something fast." He told Layla.

"Hello! Brother, I can help you," she offered.

[Ding! Detect, adoration -20%]

But he rejected her, she could only leave dejectedly.

He ignores all distractions and starts cutting the vegetable.

[Ding! Detect host cutting vegetable, 3 exp points]

He stopped for a moment but continued with the fastest speed since he knew they were hungry since they usually have just two meals a day.

In 45 minutes, he brought out a plate of steaming hot rice with stir-fried vegetables and placed them on the living room table to eat together. He first scooped a big plate of rice and gave it to his mom and did the same for his sister, the little left he ate it.

Before he finished everything and had his bath it was already half past 9, he lay on his bed.

"System!" He called out with his thoughts.

[Yes, host]

"What did say is your purpose? He questioned."

[Host, I'm an emotion detector system. I detect people's emotions around you and give you experience points for every work you do with your energy, turn them into points you can use to buy from the system mall]

"Ohh, where is the mall? He inquired."

[Just think about the system interface and it would appear]

"System interface." He thought and a bunch of words appeared in his consciousness.

System interface:

Host: Fulsin Darknight

Age: 16

Race: Human


Strength - 3

Agility - 2

Ability - 2

Intelligence - 15

Charm - 3

Luck - 5

Exp points: 20

Emo points:46/100

Current subjects:

Mathematics: Lvl 1[5/50]

English: Lvl 1 [5/50]

Biology: Lvl 1 [5/50]

Physics: Lvl 1[5/50]

Chemistry: Lvl 1[5/50]

Language: Lvl 1[5/50 ]

Literature: Lvl 1 [5/50]

Art: Lvl 1 [15/50]

Mission:[ random, basic, intermediate, master, special, gold]

System mall: Lvl 1 [ activate, yes or no]



Photographic memory - 50 exp points

Ability to appraise - 75 exp points.

Strength increases by 5 - 40 exp points

New chapter is coming soon
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