Enchanted love/C7 Will it be that easy?
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Enchanted love/C7 Will it be that easy?
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C7 Will it be that easy?

Promise is meant to be fulfilled by both the parties. But here, Alex is wondering why she meant as if he didn't fulfill any of those. And Clara on the other hand doesn't want to leave any single opportunity to taunt him for turning his back on her.

As she left the home, Alex followed her instantly to make sure she was safe till home. But the heaviness in her heart is little more that made her run away instantly and he lost her in the middle of the road.

Alex is scared now as he couldn't find her anywhere. Where the hell did she go? He ran towards the left lane to see if she had gone there or not.

The silent street made it possible to give him some sound. Hearing that he knew that it's her anklet sound. She is still wearing those anklets which he has gifted her for her birthday. He ran towards the sound and saw her hiding behind a pillar.

He looked here and there to see why she is scared and what is she scared of? His lips curved up automatically when he noticed the black dogs on the right side. She is very fierce but gets scared of dogs like a kid.

He walked towards her to help her but stopped there when he saw the same guy from the last day accompanying her.

"Thanks, Jason. I thought I should walk back to my home alone." Clara exclaimed happily seeing Jason who came there instantly when she called him at this time.

Alex didn't feel right when she called Jason to help her. She could have asked Edward too?

"Anything for you, Clara" Jason replied and grabbed Clara's hands to walk along with her. That doesn't go well with Alex. Alex turned and took his car and left the place with so much anger. He knew that he shouldn't get angry with whatever she does. But deep inside he too knew that he can helll never see her with anyone that easily.


"Thank you dear for dropping Clara safely" Ron thanked Jason when Clara left for her room all ready to sleep. Her migraine is making it worse for her and she doesn't wait for long.

Jason reached the park of Alina's apartment where she came down to meet him. Both sat there gazing at the stars. They are not close but one thing they have in common is Clara. They both are Clara's friends. Alina trusts Jason for Clara. She always makes sure that Clara is fine in the hospital.

"Alina, if you don't mind, can I ask something about Clara?" Jason always wanted to know what the hell happened with her but never got the courage to ask that to Clara or anyone else. But asking Alina would be appropriate.

"I know it's personal. But I respect Clara a lot. I can't see her suffering like this. She is hiding so much pain inAlexe her. I want to at least help her in anything I could. Please don't judge my intention. She is my friend and I want her to be happy. I can ask Clara also. But I know that she would never tell me." Jason panicked when he noticed Alina's expressions. He doesn't want her to misunderstand his intent. Alina released a heavy sigh. She wants to tell everything to Jason as she knows Jason is a very sensible person and would take care of Clara for sure.

"I know that there was someone special in her life and he must have broken her heart to some extent that she is not able to move on" Jason voiced out his doubt as Alina served him coffee. Maybe with a cup of coffee, they can talk about Clara.

"I got married last year to Edward and that's when my Clara started getting attracted towards that person. Everything was like a fairy tale in her life." Alina started narrating everything which she knew. She doesn't regret telling those to the third person. Instead, she wanted someone to empty her heavy heart. That third person can never be better than Jason for sure. She knew that Clara would be mad if she came to know about it. But Alina doesn't care about it.


It's been a week since Edward and Alina were married. Neither Alex nor Clara shared any personal information about each other. Clara just left the hall as if she doesn't care to even look at Alex. Alex is a little hurt that she didn't recognise the spark between them. Maybe they could have at least shared their numbers. At least they could become friends for sure.

Clara on the other hand ran away from the marriage hall without facing anyone. She is not sure if it's a simple infatuation or not. She doesn't want to give in to that feeling. She wants to fulfil her studies with no interruption and these useless things have no space in her life till she becomes a doctor.

Alex started hanging around Edward's home to collect any information about Clara. Maybe her living place or college name? But every time he visits Edward's place, he is getting irritated with their countless romantic scenes. Edward and Alina have no bounds and don't care about the audience when they romance openly.

Cursing his fate, Alex decided not to come to Edward's home anymore. How can someone be so shameless to romance publicly? What irks him more is he has no one to act like them.

Alex entered the club with his friends to empty his heart and mind.

"Omg, the great Alex Smith fell in love with a girl? That too in just one meeting?" His friends started teasing him as Alex gave them a bored smile.

"It's not like love or anything special. But yeah, that girl is different and I want to know about her. But this Edward is in another world now. He is not at all in the circle to help me" Alex replied, grabbing a glass of water to drink.

"It's a fact that she is not from the same city," Rocky replied scratching his neck.

"Yup. I knew that" Alex agreed as he saw her talking about her train tickets to return to her home.

"Guess, I should stop talking or thinking about her" Alex decided on the latter and deleted the picture which he took in the marriage hall. It's not the right thing to keep a girl's picture without her permission.

In the city, Clara sat there in her room all lost in her thoughts. She was unpacking her bag and each dress reminded her of her moments in the marriage. Shouldn't she at least stay there a little more? Clara shrugged her head fastly to let the thoughts of Alex vanish away. But he is occupied everywhere around her. That's a new feeling for her.

Clara is not like those simple girls who have had boyfriends and have experienced such feelings. She has always buried herself in her books and apart from that, she has no idea of what love or crush is. She wanted to share this with Alina and but disturbing her would be the last thing she would do now.

Sliding the thoughts, she set her bed and slept instantly.

Both started trying to forget the little meeting they had encountered and started living their life like before.

But will that be easy?

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