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After he finished venting, Situ Bai left. Shu JingRong laid on the bed like a broken baby, while bright tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.

Seeing Jing Rong like this, Situ Bai felt a bit confused. He quickly put on his clothes, opened the door and walked out.

When he returned to his study, his mind was filled with the sad and tearful look of Ye Zichen's.

Didn't he want to kill her to avenge Xingrong? Why would he feel pity for her?

That shouldn't be the case? Annoyed, he stood up and paced around the study for a while. Then, he called the housekeeper, "That woman, arrange for two servants to serve her!"

When Wen Ruyan heard that Situ Bai actually arranged a servant to take care of Jing Rong, she jumped in shock.

Why did the prince suddenly show mercy to that woman?

Today was Shu Xingrong's anniversary. She specifically chattered about Shu Xingrong's beauty in front of the Jing King last night, making her extremely malicious. She even tearfully said that she must make Shu Xingrong kowtow in front of her grave in order to make Shu Xingrong rest in peace.

Seeing King Jing's angry face, she was secretly happy in her heart. Although Shu JingRong had an ordinary relationship with her, she had touched her inner and outer skin completely with Shu Xingrong.

She knew how strong she was, and she knew that she wouldn't stand up to the humiliation of having to kowtow.

With Shu Jingong's temper, she would definitely rather die than kneel down and admit her mistake. As long as Shu Jing Rong died, she would have nothing to worry about. However, she never would have thought that King Jing would actually stop her.

When they were at the cemetery, she thought that King Jing was worried that Shu Jingong died, so he couldn't explain it to her. However, on their way back to the mansion, Duke Jing actually held Shu JingRong in his arms. Now, he actually arranged someone to wait on her. What was going on?

Has the prince fallen for her?

This was not a good thing. Wen Ruyan frowned. She had to think of a good way to eliminate all future troubles!

After Situ Bai left, Jing Rong laid on the bed for a while, then struggled to sit up.

Broken clothes scattered on the ground, reminding her how shameful she had been. She forced herself to find some clothes to put on before the door was pushed open.

The imperial concubine, Wen Ruyan, walked in with two maidservants.

A gentle smile appeared on Shi Jingtian's face when he saw Shu Jingorong: "Sister Wangfei has woken up?"

Shu Jing Rong didn't say anything and just looked at Wen Ruyan quietly.

Wen Ruyan's gaze fell on Shu JingRong, causing her face to turn pale, but she was unable to hide her natural beauty. At that moment, a piece of skin was actually torn off from her cherry lips.

Wen Ruyan slowly looked down from Shu JingRong's bitten lips. Her heart twitched in pain when she saw the red marks on her neck.

Did the prince actually touch her? Didn't Your Highness hate her so much that you want to eat her meat? Why would he touch her?

Her smile was still gentle and calm as she instructed the maidservant to place the food box on the table. "This is the soup I instructed the kitchen to make for big sister wangfei. Her body is too weak; after eating it, her body will recover faster."

Shu JingRong still didn't say anything. The woman in front of her was the eldest daughter of Minister Wen, and she knew him when they were girls. However, she had heard that Wen Ruyan was a cruel and narrow-minded person, so they didn't get to know each other well.

Although Wen Ruyan had an ordinary relationship with her, the relationship between her and Sister Shu was quite good.

When he was at the prime minister's residence, he had seen her visit Xingrong several times. At that time, she had even specifically reminded Xingrong to be careful of her.

Later on, Xingrong disappeared, but this girl friend of Xingrong's was married to the King of Jing. She became the imperial concubine of Jing King before him.

She remembered that when Wen Ruyan married Duke Jing three months ago, the wedding date between her and King Jing had just been set. When she heard that King Jing had first married someone else, she was extremely unhappy.

However, it was the empress dowager who had betrothed Wen Ruyan to King Jing. Even though she was extremely unhappy, she couldn't do anything about it.

Mother also advised her to be a bit more open-minded. Currently, the nobles had three wives, four concubines, and even father had a few concubines, right?

After hearing her mother's explanation, she suppressed her jealousy, but she never thought that the marriage situation would be like this.

The person Situ Bai loved wasn't her, she loved the wrong person.

Seeing that Shu JingRong was staring at her without saying a word, the smile on Wen Ruyan's face remained. She waved her hand to signal the maidservants to leave and personally brought the soup to her: "Sister Wangfei, please have some soup."

Since they were so close to each other, Ye Zichen didn't need to raise his voice to speak.

Indeed, in the next second, Wen Ruyan lowered her voice and said, "Big Sister Wangfei, I believe you were wrongly accused. Xingrong's death definitely has nothing to do with you!"

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