Under the cover of the night, only annoying shouts could be heard. The man in red robes was leaning against the dragon bed, while the devilish man was waiting on one side.

Suddenly, a heavy sound rang out.

The red-robed man's chest was covered in blood, while the enchanting man was pressed down with a large word in the middle.

The red robed man looked towards the gigantic object that was descending from the sky.

Unexpectedly, it was a woman.

Hot. So hot. Damn it, how could she be so unlucky? Just which damnable person planted an aphrodisiac in her tea?

She knew it was that lustful director.

The last time he told her to take it off, she wouldn't do it.

That's right, she was just an unpopular celebrity, but at least she had her own moral integrity. She would rather be a minor star than be taken advantage of by those disgusting directors.

"Ah, what is this place? The scene doesn't seem right. Uh, hey, handsome boy, are you an actor with my partner? "Aiyo, what is this? It's so troublesome."

Jin Xiaoai had to exert a lot of strength to finally move the "corpse" away. Her charming face was flushed, and she stared fixedly at the slightly angry man in front of her.

She smiled sweetly. There were two dimples at the corner of his mouth.

"Aiyo, since you're handsome, then just say it earlier." Even if it's just a movie, I'll accept it. "

With that said, Jin Xiaoai boldly pounced towards the handsome guy.

Her bright red lips were pressed down.

The red clothed man frowned.

However, when this woman wrapped herself around his body, he actually reacted.

"Handsome, you smell so good."

"Wow, this is good. Hehe, the director has put in a lot of effort this time. Handsome, don't blame me. It's just an act, but I have no reason to refuse such a beautiful girl like you in front of me, right? Come, come, come. I will be very gentle, very gentle! "

This... This is... What and what?

"Ah ?"

His exclamation was swallowed up by her.

The next day, all the palace servants saw a man with an ashen face appearing in the royal study. Several eunuchs and palace maids on duty fell to their knees.

"Listen carefully, no matter what method you use, you must find that woman from yesterday!"

"Have you heard? The Wind and Moon Listening Pavilion has been pushed out. "

"Really? That place requires a lot of money, who would actually have such a large sum of money?"

"I don't know, but it's said that there's a special surprise when the new Wind and Moon Listening Pavilion opens today."

"Surprise? What surprise?"

"How would I know?"


The people on the streets were all discussing about the Wind and Moon Listening Pavilion.

Wind and Moon Listening Pavilion was the biggest romantic place in the capital.

The characteristic of this place is that not only men can go there, but also women can go there.

There were beauties here, and also devilish officers.

This was the biggest gold selling place in the capital.

It was said that the royal clan was also participating in this place. However, this was all because the rumors did not get the exact information.

Such an impressive place like this was actually bought, which naturally made people a few more curious.

However, this was good, the Wind and Moon Listening Pavilion had already been closed for half a month, and now it was finally about to reopen, revealing the true identity of the mysterious person.

Wind and Moon Listening Pavilion ?

He wore a golden robe that dragged the floor along with a ingot bun on his head, as well as a golden hairpin on his head.

The waiter passed the custom-made mini golden abacus to Jin Xiaoai, who took a quick look and was very satisfied with the little thing.

"Very well, let's go down first." "I have instructed the various departments to prepare this evening's opening ceremony well."

"Yes, yes, yes, shopkeeper, please take a good look." In the capital, there is absolutely no one who can surpass us. "

The waiter's words weren't exaggerated at all. He promised those people that once they saw their performance here, they would never think of leaving again.

Sigh, their shopkeeper really does have ability, otherwise, he wouldn't have the ability to lay down his Wind and Moon Listening Pavilion.

In the middle of the night, the Wind and Moon Listening Pavilion gate opened and huge fireworks were ignited at the entrance. The capital had not been so lively in many years. The fireworks looked even better than those in the palace.

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