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A month later, the tormented Shu JingRong was finally able to sit up. The cold winter had already passed, and it was spring outside.

After lying on the bed for more than a month, Jing Rong struggled to get off the bed. Just as she took a step, the door was pushed open, and the little girl, who was waiting for her, lifted the curtain and entered the room.

Seeing her get off the bed, the little girl immediately went forward to support her. "Your body hasn't recovered yet, but don't get out of bed and get injured again."

Shu Jing Rong didn't say anything and just looked out of the window in shock.

The little girl knew what she was thinking and sighed. "Empress, you go back to your bed and lie down. In a while, there will be an imperial physician coming to treat you."

"Doctor?" Ye Tianming smiled wryly. After lying in bed for a month, Situ Bai had not let any doctors come to treat her wounds other than arranging for a little girl to take care of her. How could he ask a doctor to treat her?

Seeing that she didn't believe the little girl's explanation, "This is true, your servant heard from big sister Caixia that it will be spring in the next few days. The empress dowager set up a banquet at the palace and specified that the empress should attend, specially instructing the imperial physician to come treat her illness."

So it was the empress dowager's intention? The corner of Shu JingRong's mouth twitched, but she was angry again, "Originally, the imperial physician came to see the queen, but he was assigned by the prince to see the princess at the prince's mansion?"

"What's the problem with Wenfang?" This was the time that Shu Jing Rong talked the most in the past month.

"Warm side of the imperial concubine is overjoyed. She can't eat anything, so the prince asked the imperial physician to prescribe some appetizers for her ?"

After that, whatever the girl said, Jing Rong couldn't hear her anymore. In his head, there was always that line, "There's joy on the side of the Consort Wen".

A few hours later, the imperial physician arrived late. After he checked Shu Jing Rong's pulse, he suddenly said, "Congratulations, Princess! Congratulations to wangfei! "

Shu JingRong laid on the bed and asked weakly, "Where did your joy come from?"

"The wangfei is delighted!"

Like a sudden clap of thunder, she sat up in shock, ignoring the pain involved in her wound: "Really?"

"Seriously! This humble servant will go and tell the Prince right now! "

Shu Jing Rong laid down heavily and didn't say another word.

After hearing that she was happy, Situ Bai appeared in her room at noon. This was the first time he had seen Situ Bai since she was punished.

He was still as elegant as a jade tree and as dignified as a god.

When Shu JingRong's gaze fell on his cold face, she instantly retracted her gaze. Situ Bai walked to the bedside and said with a voice as cold as the others, "This child cannot be left alive!"

Shu JingRong did not say anything, she already felt too heartbroken to even have the energy to ask him why.

"Shu JingRong, you should know that this duke only saved your life to atone for your sins. A malicious woman like you isn't qualified to bear children for this king."

Shu JingRong didn't say a word and just lowered her eyes. Situ Bai thought that she would recognize him and argue with him, but he didn't see her just silently lean against the headboard like that.

Seeing her current state, he felt inexplicably angry. He could not help but raise his voice. "Didn't you hear this king's words?"

"I heard you, Your Highness, I have a request." Shu JingRong's voice was dark and obscure.

"This King can consider anything other than having This King keep the child." Situ Bai thought that she wanted to plead and leave the child to immediately shut her up.

Shu JingRong slowly raised her eyes and looked at Situ Bai, "Prince, can you give me a letter of rest and let me go?"

These words caused Situ Bai to be stunned. She actually wanted to divorce and leave the palace? A baffling anger arose from the bottom of his heart: "What qualifications do you have to propose to leave the Duke's Mansion? Shu Jing Rong, this duke didn't leave you alive to let you live comfortably, but to let you repent, right? If you wish to leave the Duke Palaces, you have to die! "

"With my vicious heart, is Your Highness not afraid of leaving a scourge like me in the Prince's Mansion?" Shu JingRong twitched her mouth.

"You must be tired of living for you to think so badly of This King's territory, right?"

Shu JingRong looked at the man she loved for three years and looked at her cold and merciless gaze. Her heart, which she thought would never hurt again, started to twitch. She suppressed the pain in her heart and said, "Prince, can you take a few days to rest? My body hasn't recovered yet ?"

"This King will give you ten days!" With these words, Situ Bai turned and left.

Shu JingRong stood on the bed and stared at his back for a long time without moving.

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