Enchanted love/C8 Is it love?
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Enchanted love/C8 Is it love?
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C8 Is it love?

Flashback continues

One whole month is not at all enough for Alex to forget about that little meeting. He entered his home absentmindedly, receiving a gasp from his parent's side.

"Is it our Son?" His mom gasped dramatically whereas his father stood there in full attacking mode

"It's our home, not any club. Where were you for one month?" Frank Smith asked, crossing his arms in a dominating way. Alex rolled his eyes and went straight to his room without even replying to his mom or dad.

Alex laid down in his bed staring at the stars which he had on his room's wall. It was glittering beautifully. Suddenly Clara's face popped up from those stars making him jerk up from his bed. Damn this girl is not at all leaving his mind and soul. What is happening to him? But do these things happen in films? Is he dreaming of day time also? It was literally a graphics dream. He scratched his head with a bored smile. She has a magic smile for sure and it has a magnetic effect on him.

His phone beeped with a message as he turned his gaze to see. Cursing his friends, he took his bike keys. He left for the station where his friend had asked him to meet up. Can't they meet in any restaurant like usual? He stood there near a pillar in a bored expression. Thanks to God that his parents went for some marriage function as he doesn't want to attend the house investigation this time. It's too tiring to answer these people's questions.

The arrival of some train announced around him as he looked up to see if his friend would be coming on that train or not.

The local train reached the platform and stood in front of him. His heart accelerated fast as if recognising someone's presence. He felt goosebumps all over his body when he looked up to find Clara. With his lollipop in his mouth, he widened his eyes seeing Clara on the opposite side. Before he could analyse what he could do, the train started moving, making him baffled. He waved his hand as if asking the driver to stop the train.

Clara who stood on the footboard, peeped out holding the stem there to see if it's actually Alex or not.

Before both could see each other properly the train moved away really fast making them disappointed. Clara is in shock realising how she gets excited seeing him after so many days. Is it really a simple infatuation or something else? She never felt like this for anyone.

She tries to concentrate on the lectures but goes in vain when she is constantly thinking about that long-haired man. Why does he have to live in the same city as her? Will they meet again? Damn the pose of him. One thing is clear that he doesn't need to do things to impress girls. His normal pose with just a lollipop in hand is too hot to handle. Clara rubbed her face to ease the tension and tried to concentrate on her lectures again. But no bones, no veins, no blood circulation gets into her head. Surely if any patient comes to her in future for cervicalgia, she won't be able to cure them as the lecture would remind her of this meeting with Alex. And she would be distracted again.

Just like that the whole day went by.

The whole night was torture to both of them as they couldn't sleep. Alex decided to go to that station again the next day at the same time to see if she comes there again or not. The fortunate thing is the station has only one platform. Does it mean God also wished for them to meet again?

The alarm echoed when Alex shuts it immediately as if he is waiting for that to ring anytime. He smiled and got ready instantly to go to that station. He took his favourite red t-shirt and blue jeans. He didn't forget to gel his hair as he knew how his hair attracts her. He reached the station earlier to not take a chance. The local trains started arriving on the platforms and Alex stood in the same position as the previous day hoping for the best. He knew that he doesn't need to do anything more to get her attention but this girl is not like other girls. So he tried his level best to look more charming.

"How can you be sure that she will be coming at the same time and the same train?" James, his friend, asked, standing beside Alex.

"I am 100% sure," Alex replied with a small smirk. He knew that she would also search for him today.

"She might be sitting also. Will you check each compartment?" His friend is in full form to give all negative comments.

"I am sure that she will be on that same footpath just like yesterday" Alex replied with a small smile. He could get the vibe that she might want to see him the same way he is getting excited.

Before James could make another comment, a train came and stopped in their place. Alex removed his coolers and saw Clara who was waiting to see him. Anyone could say that she was expecting to see Alex in the same place. On top of that, she wore the same white colours gown which she wore when they met in Goa. Can anyone be more than obvious to this?

He slowly touches his beard as he smirks at her, catching her little effort of dressing up. Why does she have to be so obvious?

Both didn't take their eyes away as they looked at each other. Alex planned to get on the train but he forgot that as the train started moving again making both come to the land. Alex felt so stupid as the train left the platform at jet speed. Clara expects him to climb up before it moves away but gets disappointed.


"Is it love?" James asked unbelievably. It's like a taunt too. They met barely three times and never had a proper conversation till now.

"I had that doubt till yesterday. But the moment I saw her again after one whole month, I knew that she was the one for me. I love her. She is different and she is mine" Alex replied proudly with a constant smile over his lips. His friends released a long sigh at his words. How can anyone fall in love with just a meeting? It can be a mere attraction.

"Can you guys stop your research and help our Alex to find out where she is from?" Rocky spoke, gaining everyone's attention. He is happy that Alex loves someone and he wants to unite both at any cost.

"She is Clara. She travels on that train every morning at 9 o'clock. Besides that, we don't know anything about her." Rocky summarised everything.

"Maybe we should catch that train tomorrow and follow her. Simple" James replied with a proud smile.

"Tomorrow is this month's second Saturday. So it must be a holiday. I am sure that she is studying in some college. She wore her id card but couldn't read the name of the college. She was holding a white coat in her hand. She is a medical student." Alex's words shook everyone. They thought he was lost for two minutes but he noticed a lot about her in that short period.

"The id card had some logos of some leaves. It was blue. One of the leaves was falling" Alex noticed her id card too. Thanks to her white dress as he was noticing her gown and along with that he noticed her id card too.

Vicky ran away from the place instantly, making Alex annoyed.

"Where is he going now?" Alex threw his hands up in frustration.

"Maybe he suddenly remembered something important" Rocky paused and looked at Alex.

"Important like breakfast which he skipped only to accompany you to the station" Rocky ended his guess receiving a slap over his shoulder.

"Guys I found" Vicky came running with a broad smile.

"She is studying in the same college as my cousin sister. Angels medical institute" Vicky waves the id card picture which his cousin sister wore.

"World is really small" Alex mumbled with a wide smirk over his lips. He is now on a full mission to trap his lady so that he can marry her. Alex always doesn't dream of anything but once he places his focus, he doesn't back off till he gets succeeded.

Clara twisted and turned in her bed to sleep but it just went on a vacation. Why did he come again? And why the hell is she disturbed?

She took the phone to call that special person to clear her mind and that person can't be more perfect than Alina.

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