Enchanted love/C6 Not everyone is lucky
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Enchanted love/C6 Not everyone is lucky
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C6 Not everyone is lucky

Flashback continues

Alina and Clara are like sisters more than friends. Their family also treats them the same. Clara took the place of the bride's sister as she welcomed the guest. Alina started her final touch-up to look like an angel in the real sense.

Clara offered flowers to everyone and stopped Edward to enter the venue, making them all confused by her actions.

"I guess, I can't allow you inside till I get something in return" Clara winked at Edward.

Edward bends to her height and whispers "what would you love to get as a gift?" She smiled at his gesture. He is indeed a soft and cute guy. Alina is lucky to have him. He has no ego nor any superior thing in him despite being super-rich.

"Oops. Just wanna grab you and run away from here. But what to do? It's my sister's life." Clara faked her fainting making all giggle at her flirty comment. Edward did like Clara's naughtiness. Clara is perfect to be Alina's sister and he loved her company a lot.

"That sounds like a good deal. What about we run tomorrow? Today let me marry your sister first. Tomorrow I am free. What do you say?" Edward asked to play along and all laughed at them? Clara widened her eyes as she didn't expect him to play along with her words.

"Why are you troubling our friend? If you want someone to run away, you can choose one among us too" the voice made her heart accelerate faster as she tiptoed to see the man.

Omg! She has never seen such a guy. He is too hot and handsome. He has surely done spa to his hair which does its magic to dance through his face. She didn't blink away as she was checking out him openly. But the sound of his friends made her come out from the spell.

"If you want, shall we run away now?" Alex raised his eyebrows as he asked her. Damn his thick and se*y eyebrows. She processed his words and composed herself not to show her liking this obvious. But whom is she kidding? Alex noticed how her cheeks blushed with his words.

"Too bad. I wished to run away with the only good-looking guy. You are out of my league. Sorry to break your little heart" Clara replied with a smirk and the friends clapped loudly to embarrass Alex. But Alex just smiled back as if he knew her reply.


Clara was standing at the entrance to welcome all and Alex accompanied her to talk to her.

"I thought beautiful girls would be calm and composed. Didn't think that you would be like this?" Alex commented from her left side, audible to her.

"If you want to meet a beautiful girl with these qualities, you should meet Alina's grandma. Trust me she is your type and you will enjoy it with her." Clara giggled at her own words while Alex's friends laughed out loudly.

The rituals started inside the hall making the audience bored with the old customs and formalities. Clara and her friends switched the song to get the function to lighten up slightly.

In the audio of the music, everyone buckled up as Clara came in the middle to drag Alina for a dance.

The song had a festive mood as the girls started dancing to its tune, making everyone go flattered with their steps and charm. Clara looked unique as she waved her body in sync with the rhythm. Her friends too followed her steps as she is the pro when it comes to dancing.

Alex was just staring at Clara. The girl has some magnetic charm and he could feel himself getting attracted to her way more than expected.

The girls ran and rounded up Edward when the lyrics picked up its rap music. Edward was grabbed and he too started dancing with them. The party song has its own charm and no one could restrict themselves from dancing.

Now the girls danced caging the friends of Edward to tease them up.

"If I am not looking like a calm and silent girl, what do I look like?" Clara asked to dance around Alex.

"You came with your bodyguards to ask this simple question?" Alex raised his eyebrows again. Damn his eyes and eyebrows. She diverts her eyes from his side.

"Forget that I have ever asked anything" Clara turned to go as she knew that this guy is provoking her to talk to him more. And she doesn't want everyone to notice anything between them.

Alex pulled her suddenly from going away. He joined them and danced, making all go awe with his steps. He knew how to impress a girl for sure. Clara gulps visibly seeing him too close to her side. She is scared what if her parents notice this and create a ruckus?

Everyone clapped for the performance. Clara is just noticing his eyes which are damn hot and expressive. How can a guy have such cute eyes? Damn her hormones. It's running wild whenever she looks at him.

Clara is never drawn towards any guy till now. She never cares about even looking at any guy as she would be always busy with her studies. But this guy is spoiling her like hell and she doesn't like it for sure.

The priest chanted the final mantra and asked Edward to tie the chain around Alina's neck. The photographer did his best to capture the moment.

"Guess you are busy tomorrow. Heard that you have some special plans?" Alina whispered near Edward when he was about to tie the chain. He smiled at her.

"Nothing special other than roaming around my new wife" Edward's words made her blush furiously but she kept her expressions stoic.

"Someone planned to run away with my friend, Clara, tomorrow. So thought that you would be busy" Alina glared at him as he smirked at her.

"Someone is jealous?" Edward liked the way her nose flared up due to jealousy.

"Of course. You can't joke around like this once you are married to me. Think before tying the chain around my neck." Alina warned him as he smiled at her words.

"I loved to be in your love trap" Edward tied the chain making her heart dance frantically.

"For this flirting session, you have to face the consequences for sure" Alina replied with a smirk.

"Like?" Edward is confused as to what she would do to him?

"You will know that on our wedding night" that was very harsh. She can't punish him on their wedding night. Edward looked perplexed by her words making her giggle. Alina just laughed at his expressions.

Everyone flowered the couple with flowers while Alex threw the flowers towards Clara's side purposefully to get her attention. She rolled her eyes at his actions.

"Listen, don't do this. My parents are here and they will just smash your head if they see that you are troubling their child" Clara warned Alex. He cares least about it as he just smiled at her warnings.

Everyone gathered to send the bride with the groom. Alina felt emotional to leave her home and her parents. Clara hugged her to give her enough strength and support.

"We won't send our Alina till you give us something big" Clara replied, stuffing her tears.

"Anything for Alina" Edward replied and that made both the girls feel comfortable.

"Just a promise that you will take care of her like a little kid and won't let her cry even because of onions" Clara forwarded her hand as Edward promised instantly.

"I promise that she will be my responsibility and my asset. I won't let anything happen to her" Edward replied and hugged Clara.

That's how the marriage ends with a happy note

Flashback ends.

Alex and Clara stood there watching everything without even blinking. Edward and Alina smiled seeing them.

"Edward, you have fulfilled that promise. Alina is lucky to have you in her life. Not everyone is lucky" Clara replied and left the home instantly. She doesn't want to stay there for even a second more. She didn't even care about the time which had crossed 12.

Edward and Alina sat there as if they wanted to check if Alex would follow her or not. Alex walked behind her. He doesn't want to prove anything to anyone as to why he is following her. But he can't just leave her like that.

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