Does this trash really think he can injure me? Chang An snickered, "You don't have to worry about that. I've already talked about the competition, I understand. As long as it is not death, I will not blame you. "

"Since the princess has said so, I am relieved." Gu Ling Xue laughed, "After all, a useless trash like me will eventually have something to take care of."

It was clearly the most ordinary smile, but it gave Chang An a strange feeling.

That was probably ? Illusion.

"Since Second Miss Gu has agreed, then I won't say anymore. Let's go down and change clothes." Chang An said.

Gu Ling Hua looked at the two of them in hatred. Why, why did everyone's attention become attracted to that trash?

She clearly knew that Gu Ling Xue would definitely not win, but she didn't understand why. She felt an unprecedented feeling of panic in the bottom of her heart, which made her feel uneasy and she almost couldn't breathe.

No, absolutely not!

"Painting, what happened to you?" Xia An Ran looked at his good friend in confusion.

"No, nothing, I just have a bad feeling about this." Gu Ling Hua said softly, "I am just worried, what if Ling Xue is determined to win and does something he shouldn't do ?"

Before he finished speaking, Xia An Ran was already thinking in the direction he wanted. She nodded and said, "You're right. After all, with your sister's character, who knows what kind of crazy things she would do? "Don't worry, I'll handle this."

"But ?"

"There's nothing much to say, but if we anger the princess, that would not be good! I'll be a burden to you! " Xia An Ran spoke sincerely and earnestly.

Gu Ling Hua seemed to nod her head helplessly, no one noticed the calculations that flashed in her eyes.

Gu Ling Xue, I will definitely not let you have any chance to win!

A quarter of an hour later, they had changed into their riding gear.

Gu Ling Xue was naturally good-looking. Her long hair, which was originally combed into a complicated hairstyle, had been tied into the simplest ponytail.

A servant led a horse over, Gu Ling Xue held the bow and arrow in one hand and the reins in the other, the pure white horse matched well with the beautiful girl, it was really pleasing to watch.

From afar, it was enough to make the young girl blush.

What a good horse... Knowing that Princess Chang An definitely wouldn't lay a trap for him on the surface, Gu Ling Xue couldn't help but exclaim in admiration as he looked at the shiny fur. Suddenly, her gaze froze, and then she ran her fingers through the horse hair as if no one was around.

"Time is up." She rode a red horse, and she was just as aggressive.

It was as if just the aura alone was enough to suppress Gu Ling Xue.

Gu Ling Xue agreed as she climbed onto the horse with her hands and feet on the ground. Her clumsy appearance caused a wave of ridicule.

Chang An watched everything with ridicule. It seemed that this Gu Ling Xue was indeed a trash.

Then, what was he worried about?

The imperial family was indeed the royal family. The horse farm was as big as a few modern football fields. At a glance, one would not be able to see the end of it.

"When everything's over, do you understand?" Chang An looked at her arrogantly.

Gu Ling Xue nodded her head, holding onto the bow and arrow tightly.

She used a special bow used by women, it was small and light, even someone as weak as Gu Ling Xue would be able to hold on for a while.

"Giddy up!"

Chang An shouted. At the same time, a long arrow flew out!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Gu Ling Xue shouted in panic as she whipped her horse's reins to dodge the attack.

It was actually dodged by this piece of trash! Chang An's eyes revealed a stern look. He raised his whip and sped up his pace, charging towards the people not far away with absolute speed.


Another arrow.

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