After all, on the day of Gu Ling Xue's and Lin Shu Han's wedding, Gu Ling Xue had escaped the wedding. In the end, he had actually found her in the forest.

"In short, our Lin Family cannot afford such a daughter-in-law." Lin Family's Patriarch spoke, his eyes was also filled with contempt following his words, "Moreover, do you need me to bring up Second Miss's reputation?"

"Oh? Lin Family's way of doing things is really worse than seeing once in a hundred years, you truly live up to your name! "

A clear female voice sounded, causing all the people present to turn around and look at the late arriving young girl with bewildered expressions.

This was ? Gu Ling Xue?

If Gu Ling Xue was just a fish in a quagmire, everyone would avoid him. Then, the her in front of him right now could be said to be ? She was full of vigor.

She wore a long skirt that outlined the young girl's outline. The bright yellow color made her skin appear even whiter and more delicate. The face that used to have thick makeup on was now extremely clean. Its peach blossom eyes appeared, and its young and tender facial features had yet to be opened. However, it had already begun to show its elegance.

Even his eyes, which had once been filled with a dazed look, were now peaceful and calm.

"Ling Xue?" Gu Ling Shu looked at her new little sister and actually felt that she was an unfamiliar person.

Gu Ling Xue nodded at him, then turned his head and walked into the group with exquisite lotus steps.

"Gu Ling Xue?" Lin Shu Han was startled, since when did this trash become such a state?

Unexpectedly, it was so dazzling that people couldn't take their eyes off it.

"It's my honor to have Young Master Lin remember my name." Gu Ling Xue let out a light laugh, and her gaze landed on Lin Shu Han's body.

"If I'm not wrong, then the reason that Young Master Lin came today was to end the engagement?"

"It seems that Miss Gu still knows her own limitations." Lin Shu Han retracted his thoughts, and maintained his smile on his face as usual.

"Withdrawal, hur hur." Gu Ling Xue suddenly laughed out, "Think about it, the world is big, and the most shameless people are your Lin Family!"

Withdrawal of the marriage? To think that Lin Shu Han could even say that out loud!

Did she really think that she did not know about what had happened that day?

Gu Ling Xue sneered again and again. The original owner in his memories loved Lin Shu Han deeply, so how could such a passionate girl run away to get married on the day of the wedding?

"Miss Gu, since you already know why I'm here, I'll go straight to the point." Lin Shu Han waved his long sleeve and a piece of yellow paper floated down from it.

On the paper, two words were written in ink.

The divorce papers.

"Lin Shu Han, what do you mean!" Gu Ling Shu could no longer sit still. Even his usually silent face had a hint of anger, "Today, if you don't give me a clear explanation, don't even think about leaving the Gu Family by half a step!"

"Young Master Gu, I don't think I need to say more about your sister's reputation." The patriarch of Lin Family took the initiative to speak.

"Lin Family Lord's words are reasonable." Gu Ling Shu spoke out a prophecy, only to see a hand blocking in front of him. Gu Ling Xue stared at Lin Shu Han with his beautiful eyes, his lips curved in a cold line, "Just that, I still remember our rules."

"If you want to end the engagement, you can often propose to the strong, which is to say..." Gu Ling Xue reached out her hand and pointed her slender finger at the tip of her nose. "If I'm stronger than you, I can propose to end the engagement, right?"

"Then, Lin Shu Han, I want to challenge you."

As these words were spoken, the four of them were shocked.

Who was Gu Ling Xue? The well-known trash in the city! And now, this trash was actually challenging the famous genius Lin Shu Han?

"Little sister, stop messing around!" A sweet voice unique to a young girl rang out. Looking around, it was a young girl dressed in pink. "This matter is your fault. You should know your wrongs and repent!"

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