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As soon as Situ Bai finished, the guards immediately pushed open the door and walked out, they picked up Shu JingRong, who was on the floor, with crude actions.

Right now, it was already freezing cold, and the water droplets had turned into ice, not to mention that Shu Jing Rong couldn't swim. If she was thrown into the lake and had her life, she would be both shocked and scared as she desperately begged for an explanation, "Prince, you can't do this to me! "I didn't do anything wrong, Xingrong's matter has nothing to do with me, you can't treat me like this!"

Her pleas were of no use. The bodyguards dragged her like wolves and tigers to the lakeside.

As she looked at the frozen lake, Jing Rong's entire body shuddered. Although she was scared, she was still a dignified daughter of the Prime Minister, she had to fight for him no matter what.

Thus, he steadied himself and spoke sternly: "Let me go! "I am the emperor's personally conferred Crown Princess Jing, and I am also his father's beloved daughter. If you dare to disrespect me, my entire family will be exterminated!"

When the guard heard her words, he hesitated for a moment. The girl in front of him was the personal concubine of the emperor, and was also the beloved daughter of the prime minister.

Just as the guard hesitated, a sneer came from behind. "So what if you're from the Prime Minister's Estate? As long as you enter my Jing King's Estate, you'll be a member of my Jing King's Estate. I want you to live, so if I want you to die, you have to die."

When Shu Jing Rong turned around and saw King Jing and Wen Ruoyan appear by the lake side, there was a layer of frost on Situ Bai's face. It was colder than the cold weather, and seeing him and Wen Ruyan snuggling together, it was as if needles were pricking her heart.

Why was he so cruel to himself? Why had his gentleness been given to another woman?

She really couldn't understand why Situ Bai would treat her like this. She could only look at Situ Bai with her watery eyes, "My prince, you can't treat me like this! I didn't do anything wrong. If the emperor finds out about what you did to me, he'll punish you! "

"You still want to argue even after dying and you still dare to threaten me? Do you really think I, Situ Bai, am that cowardly person?" The words that Shu JingRong begged in desperation entered Situ Bai's ears, it was a naked threat.

It was really hateful that he still did not forget to act like a daughter of the prime minister's house at this moment. Situ Bai's anger rose from the bottom of his heart and he became more and more convinced that the death of Shu Xingran was related to her, "Since your status is so high that no one dares to touch you, then let this duke personally avenge Xingrong!"

With that, he raised his leg and kicked her chest fiercely, causing her to fly out.

Situ Bai's kick was very vicious, causing Shu JingRong to feel a sharp pain in her chest. She spat out a mouthful of blood with a "wah", then fell heavily onto the surface of the lake.

It was already midwinter, and the lake was covered in a layer of ice. However, when Shu JingRong landed, a hole was actually smashed open in the lake.

The cold lake water immediately soaked her clothes, the cold gradually seeped into her skin, causing her to struggle as hard as she could.

Situ Bai watched everything indifferently by the lake. "Notify me that Imperial Consort Jing Rong accidentally fell into the lake and was discovered without a breath!"

Every word of Situ Bai's icy cold voice entered Shu JingRong's ears, who was desperately struggling to survive.

Her heart was colder than this ice-cold, bone-piercing lake water. She had loved him for three whole years, and she remembered that he had sincerely written her a love letter.

In order to be able to marry him, she had refused the crown prince's marriage request. She had always abided by every one of her promises to him, but what about him?

Her heart was filled with happiness as she happily married. However, she didn't expect that what awaited her would be such an unbelievable situation.

The man who was deeply in love with her in the Hongyan Message actually hated her to this extent? He actually wanted to kill her?

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