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Situ Bai felt that it was funny when he saw Ye Zichen's shocked expression. This woman really knew how to pretend. Even now, she still had a look of innocence and looked helpless and pitiful.

It was no wonder that the kind Xin Rong from the bottom of her heart would believe her. She would dig out her heart and dig out her lungs to treat her, even causing her to be killed in an attempt to kill Li Dai.

He lowered his head and stared viciously at Jing Rong, then spoke word by word, "Listen up, from start to finish, this king loves Xingran. It's not you, this king has always wanted to marry her!"

Situ Bai's voice was bone-chilling, it came from the gaps between his teeth.

She pinched her palm, it was painful, it was not a dream. Situ Bai's words were true, he said that the person he loved was Xingrong, and the person he wanted to marry was Xingrong.

So what was she? Since he was so heartless to her, why did he risk everything to save her when she was in danger three years ago?

Why accept her heart?

Why was he writing so many sentimental letters to himself? Why did he want her to think he liked her?

Why did he want her to love him for the past three years without any hesitation?

Shu Jing Rong couldn't understand, but she said with a trembling voice, "Since you don't like it, why did you risk your life to save me at the paddock?" And he was seriously injured over it? "

"Save you? Do you think This King is saving you? If not for you wearing the same cape and hat as Xingrong the other day, which led This King to mistake Xingrong for the one in danger, This King would not have taken the risk. "

The ruthless words from his mouth caused Shu JingRong to go crazy. He didn't save her because she was Shu JingRong, but because he saw her as Shu Xingrong. How laughable was that?

He had saved the wrong person, and she had fallen in love with the wrong person. Shu Jing Rong was in despair as she covered her bruised chest and asked him word by word, "Since you love Xingrong, why did you write so many letters to me in the past three years?" Why give me hope? "

"Is there something wrong with your head?" Situ Bai laughed sarcastically, "This king doesn't have any feelings for you, what reason do I have to write you a letter?"

Shu JingRong looked at his heartless smile and lifted the blanket with trembling hands. She walked step by step to the bedside and opened a small box that was filled with letters.

Shu JingRong picked up a letter with trembling hands and handed it to Situ Bai, "Did you not write these letters?"

Situ Bai took a glance at it and his face changed, "Why are you here with these letters? This is a letter I wrote to Xingrong. How did it end up in your hands? "

"Your letter to Xingrong? "Since it's a letter you wrote to Xingrong, why would you address her as Rong'er? This has always been my maiden name in the Prime Minister's Estate."

"Shu Jing Rong, have you gone dumb?" Situ Bai sneered, "Rong'er is this king's favorite name for Xingran. What does it have to do with your nickname?"

After being reminded like this, only then did Ye Zichen remember that Shu Xingran's name was the same as hers, the last word was' Rong '. Situ Bai meant that this Rong'er didn't call her by her nickname, but by her appearance!

Shu JingRong's expression changed drastically, her heart felt like it was on the verge of death as she collapsed powerlessly onto the ground.

When Situ Bai saw Shu Jing Rong sitting powerlessly on the floor, he thought she was feeling guilty after being exposed. He stepped forward and covered her collar, "What else do you have to say?"

What else did Shu JingRong have to say? After she knew that the man she had loved for three years was not her, her heart had already become as dead as ashes. Her despair had reached the extreme.

How ridiculous! Three years of love, more than a thousand days and nights to entrust, until now he said that the person he loved was not her.

Two drops of clear tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes. 'God, just what sin has she committed?' Why did he have to let her encounter such an unimaginable matter?

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