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Enchanted love/C4 Welcome to hell
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C4 Welcome to hell

Meeting each other was a mess and their memory was fresh as if it happened the previous day.

Clara clutched her heart as if it was paining externally. She swallowed the tablets so that she doesn't get a panic attack again.

"Why did he come this way?" She mumbled gazing at the stars. He knew that it was her home and was sure that he would avoid even coming across her.

Alex twisted and turned, struggling hard to sleep. He sat across his bed with anger.

"She doesn't matter to me anymore. I don't care about her." He screamed as if he was consoling himself. He threw the side lamp in anger.

"I won't forgive you, Clara" he mumbled as tears rolled down his cheeks. He closed his eyes to erase the pain but more tears made their way.

"I won't forgive you, Alex" Clara mumbled as she closed her eyes to release a few drops of tears.


"It's just for a few months. You will have to take care of two elder people for a full day. I have mailed their medical reports to you." The Dean instructed Clara while she listened to everything.

"For these seven months, you will be given a salary from the hospital too. So I hope you take extra care of everything." The dean shook her hand and left the place. Clara sighed along. The main thing she wanted is that she will be paid by both parties and it would help her to pay off her loan which her father took for her education.

"All the best" her colleagues wished her and gave her some gifts to congratulate her.

Clara climbed up the car which was sent by the person who has appointed her as a personal doctor for his parents. Clara knew one thing for sure that the person must be super-rich and she mentally noted down to trim her attitude.

She got down and took a deep breath before entering the home.

"First day" she messages her friend Alina with a smile.

"All the best, Doll" she read the reply to Alina.

She has been waiting for half an hour and no one came to welcome her or say anything related to her job. The more she waited, the more she got pissed off. She just wanted to smash the head once he came. She shut her eyes to calm down her nerves.

"Hello, sir, no one is here. Some servant came and asked me to wait half an hour before. And I am sitting here all alone in this hall" Clara tried not to sound rude but her resentment is spitting in her tone.

"Let me call him and ask about it." The dean replied, scuffing his head. He knew about Clara's temper and prayed hard that she doesn't mess it up. It's a great opportunity for her.

Clara stood up and kept her phone inside. She turned abruptly to leave the home but got slapped over her forehead with something as she missed her balance. Clara closed her eyes tightly expecting a heavy fall.

She opened her eyes slowly realizing that someone saved her from the fall.

There, he is again.

Standing too close to her. Her heart twisted and made her weak by beating fast.

Her eyes did give shocked when she saw him too close to her. She shivered when she felt his grip over her waist. But she is too shocked to even shrug off his hands.

Alex carefully grabbed her waist close to his side as he was studying her expressions inch by inch.

She still holds that innocence in her eyes and he is still drawn towards her with that innocence. He knew that he should leave her but both stood there in the same position till they heard some sound behind.

Clara takes a few steps behind still in the same shock.

"Doctor?" An elderly lady asked in a heavy tone as both shifted their eyes to her side.

"Aunt, relax" Alex tried to calm down her aunty, Shreya. But she showed her palm towards Alex.

"I don't want this girl to take care of my brother and sister-in-law. Ask her to get out right now" Shreya yelled as tears pooled up in Clara's eyes. She didn't expect such harshness from Shreya's side for sure. Moreover, is it for uncle and aunty? She wants to see them. She wanted to check if they are fine or not. Will Sid allow her to see his parents?

"Get out" Shreya again yelled but Alex grabbed her to the room leaving Clara behind.

On one side she wanted this job badly, on another side, she might be able to take care of those people who were once her world.

"Didn't you go?" Alex asked, jerking her from her position. She looked at him as if deer were caught in the rain. She wanted to snap at him or show the change in her attitude but she couldn't form any words right at that moment and her tears rolled down her cheeks continuously.

Alex took his eyes away from her side, not able to see her tears.

"Don't tell me that you plan to come here even after knowing that it's my place?" Alex asked with a smirk blowing her ego. She wiped down her tears hardly as she looked at him with fire eyes.

"Don't tell me that you appointed me without knowing that it's me." She snapped at him and crossed her arms in a dominating way taking him by surprise. She is always this fierce but never does he notice her snapping like that.

"What's your plan? Just to insult me you have appointed me and are now asking me to leave the job?" She asked glaring directly at him. She didn't expect that their first meeting would be like this after a long gap. Both expected a soft change in their heart but realized that the hatred filled their orbs way more than expected.

"I was appointed by my hospital. I won't leave till I get confirmation from their end" Clara sat there crossing her legs.

Alex took his phone without taking his eyes from her side.

"I don't need your doctor here. Can you select another one?" Alex spoke to the dean. Clara felt powerless right at that moment. She wanted to grab this at any cost but what can she do?

"You may leave now and talk to your dean" Alex replied harshly as he opened the door for her to leave.

Clara walked slowly and grabbed the door from his hands. Alex didn't expect this act from her side. She pulled his collar suddenly and locked him in the corner in a swift movement.

"Why do I feel that I am still affecting you and you are running away from me?" She whispered extremely close to his ears and he felt helpless all of a sudden. He can just shrug it off but he lets her do anything with him.

"If that's the case, I should leave from here for sure. Because you have no place in my life or my heart. I don't want to give hope" She replied sassily as her breath touched his cheeks. Damn his heart which went numb with her proximity. He didn't even react to her words even though he could hear everything.

"Goodbye, Mr. Smith" Clara left his side and that's when he released his breath. Before he could process the happenings, she left the home.

Alex closed his eyes helplessly. How can he act like that in front of her? How dare she dominates him like this?

She did wrong to wake up his dark side for sure. With no second thoughts, he pressed a send button to send a letter mail to the hospital administration.

"Too bad, Miss Taylor. Welcome to hell" he typed the message and sent it to her number.

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