"Little girl, are you questioning my ability?" Ye Ji seemed to be somewhat wronged, his usually light and carefree voice carried a peculiar tone that caused Gu Ling Xue to uncontrollably feel goosebumps all over his body.

The royal family's Treasure Vault... Gu Ling Xue rubbed her hands together in excitement. She had never thought that she would commit such a crime not long after she had reincarnated into this world.

She had once learned a few moves from a friend who stole from a god. Other than being unable to get the country's secrets due to her lack of martial arts, there really wasn't anything else that she couldn't get her hands on.

No one noticed the flash of a black figure in the air. In just a few breaths of time, Gu Ling Xue had already pried open the door to the pavilion.

The attic was very large, with layers upon layers that reached up to three stories high. In the center of the first floor, rows of bookshelves were neatly arranged in the shape of a 'mouth'.

In the middle of the bookshelves, there was a large spell formation with a floor embedded in it. It was similar to the Yin Yang Circles that Gu Ling Xue had seen before, as if they were made of gold, and reflected an unusual light in the darkness.

"Little girl, third floor."

Without hesitation, Gu Ling Xue ran around the bookshelves and rushed up the stairs.

Compared to the width of the first floor, the third floor was clearly much smaller. However, there was only one room in this huge space. There were two majestic stone lions standing next to the door that was carved with flowers in the sky. The lions were baring their teeth in a dignified manner.

Just as Gu Ling Xue was about to extend her hand out, she heard Ye Ji shout, "Careful!"

At the same time, her fingers had already been lifted to the door, and in the next second, some kind of force began to ripple and eject her directly out of the room!

Fortunately, Gu Ling Xue's reaction was extremely fast, sshe quickly reached out and grabbed the handle of the stairs, and with a tap of her feet, he landed on the ground and stabilized herself:

"What's going on?"

"Little girl, do you really think that it's that easy to steal the imperial penthouse? Usually, in this kind of place, someone with powerful mana will be found and set up a formation. "

Gu Ling Xue's face fell. She did not have any spirit energy of her own, so what should she do now?

"Little girl, extend your hand."

Gu Ling Xue opened his palm, a pale golden light spread out from the storage ring, little by little, it condensed into a huge ball of light, enveloping his entire palm.

Once again, she placed her palm on the door. Immediately, waves rippled like a rock hitting the water, causing ripples.

A slight shattering sound could be heard as the invisible force dispersed into a few water pillars.

Gu Ling Xue was a little dazed. If what Ye Ji had said was true, then this was definitely a strong seal. Then, how strong was he, who could so easily help her break this seal?

But how could such a strong person be sealed?

Gu Ling Xue only hesitated for a moment before recovering.

What they saw was an empty building. The only thing inside was a wooden box floating in the air.

Gu Ling Xue was afraid that she would be kicked out again, hence she hesitated to step outside.

"Tsk, you don't trust me?"

Ye Ji's words made Gu Ling Xue's footsteps pause slightly, following that, her expression turned cold, and with a tap of her feet, she arrived near the wooden box.

Gu Ling Xue's body lightly swayed, and the wooden box that was originally floating in midair entered her hands.

Whirling the wooden box in his hand, Gu Ling Xue didn't feel anything special about it.

He carefully observed what appeared to be an ordinary jewel box with gold lining. However, the touch coming from his fingertips and the faint blue light that lingered around the wooden box added to the mystery of the box.

Just at this time, suddenly, the sound of footsteps that were both distant and close to him sounded out, causing Gu Ling Xue's body to tighten.

"Heh." Ye Ji chuckled, his smile was rather thought-provoking.

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