Emperor's Forbidden Love/C14 Your Majesty No Bed Is Summoned
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Emperor's Forbidden Love/C14 Your Majesty No Bed Is Summoned
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C14 Your Majesty No Bed Is Summoned

In order to ensure that Fu Xiyuan, who had just woken up and was in a daze, would not fall off his horse, Qi Jingyu had to offer up his own chest. Fortunately, Qi Jingyu had confirmed that he still loved women, so the journey back to the palace was still rather smooth.

As it was a mini patrol, Qi Jingyu felt a headache when he returned to the palace and looked at the memorials to the Manlong Case. Not long after Qi Jingyu finished changing into his dragon robe and sat on the dragon throne, there was another rustling sound from behind a screen on the side.

Qi Jingyu always felt that Fu Xiyuan was not the same person in front and behind him. He could even imagine how Fu Xiyuan looked when he was recording history. He must have a serious and serious expression on his face. However, at that time, Fu Xiyuan, who had stuffed a mouthful of fruits into his mouth, looked even cuter...

If not for Fu Xiyuan's problem, Qi Jingyu felt that he would have been sick, and not lightly either.

After patrolling for a few days, he had already accumulated a lot of memorials. And because of Fu Xiyuan, those memorials could really bury Qi Jingyu.

As a result, Qi Jingyu quickly threw himself into the memorials. As for the 'Shua Shua' sound beside his ear, it was only an accompaniment.

"Your Majesty?"

"Your Majesty..."

Suddenly, Decai's voice woke up Qi Jingyu, who was immersed in the memorial, "Your Majesty, it's time for dinner."

It was time for dinner?

Qi Jingyu subconsciously glanced outside the palace door. The sky was dark, and the fragrance lingered on the tip of his nose. He thought it was Decai's dinner, but then Qi Jingyu realized that Fu Xiyuan had a roasted chicken hidden in his arms.

No, to be exact, it should be called a chicken. He had eaten it when he was starving when he was young. Decai had risked half his life to get it from the Imperial Kitchen, which left a deep impression on him.

A familiar smell filled his nostrils. Qi Jingyu looked at Decai and realized that Decai's gaze was actually fixed on Fu Xiyuan...

Sure enough, Decai was the one who called the beggar's chicken. Qi Jingyu thought silently, and when he looked at the two again, Qi Jingyu inexplicably saw a trace of father and son affection.

This was truly a matter that made people angrier the more they thought about it...

The corner of Qi Jingyu's mouth twitched, and he opened his mouth to say, "Is the food that Minister Fu eats called beggar's chicken? What a familiar taste."

Fu Xiyuan was holding a pen in one hand and a chicken in the other. He was stuck that night and didn't know how to write at all. The king suddenly spoke, scaring Fu Xiyuan so much that he almost threw the beggar's chicken out.

Seeing that the emperor's attention was on the beggar's chicken, Fu Xiyuan carefully looked at Decai, hoping that Decai would give him a little hint. However, Decai continued to look straight ahead as if Fu Xiyuan did not exist.

Fu Xiyuan was about to despair. Why was Eunuch Decai useless at the critical moment?!

Fu Xiyuan looked at the beggar's chicken in his hand, gently raised it, and said carefully,... "For you to eat?"

Qi Jingyu looked at the beggar's chicken that had been bitten by Fu Xiyuan to the point that its appearance could not be seen, the corner of his mouth twitched, and he walked away without thinking.

Fu Xiyuan actually thought that he would eat the food he had eaten before?

Heh, naive.

After dinner, the eunuch in the honorific room raised a plate of green head medallions above his head and respectfully knelt in front of Qi Jingyu. A row of familiar and unfamiliar names was neatly placed in front of him. When Qi Jingyu saw Imperial Consort Jin's name, the corner of his mouth curled up in amusement.

Originally, he wanted to call the Imperial Consort Jin to sleep with him, but then he remembered that he had thrown all the secret guards to train the new recruits. With a headache, he could only ask the eunuch in the infirmary to take down the green head, "I have been busy with government affairs recently."

The eunuch could only leave resentfully. Qi Jingyu turned his head slightly and saw the surprise that Fu Xiyuan had not had the time to hide.

What? It seemed that in front of Fu Xiyuan, this official, he had always been a licentious tyrant?

Otherwise, why would Fu Xiyuan think that he looked like a fool when he didn't call anyone to sleep with him?

Qi Jingyu snorted softly. Fu Xiyuan could not hear the emotion hidden in Qi Jingyu's tone. He could only obediently lower his head and remember. That night, Fu Xiyuan still did not know how to record it. As long as he thought about it, his face would flush red.

He was simply making things difficult for the historian!

Therefore, when Qi Jingyu raised his head for the nth time after burying the memorial, Fu Xiyuan still had a red face. Qi Jingyu raised his eyebrows slightly and gave Decai a look. Decai walked forward to take a look, then walked back and repeated it to Qi Jingyu without changing his expression.

"I wonder how to write before I leave the capital?"

Qi Jingyu raised his eyebrows slightly, as his curiosity was piqued by Decai's words. Moving his noble dragon butt, he walked behind Fu Xiyuan and took a look.

At this time, Fu Xiyuan had just written about the scene of Qi Jingyu drinking tea after he entered the Fragrance Pavilion to ask questions, and he did not write anymore. The ink from before had all dried up. It was obvious that Fu Xiyuan had been stuck here for a long time.

Qi Jingyu almost sneered, how could he write that? From the looks of it, Fu Xiyuan seemed to be planning to write down their entire process, even him, so it was no wonder he hadn't written for a long time.

But who could be blamed? In the past, no one had ever recorded the emperor's bed, let alone the emperor's bed!

Not planning to bother with Fu Xiyuan, Qi Jingyu returned the history book to him and walked back to his throne to continue his memorial.

When Qi Jingyu was almost done with the memorial, it was already the middle of the night. Qi Jingyu forcefully wiped his face to wake himself up. Fu Xiyuan was already sleeping on the table. Qi Jingyu walked towards the side hall and said, "Let Lord Fu rest on the feet of the side hall."

Decai looked at Fu Xiyuan, who was sleeping soundly on the table, and called out to him.

Fu Xiyuan grinned foolishly at Decai before following Qi Jingyu into the side hall.

Aiyo, Lord Fu is really pitiful. His feet were so small that Lord Fu must not have slept well. His Majesty did not even want Lord Fu to sleep well. He tried all kinds of methods to torment Lord Fu, wanting Lord Fu to make a fool of himself. He did not know where Lord Fu got the strength to record everything word by word, which annoyed His Majesty.

Decai clicked his tongue a few times, then skillfully entered a state of self annoyance.

Although Lord Fu was very pitiful, he usually slept on foot! Where would he sleep tonight?!

When Qi Jingyu woke up the next day, the sky was as dark as ever. After washing up, Qi Jingyu got up to eat breakfast. After everything was ready, the morning assembly began.

After the morning assembly ended, Qi Jingyu and Decai prepared to go to the Imperial Garden to relax. At this time, Qi Jingyu noticed that Fu Xiyuan had disappeared.

"Your Majesty, Lord Fu was called back this morning by a letter from his father." Decai said with a bow.

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