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Ye Qingli walked down the mountain, heading for the bottom of the mountain.

She didn't notice that in the deep night. A quiet and luxurious carriage was parked silently.

The curtains parted slightly.

Deep within the carriage, a pair of eyes that were as dark as the night swept over Ye Qingli's body.

There were more than ten guards by the side of the carriage. They wore the same clothes as the night, and like ghosts, they hid in the depths of the night.

One of them lowered his head, "Master, should we finish her off?"

"No, she didn't see us."

The curtains were drawn and the man's cold voice was heard.

He said in a voice that no one could hear, "She has a pair of eyes that are similar to mufei's ?"

? ?.

The gongs and drums resounded in the sky, and the firecrackers roared in unison.

At the other manor outside the city, there was the wedding of the young miss of the Ye family.

It was said that the Old Mistress of the Ye Residence had contracted an illness. In order to avoid a clash of bloodlust, she moved the wedding location to the manor.

Now, the ceremony was very grand!

The dowry was constantly being lifted out of the manor like flowing water. There was no rest at all.

Many people had already gathered around to watch the show.

As for some young ladies who were in love with the spring, their gazes were all focused on the groom, Mo Nan, who was riding a big horse.

The bridal sedan was about to be carried out the door.

At this time, a skinny maid servant struggled to break free of the two women's restraints and rushed towards the bridal sedan. He shouted, "Miss, I am Little He. Why don't you meet me? You shouldn't have called me out?"

She was Ye Qingli's personal maid, Little He, and was inseparable from her.

However, she hadn't seen the young mistress since last night.

All around the Miss were the mama sent by Madam Guo.

There must be something odd about it!

She desperately rushed towards the bridal sedan, but was immediately caught by a few large and sturdy women.

The Guo mama walked over to her side and said coldly, "What are you, a little bitch, doing here on a day of great celebration?"

She raised her hand. "Pah!"

He heavily slapped Little He's face.

Little He was knocked to the ground with a slap. She staggered and begged, "Momo, let me see Miss, I'm begging you ?"

Guo mama snorted from her nostrils and kicked her heavily on the shoulder, sending her flying two to three meters away.

At this moment, the woman in the bridal sedan impatiently said, "What are you waiting for, mama? I'm going to miss the timing!"

Guo mama rushed over and screamed, "Get up the palanquin!"

He carried the palanquin out of the room. Little He felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse.

That was clearly the voice of the Second Miss!

The young miss had been taken away by them, and the one who replaced her to marry was actually the Second Miss!

No one paid any attention to her. She ran out.

She wanted to return to the manor and tell the old master!

With great difficulty, Miss finally had the chance to escape from the fire pit. She couldn't let these people kill her!

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