"No, that's not it. What I mean is, how could someone appear in the buddhist hall!" Gu Ling Hua's forehead was covered in sweat. No matter how smart she was, he was still a child.

Just that, the suspicions of the Gu Family Lord and the rest were not something that she could erase with a word or two.

"Father, I'll send my little sister back to rest first." Gu Ling Shu said.

The Gu Family Lord hesitated for a moment before finally nodding his head. After all, even if something like this happened, it would be impossible to request for Gu Ling Xue to continue her confinement.

Speaking from a certain point of view, Gu Ling Xue had truly picked up a big bargain.

Gu Ling Shu escorted Gu Ling Xue all the way back to her courtyard. Perhaps it was because of her brother, but the original owner did not live in a remote and old place like she had imagined. She lived in a small courtyard to the south.

Trash wouldn't be favored anywhere, even if the original owner had a genius brother.

"I will help you explain to the family head, rest well." Gu Ling Shu said.

As Gu Ling Xue leaned on the bed, she was fine, although Gu Ling Shu's concern was unnecessary, but she did not dislike her big brother.

"However, three days from now, Peach Blossom Banquet will ?" Gu Ling Shu wanted to say something but hesitated, "Whatever, if you are not willing to go, brother will help you reject it."

Peach Blossom Banquet? Gu Ling Xue paused for a moment, only then was she able to get a rough idea of the situation from the original owner's memories.

The Peach Blossom Banquet was an annual banquet organized by the Queen, and it was not like the original owner had never gone there. It was just that after being humiliated for the first time, he had never gone there again.

All these years, it had been Gu Ling Shu who had blocked the invitation for him. The original owner understood that he would make his brother look bad, but he could only resent himself for being so powerless. But now, she was no longer the Gu Ling Xue of the past ?

"I'll go."

The straightforward female voice stunned Gu Ling Shu for a moment.

He frowned slightly. "Xiao Xue, don't force yourself."

"Big brother, don't worry." Gu Ling Xue mumbled these few dry words, "I won't make things difficult for you."

"But ?"

"There's no need to speak any further, big brother. Believe me, I'm no longer the same as before." Gu Ling Xue's eyes were filled with unquestionable perseverance. This was something the original owner had never felt before, a confidence that shone brilliantly, and he was in high spirits.

Trust her? Fine.

"Alright." Gu Ling Shu said this word as he almost sighed. He rubbed his little sister's head.

Gu Ling Xue subconsciously wanted to dodge, but she quickly suppressed it.

As for the Peach Blossom Banquet ?

A shrewd look flashed across Gu Ling Xue's eyes, and she decided to just wait and see.

? ?.

Time flew by and three days passed by in a flash.

Peach Blossom Banquet.

In the imperial palace, there were piles of glazed tiles, and hundreds of birds were squabbling as they were carved on the eaves. The long corridor outside the hall was filled with the chirping of hundreds of flowers. It was a dazzling sight to behold.

The ladies were all gathered together. One of them was a young girl dressed in delicate pink clothes. She wore a smile on her face, but it was unable to conceal the arrogance she had.

This man was Gu Ling Hua.

"Painting, is your sister here again?" A yellow robed young lady laughed and said, "However, that's true. She will only lose face if she comes."

"An Ran, don't say that. No matter what, she is my little sister." Gu Ling Hua sighed softly.

"You are just a good-natured person. Don't you ever think about what qualifications a good-for-nothing like her has to become a direct descendant to bully you?" Young Miss Xia An Ran's face was filled with scorn, "She relied on her power to bully others, it was only in front of you. If I saw her, I would have definitely made her kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness."

"Stop talking, she's my sister, it's only right for me to be her sister." Although Gu Ling Hua seemed gentle and tactfully advised him, she was actually extremely pleased with herself in her heart.

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