Gu Ling Xue's brows furrowed, her hands did not hesitate at all as she fiercely opened the wooden box, but a beam of extremely strong light forced her to narrow her eyes.

The fructus monkshood s were placed neatly in a wooden box.

Gu Ling Xue could still smell the medicinal fragrance that lingered at the tip of her nose. After taking a deep breath, she felt that the medicinal smell had shocked her mind, and felt that her body was filled with energy, feeling extremely comfortable.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at the fructus monkshood with an even more surprised expression.


A loud sound rang out, causing Gu Ling Xue's eyebrows to go cold.

Wu Luo, who had kicked the door open, squinted his eyes dangerously.

Gu Ling Xue formed a smile that was not a smile, and immediately threw the fructus monkshood into her mouth the moment Wu Luo ran over. She did not have enough time to chew it, and immediately swallowed it.

Gu Ling Xue's provocative actions caused Wu Luo's body to suddenly tense up.

In the next second, Gu Ling Xue sensed a burst of Spirit Qi rushing towards her with unstoppable speed.

"Little girl, are you still not leaving? This man is not someone you can handle. "

Gu Ling Xue pursed her lips, turned and dodged the attack, but just as she was about to rush to the door, Wu Luo appeared right in front of her, effortlessly grabbing onto her neck.

"You overestimate yourself."

Wu Luo's thin lips slightly parted, and just as he finished her words, Gu Ling Xue felt a cold feeling slowly spread under his feet.

She gritted her teeth, and in a moment she had grabbed onto Wu Luo's tigers, and then used her strength to break free from his imprisonment.

In a few seconds, she had escaped from Wu Luo's grasp.

Wu Luo was shocked by the black clothed female's brute strength. When he came back to his senses, he saw that her toes pushed off and her entire body was engulfed by the darkness.

In the dark night, Gu Ling Xue's aura had already started to become chaotic, and she only felt that her five visceras and six organs were beginning to burn.

But she bit her lower lip, not wanting to make herself slow down at all, not sure if Wu Luo would catch up or not.

"Little girl, you are taking too much risk. How can you just swallow the fructus monkshood directly? You have to know, that fructus monkshood is not something that ordinary people can digest, furthermore, you do not have any Spirit Qi. "

Ye Ji's voice did not carry any emotion, so if one listened carefully, they would be able to hear a bit of a smile.

Gu Ling Xue did not care about her, the discomfort of her body was stimulating her nerves, and her brain started working quickly.

Right now, the Gu Family would definitely not be able to return, she suddenly did not know where to go.

Ye Ji's power was already well-established in Gu Ling Xue's heart, but she, who always had a strong sense of self-esteem, definitely would not ask him to help his.

Gu Ling Xue only felt the scenery in front of her eyes gradually becoming blurry, and the strength in her body gradually being drained.

"Not only is she not obedient, she is also very stubborn."

His light laughter made Gu Ling Xue's consciousness gradually grow dimmer. In the next second, Gu Ling Xue felt that his lower abdomen had become extremely hot, as if there was raging fire raging in his body.

What was in his Dantian!

"What's going on?!"

The sudden scorching sensation caused Gu Ling Xue to recover from her shock in an instant.

He had originally thought that no matter how precious the fructus monkshood was, it would only be a medicinal herb in the end. He never thought that it would have such a huge impact in her body!

Ye Ji suddenly lost his voice, his heart trembling, a place flashed past his mind, and then he turned and ran at full speed towards the forest where he first met Ye Ji.

The longer it was, the lighter Gu Ling Xue felt her head felt.

"Tsk, what a stubborn mouth."

As soon as Ye Ji finished speaking, Gu Ling Xue felt his body go limp as he plummeted down towards the ground.

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