In the original owner's impression, she was a regular customer of the buddhist hall.

Gu Ling Xue laughed and closed her eyes, she did not expect that the dignified big boss gunner would actually be reduced to such a state.

In modern times, she was the one who showed off her edge. However, at that time, whether it was power or strength, she was superior to others. Naturally, she had the ability to act arrogantly.

But now, as a trash, what reason did she have to stand up for him?

Since the environment had changed, it was about time for his mentality to change as well.

Thinking about that, Gu Ling Xue tried to circulate the spiritual energy in her body. The original owner was called trash because she did not have spiritual energy to cultivate.


A few weak and warm streams of energy flowed out from every corner of his body. When they were about to condense into one, they were suddenly dispersed into tiny specks of light.

She wasn't without spiritual energy! Rather, it was impossible to condense this spirit energy!

Gu Ling Xue opened her eyes. She was not very familiar with everything in this world and she was also powerless right now.

The wind rustled through the leaves. Gu Ling Xue who was initially flustered had her emotions changed, her pupils contracted, and even the air became heavy.

Killing intent?


The tightly shut door was kicked open and a cold light flashed. It seemed as if it would split the sky at any moment. Using his strength, Gu Ling Xue rolled a few times to avoid the menacing long blade, causing his originally unclean clothes to become even more messy.


Gu Ling Xue vigilantly watched the uninvited guests. There were five of them, and all of them were dressed in black, with black masks and black clothes. Gu Ling Xue was too familiar with this kind of outfit.

"Second Miss Gu, stop struggling." One of them pointed the blade forward. "Someone sent us to take your life, and you are no match for us."

"Take my life?" Gu Ling Xue sneered, "Then let's see if you have the capability to do so!"

Before the sound could fade away, the girl who was half squatting on the ground had already dashed out. Her movements were extremely fast, and her figure seemed to melt into the darkness.

However, the people who had come were not ordinary people.

A few rays of cold light fell down, an unstoppable wound appeared on Gu Ling Xue's body, it was just that the weak pain did not stop her from walking, instead it became even sharper, her hands did not hold onto the blade, but had become extremely ruthless, her palm striking onto one of the person's back!

The man staggered back a few steps, his eyes filled with contempt.

No wonder that person had spent so much effort. It seems like this trash Second Miss in the rumors wasn't simple!

Gu Ling Xue looked unharmed, but only she knew how terrible the current situation was. The reason why she was able to defeat Lin Shu Han and Gu Ling Hua today was entirely because she was caught off guard. If the two of them were to seriously fight her with spiritual energy, she wouldn't be able to guarantee that she would win.

Plus, this body was sickly, so a 1 vs 5 was simply impossible.

The location of the Gu Family's Buddhist Hall was also very remote, so it was impossible to use the noise to attract people over.

"Second Miss, I advise you to stop struggling." The man in black said, "Your movement technique is indeed good, but it can't deal with us brothers. If you listen to us obediently and harbor thoughts of cherishing this talent, we can kindly leave you an intact corpse. "

"My life, I do not need you to talk too much!" Gu Ling Xue ran out again.

"Then don't blame us for being merciless!" The black-clothed man's words revealed his ruthlessness. The few of them drew circles as they moved forward to meet it. The long saber descended. It seemed that in the next second, the girl would die a tragic death!


The slight sound of the air currents attracted all their attention. A black ray of light came out of nowhere and rushed towards the few of them with a monstrous aura.

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