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C5 Hell for you

It's been one hour since Clara sat there. Alina came to her side with a cup of hot coffee. She looked at the message sent by Alex again and again. She is happy that he didn't fire her but at the same time, will she be able to work in his home? She has suffered a lot to overcome the suffering. Is she ready to go through that journey again?

"Doll, are you alright?" Alina cupped her cheeks as Clara kept her head over her shoulders.

"I am tired, Alina. Exhausted from everything. I just want to sleep." Clara's words held so much pain that they pained Alina like hell.

"Did you meet him again?" Alina asked after a couple of minutes as she calculated everything. Clara didn't reply to her, instead a tear rolled down her cheeks making Alina sigh tiredly. What the hell happened between them was always a mystery to her. Neither Clara Nor Alex spoke about it.

"He is my new boss." That was news to Alina. In a way, she is excited to see the new turns in her friend's life but she doesn't want her to be hurt in this path. Alina caressed her head to soothe her pain.

A knock on the door startled both as Alina opened the door.

"Why the hell did you bring him here?" Alina yelled at her husband who returned to the home with his friends, more to be precise, Alex and a few more.

"He was feeling a little low and I thought we should spend time together." Edward reasoned.

Alex stood there opposite Clara while she gave him a bored and lazy stare. Can her day be worse than this?

"Ani, I should leave now. You guys carry on" Clara took her purse while Alex blocked her way instantly but Alina grabbed her.

"You are not going anywhere. I have already messaged aunty that you are staying here." Alina grabbed her in a corner.

"Doll, let's just ignore them and stay in our room, please. I can't leave you when you are in this state." Alina pleaded with her as Clara let out a deep sigh. She looked at Alex again and realised his stare over her already. Can he just turn his gaze?

Clara sat inside the room and was hearing their conversation. Alex purposefully laughed and played with his friends loudly to piss her off.

"Doll. Please don't get angry. They have come here earlier also. But Alex has never been like this. Today I don't know why they are enjoying this much?" Alina saw how Clara was fisting her hand. As far as she knew about her, Clara would now smash everyone's head and walk past them for sure.

"He is also suffering a lot without you, doll" Alina voiced out painfully, wanting badly to make Clara understand. But she smiled sarcastically at her.

"I didn't leave him," Clara replied in a sad tone and she stood up instantly.

Looking at how he is dancing and singing, Clara felt her blood boil. She doesn't want him to smile after what he did to her. The least which could satisfy her would be his suffering.

Everyone went silent when they saw Clara entering the room crossing her arms. But Alex didn't stop his dance as he was involved in the song so much.

"Alex" Edward tried to call him but went in vain.

Clara took the music player which was very loud and it's causing her migraine. She didn't think twice about breaking it into pieces. Everyone was baffled by her sudden actions. She can do anything but this?

Alex turned and was shocked to see the player on the floor. He looked at Clara who didn't show any regret on her face.

"Edward, I am sorry that I broke this. I will buy you a brand new one tomorrow." Clara replied calmly.

"Guys it's not wrong to party. But you have some audience here and they can be disturbed by your nonsense. Can you all keep it low?" Clara asked politely as all the friends nodded positively like an obedient kid.

Clara walked back to her room without minding anything. Alex followed her instantly and dashed the door behind so that no one interfered with their conversation. Edward and Alina stood there helpless. They thought that if they meet again, there would be little possibility of them sorting out everything but both are very adamant and immature.

"Why do I feel that you are jealous to see me happy?" Alex asked, grabbing her to a corner. Clara looked at him without even blinking.

"If you are happy, it's good for you. If you are acting to be happy, that is up to you. Don't give too much importance to yourself. I don't have even a percentage of interest to know what you are up to?" Clara replied with an arrogant, dripping tone.

"But do you know what? Damn my eyes which can see the facade you are putting on and I feel happy to see you in pain." She replied in his ears. Alex felt rage with her words. Anger that he couldn't mask his emotions. Anger that she spoke about the fact. Anger that she is okay with it.

"By the way, it would not be hell for me but for you, only" She added with a smirk. Clara became hysterical to see him fumes. She gets satisfied to see him broken.

"Don't cross your limits, Clara" Alex gripped her shoulders harshly but she didn't even flinch once to show her weakness. Alex didn't realise his harsh grip till he saw tears in her eyes. But still, she was smirking at him as if challenging him to do more. He released his hands at once and regretted doing so when he noticed her red arms. He has never hurt anyone like this. Why is she provoking him like this?

He loved her like anything and he has never done anything to hurt her. But she caused undying pain to him. Even after that, she is not regretting her actions. Instead, she feels proud of it.

On the other hand, Clara has suffered a lot and he has no clue about it. She wants him to have a miserable life just like how she had because of him. The love she had for him died at the moment he asked her to get out of his life. He had no right to do that.

Both were staring at each other as if complaining about each other through their eyes. The song from the hall broke their thoughts as both looked at the door side.

The same song for which they danced together when they met for the second time after their Goa trip.

They both came to the hall. Edward and Alina smiled at each other and played their marriage video on the projector.

Clara and Alex felt all emotional at once when they gazed at that video. It was as if it had happened the previous day.

Clara could feel her heartbeat the same way when it was beaten on that day. The same excitement, the same happiness.


Alina Edward Marriage.

"Doll, you are looking just like an angel" Clara took some kajal from her eyes to put behind Alina's ears to cast away evil eyes. Alina giggled at her old customs which were followed by her grandma who was from India.

"I am happy that I am marrying him today. But grandma is not well and because of which they are urging this marriage so that she could see my marriage" Alina mumbled in her sad voice. She loves her grandma like hell and was worried for her well-being.

"Our Granny is very tough. She will jump in a few days and she can't get sick easily. I have checked her reports. It's just because of her age. Her willpower is something we can never imagine. So chill and enjoy today" Clara hugged her friend who feels low and is not in the mood to enjoy.

Clara is constantly checking outside to see if the groom's family has arrived or not. She is kinda excited to see that hot man with long hair. Her stomach twisted, making her realise that they had arrived already. The loud music was echoing all around. The marriage is designed as per grandma's wish. A perfect loud marriage to make a memory on their brain system for long. In short a perfect indian marriage.

She ran towards the entrance not to welcome the groom but to see if Alex was there or not. Be it just an infatuation, but she knew that she is getting attracted to that long-haired hot man for sure.

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