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Amidst the ruckus, Hua Ruge and Shangguan Jin'er stood in the middle of the courtyard and looked for an important witness. After reading the announcement of the duel, the fight officially started.

Hua Ruge was getting impatient under the sun.

Shangguan Jin'er said arrogantly: "Trash, today I will definitely beat you until you beg for mercy."

"Your family can only put on airs towards useless people." Hua Ruge reached out his hand to cover the sun, his face filled with disdain.

As soon as these words came out, the Shangguan Family Head's face turned green again. He gave Shangguan Jin'er a look and told her to quickly finish Hua Ruge, since this was the Dueling Platform, it was a matter of life and death.

"Let's see how you're going to continue being so stubborn when I beat you up so badly." As soon as she finished speaking, Shangguan Jin'er rushed towards Hua Ruge, smashing a fist into her chest.

Hua Ruge's clothes fluttered in the wind due to her powerful fists, but she remained motionless, as she indifferently looked at.

"No matter what she has experienced, she is still a cripple. The moment she comes into actual combat, she would probably be scared silly." Zhou Yunyun did not hesitate to mock Hua Ruge.

But in the next moment, she felt countless slaps land on her face, sending a burning pain.

Just as Shangguan Jin'er's fist was about to touch Hua Ruge's chest, she suddenly moved. However, no one could see how she moved, they only felt a pale blue figure flash, and she was already standing behind Shangguan Jin'er.

Stepping out, the entire audience was shocked.

It was because no one noticed that there was any fluctuation of spirit energy on Hua Ruge's body. To be able to walk in such a profound footwork, was simply unbelievable.

Hua Ruge stretched out a finger and poked Shangguan Jin'er's back. Shangguan Jin'er turned her head and hit her palm full of power, her speed was even faster than before.

Hua Ruge dodged lightly yet again. Shangguan Jin'er was not satisfied, each move was faster than the last, but she could see that her spirit energy was almost depleted and she was unable to touch Hua Ruge's clothes.

"How is this possible?" Shangguan Chuyun's face changed.

He understood Hua Ruge, it was impossible for her to have such skills.

Zhou Yunyun's face was also filled with disbelief.

Shangguan Xiong almost flipped the table. Shangguan Family had been forced by Hua Ruge to duel with a cripple in front of everyone, it was already shameful enough. If he lost, when he went out later on, he would definitely be a joke.

Shangguan Jin'er had been unable to injure Hua Ruge so many times, so she simply took out her sword and aimed it at Hua Ruge's vitals.

Hua Ruge was done playing, and in a clash, he quickly and accurately grabbed her wrist, which was holding the sword. Shangguan Jin'er's reaction was also fast, and she activated all her spiritual energy to her wrist in an attempt to shake off her hand.

Hua Ruge pinched her wrist without dodging, and Shangguan Jin'er threw the sword away in shock in the midst of her pain.

She's not a cripple?

Shangguan Jin'er only had that thought in her mind. However, before she could even say it out, a shining blue silver needle appeared in Hua Ruge's right hand and pierced towards her neck.

"That's not right, this woman clearly has the strength of a Level 3 Warrior. How could she not have been injured just now?" The black-clothed man, who was hidden from view within the boundary, said in a daze.

"He's not a Battle Master." Tuoba Rui said indifferently.

"However, there are no energy waves in Soul Master's body. She obviously has it." The black-clothed man muttered to himself, then widened his eyes in disbelief: "She can't be the legendary Element Body right?"

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