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A bone-piercing coldness permeated her entire body. When Shu Jingong opened her mouth to call for help, the cold water continuously poured into her mouth, causing her to be unable to utter a single sound.

The desire to live made Shu JingRong struggle desperately. She swept her gaze across Situ Bai, who was watching the scene with an indifferent expression.

Was this really the man who had risked his life to save her from the mouth of a ferocious beast in the enclosure? Was this really the man who, in the letters that came and went, had promised to take care of her for the rest of her life?

Her mouth was filled with the cold water of the lake, but she could not utter a single word. She tossed and turned a few times on the surface before slowly sinking.

A faint evil smile appeared on Wen Ruyan's face as she watched Ye Zichen's figure disappear from the lake, while she stood beside Situ Bai's body.

It seemed like Shu JingRong couldn't escape death tonight, as long as she died, no one would know what she did.

As he was deep in thought, the sound of hurried footsteps came from not too far away. An eunuch rushed over, and his shrill voice rang from afar, "Your Highness! Your Highness! "The matriarch suddenly fainted from a stroke. The prime minister came late into the night to pick up the wangfei for the last time!"

This sentence made Wen Ruyan's body tremble slightly, while the previously expressionless Situ Bai froze. He originally wanted to drown Shu JingRong to take revenge for Shu Xingran, but now someone from the Prime Minister's Residence came late at night, so it would be hard to explain himself if he didn't see her.

With that thought, he pursed his lips to the guard beside him: "Pull him up! Let her live for a few days first! "

The two guards jumped into the water and pulled the unconscious Shu Jing Rong out of the lake.

Ten days later, a lot of things happened during her coma.

That night, the matriarch passed away from illness in the middle of the night. Because she had been thrown into the lake in the middle of winter and had caught a cold, she had been in a coma and had not attended the matriarch's funeral.

Prime Minister Shu was no fool. He felt that there was a hidden secret behind the fact that his beloved daughter had been married into the Duke's Mansion for several hours and had fallen into a coma.

When he saw his unconscious daughter, this suspicion was further deepened. He wrote to the emperor requesting that he take her home to recuperate.

In his letter, he argued with her that his feelings for her were deep and profound. Since she was to marry into the imperial concubine's family, it would be his fault if she died. She had to personally take care of the imperial concubine.

The emperor felt that Situ Bai's words were reasonable, so he rejected the Prime Minister's request.

However, although the emperor rejected the prime minister's request, he also warned King Jing and told him to do his best to find a good doctor to treat Shu JingRong.

With the emperor interfering, Situ Bai could only let go of the thought of immediately killing Shu JingRong. There was still a long way to go, he would torture this evil woman who killed his beloved, making her want to die!

At that very moment, Shu JingRong opened her eyes weakly and saw Situ Bai's cold face. The creepy look in his eyes made her shiver, and she subconsciously shrunk into her blanket.

Seeing her fearful expression, Situ Bai sneered. "You're finally awake?"

The smile on his face was cold, causing Shu JingRong to feel cold in her heart as she held onto the corner of the blanket tightly.

Situ Bai walked to the bedside and looked down at her, "Do you know what day it is today?"

Shu JingRong shook her head. She was dizzy and weak, she didn't know what day it was.

"Today is Xingrong's anniversary! One year ago today, she was killed by you in the Prime Minister's Estate with grievances. Have you forgotten about it so quickly? "

"Xingrong wasn't killed by me, her death was an accident ?" Shu Jing Rong wanted to explain frantically. "Your highness can go to the Prime Minister's Palace and ask the servants. She is the one who is the direct descendant of me, and we don't interfere in each other's business. Moreover, we have always been the best sisters, so I have no reason to kill her, right?"

"No reason? This king has always wanted to marry Xingrong, but now that Xingrong is dead, without Xingran, wouldn't you be able to legitimately become the Crown Princess Jing? "

"What?" Shu JingRong looked at Situ Bai in disbelief, "Prince, what do you mean?" You want to marry Xingrong? "

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