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Shu JingRong looked at Wen Ruoran in shock. She was shocked by her attitude. She was the one in the wedding bed with Jing Wang on their wedding night, and even accused him of harming Xingrong.

Today in the cemetery, her face was full of viciousness, saying that she was the murderer of Xingrong. It had only been a few hours, how could this scene suddenly change?

Seeing that Shu JingRong continued to stare at her without saying a word, a look of shame appeared on Wen Ruyan's face. She kneeled on the ground with a "plop" and said, "Big sister is sorry!" Xin Rong and I are sisters, and we have deep feelings for each other. When I heard Xiao Lian's slut, I thought that she was really the one who killed Xin Rong, which was why she acted so rudely towards me. "

"Why do you now believe that I am innocent?" "Jing Rong," Shu Jing Rong said with a low and hoarse voice.

"Because my sister's courage, was the result of my sister's actions yesterday in the cemetery that reminded me. If my sister was really the murderer who killed Xingrong, she would never have the courage to seek death. How could someone as fierce as my sister do such a thing? " Wen Ruyan sighed. "I believe that you are innocent, so I want to help you and restore your innocence."

"How can I help you?"

"Let's go find Lil 'Lian. Elder sister, you should ask her in person why she slandered you."

"Looking for Little Lian?" Will she tell the truth? " Shu JingRong expressed doubt. Little Lian was a first-rate maid by her side. She felt that there was nothing wrong with her, but this was the kind of person who would call a deer a horse in the blink of an eye and speak nonsense. If she were to ask, would she be able to tell the truth?

"To tell you the truth, sister said that the so-called Xingrong's death was caused by Little Lian. I don't know how elder sister offended her and let her slander you, while the so-called undoing the bell and tying it to someone else. What is the reason behind this, sister, you have to personally ask her."

The woman in front of him said that she and Xin Ran were sisters, but in the end, she was married to Situ Bai, and even married Situ Bai in front of her ?

Wen Ruyan saw through his intentions, so she immediately followed up, "I don't want to marry Prince Jing, but I have my own difficulties. I will find a chance to tell my sister from now on."

Shu Jing Rong didn't believe Wen Ruyan, but she was right about one thing. She did want to personally ask Xiao Lian why she was slandering her, and why did she treat her so badly?

Seeing that Shu JingRong's expression was relaxed, Wen Ruyan lowered her voice and said, "Prince is going to the palace tonight to greet you. The guards in the yard are not strict, this is a great opportunity, sis, look?"

"Alright, I'll have to trouble Madam Wen to arrange it."

Late into the night, King Jing entered the palace and didn't return home. Shu JingRong changed into a new set of clothes and went to the wood house that Xiao Lian was locked up in under the guidance of a warm maidservant.

The woodshed was pitch black. Little Lian was curled up on the ground.

Hearing the door being pushed open, she looked up in shock, saw Shu JingRong standing in front of her, and revealed a panicked expression: "Young miss!" You... "Why are you here?"

Shu JingRong walked in front of her and stood still, then she said with a hint of sternness in her voice, "Lil 'Lian, I ask myself, you are not bad, why did you slander me like that?"

Little Lian lowered her head. "Miss, I'm sorry!"

"Tell me, why are you slandering me like this! Who ordered you to slander me! " Shu Jing Rong emphasized.

"I ?" Just as Xiao Lian said that word, she suddenly covered her stomach with her hands. Her face immediately became deathly pale.

Shu JingRong noticed that something was wrong with Xiao Lian, "What's wrong with you?"

However, instantly, blood started to flow out of the corner of Lil 'Lian's mouth. The expression on her face was in extreme pain, causing Shu JingRong to jump in fright. She reached out her hand to support Lil' Lian, "Lil 'Lian, what happened to you?"

Xiao Lian felt pain in her stomach, and blood kept flowing out from the corner of her mouth. It was all revenge, this was all retribution, retribution for having done something wrong. Knowing that her life was coming to an end, she used up all of her strength. "Careful!"

Before she could finish her sentence, Xiao Lian's head tilted to the side and she died in an instant.

While Shu JingRong's eyes were still opened wide in shock, the closed door was kicked open.

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