Emperor's Forbidden Love/C1 Your Majesty How Heartless
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Emperor's Forbidden Love/C1 Your Majesty How Heartless
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C1 Your Majesty How Heartless

In the winter of the twenty-third year of the Calendar, ten o'clock.

The sky was misty, and the palace was silent. A desolate aura of Death started to spread from the Palace of Spring. A man wearing a noble dragon robe sat on Qingtan's wooden chair as he casually looked at the incense burner beside him. Green smoke rose from the burner and disappeared into the air.

The man's face was handsome and his eyebrows were extremely sharp. However, the slightly raised peach blossom eyes under his brows softened his features. His nose was high, which made his face look deeper. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, which made people even more uncertain about his attitude.

The man was surrounded by a black mass of people kneeling on the ground. They were trembling on the ground and didn't dare to breathe.

The Qi Country's emperor had only been in power for two years. Although it had only been a short period of time, and his foundation was not very stable, no one dared to look down on his methods. He had not been chosen to succeed the throne by the late emperor, but two years ago he had been seized by a sudden illness, and he had made all the preparations with lightning speed. After ruthlessly punishing a few of his subjects, the Qi Country could be considered to have temporarily settled down.

The palace was completely silent. After a while, the emperor narrowed his eyes and chuckled, "Heh... This incense burner is not bad."

The leader of the kneeling men was a woman. As soon as the emperor spoke, she broke out in a cold sweat and knelt down without saying a word, "I deserve to die! I know my mistake! I..."

"So noisy." Qi Jingyu opened his mouth and looked over with a smile that was not a smile, "Did I let you speak?"

There was clearly not a single trace of anger in the Emperor's voice, but the woman's body was trembling even more violently. She tried so hard to hold back her tears. [What a poor girl. If anybody else saw her, they would definitely push her into the bed.]

However, Qi Jingyu was not an ordinary person. To be able to become the emperor of a country, his methods were far more terrifying than the women in the harem. He waved his hand, and two guards came in, "Send her to Fragrance Pavilion."


The woman was instantly stunned, as if she had been struck dumb. Fragrance Pavilion! That was a place of flowers and willow! After all, he had been husband and wife with her before, but he was actually so heartless!


The guard bowed and pulled the woman down. Qi Jingyu turned his head, no longer looking at the woman, and ignored her incredulous gaze.

"Decai, seal this." Qi Jingyu said lightly, his tone calm, "Keep an eye on these people, don't let them play any tricks. Return to the Imperial study."

Decai was a eunuch who had followed him for many years. If not for him, Qi Jingyu probably would not have lived until now. Therefore, Decai was also Qi Jingyu's trusted aide and was absolutely trustworthy.

"Yes." Decai, who was at the side, replied. Seeing the Emperor stand up, Decai immediately waved his hand, and the maids and guards followed. Only ten people remained to seal the palace.

When he returned to the imperial study, the maidservants had already retreated, and the guards stood respectfully outside the door. Qi Jingyu walked straight behind the desk, picked up a memorial and started flipping through it.

One by one, the memorials were randomly placed down, but the smile on the Emperor's face became even more evil, "What a good silver taels is not enough..."

Before Qi Jingyu could finish his words, Decai, who had appeared beside him at some point, bowed slightly and said respectfully in a low voice, "Your Majesty, Lord Fu... He has been kneeling in front of the court for a long time. "

Lord Fu...

Qi Jingyu raised his head slightly and happened to see that the man's always unchanging brows were slightly furrowed. He lowered his head and looked respectful.

Qi Jingyu's eyes lit up with interest, "Lord Fu... Do you know what's wrong?"

Lord Fu, Fu Xiyuan, 16 years old, official rank five, Official - Historian.

His personality was just as stubborn as his father, Fu Shenghua. He wrote everything he said, didn't he know some secrets?!

He had thought that he had gotten rid of Fu Shenghua, but who would have thought that another Fu Xiyuan would come! He had even surpassed him. At least, Fu Shenghua would not have written in the history books that the emperor went to the toilet a few times and had a few concubines!

When he thought of this, Qi Jingyu felt that Fu Xiyuan's kneeling for such a short while was really not enough for him to teach him a lesson, but to give a subject a scare for nothing - even the subject's position was that of a historian - he had to think it over carefully, or else he would have to write down in the history books how long it took him to make love!

"Please rise." Qi Jingyu said, "Today is a busy day, and I have momentarily forgotten about my beloved subject. Decai, go and add a cushion to Minister Fu."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Fu Xiyuan bowed and retreated behind the curtain. The moment the curtain was pulled back, Qi Jingyu saw that Fu Xiyuan had already arranged the ink, ink, paper, and ink, and was even ready to start writing.

Sure enough, as soon as the curtain was completely drawn, the sound of grinding ink softly echoed throughout the imperial study, causing Qi Jingyu's temples to throb with the word 'well'.

The smile he always wore became a little fierce. Qi Jingyu walked down from behind the desk, walked around the curtain, and stood behind Fu Xiyuan, looking at the pen in his hand.

"In the winter of the twenty-third year of the Calendar, at three quarters of an hour, His Majesty asked, 'Do you know your wrongs...'"

A slightly magnetic voice sounded above his head, causing Fu Xiyuan's body to stiffen for a moment. He subconsciously wanted to block it, but when he remembered his duty, he straightened his body again. Because the emperor was right behind him, his handwriting became even more elegant.

Qi Jingyu felt that if he stayed with Fu Xiyuan any longer, he would be driven mad by him. His personality was like a stone in a latrine, smelly and hard!

Qi Jingyu's face subconsciously smiled, he turned his head and walked back behind the desk. He picked up the pen and gripped the handle, afraid that he would call the guards in the next moment and give the little historian a hundred or eighty lashes!

Under Qi Jingyu's endless patience, a peaceful morning finally passed. At noon, the maidservants served about twelve dishes in succession. After Qi Jingyu sat down on the table, he picked up the crucible and tasted the delicious dishes.

"One knot... Two knot... "

Two or three words floated out from an inconspicuous corner, causing Qi Jingyu's forehead to twitch again. He endured the anger in his heart that was about to burst out, the corner of his mouth curled into a smile, a gentle smile, "Minister Fu? Are you tired of counting?"

Fu Xiyuan said with a wooden face, "Your Majesty, this subject is not tired."

Qi Jingyu,... "" What should he do? He really wanted to drag him out and beat him up!

"Is it done?" Qi Jingyu clenched the crucible in his hand tightly.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Fu Xiyuan replied.

"Go, bring it over for me to take a look." Qi Jingyu nodded his chin, indicating to Decai.

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