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"You can even tell?" Tuoba Rui's voice was low, the color of her face changed in the deep depths of her eyes for a moment, and then was quickly retracted.

"Oh my god. I thought I could only read about this blessed physique in books. I didn't expect that I could read about it in reality!" The black clothed man was momentarily at a loss.

This was too heaven-defying!

On the stage, when Shangguan Jin'er had been hit by the silver needles, her eyes had been glued to the ground, and she had quickly collapsed, her face turning green.

"Hua Ruge, you are despicable! You clearly won, why did you use poison?" Shangguan Chuyun asked anxiously.

Shangguan Jin'er was from the same mother with him, and their relationship had always been deep. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to trust her even if he had to get rid of Hua Ruge.

"Regardless of life or death, as long as I am willing, not only can I use poison, I can even immediately strangle her. Do you believe me?" Hua Ruge squatted beside Shangguan Jin'er, who had lost her ability to speak, and looked at Shangguan Chuyun provocatively.

"You dare?"

"I'm afraid my hands are dirty." Hua Ruge scoffed, kicking Shangguan Jin'er off the Dueling Platform.

Shangguan Chuyun rushed forward to catch it.

"Hua Ruge, do you dare to accept my challenge?" Zhou Yunyun said hatefully. She had suffered too much from Hua Ruge's humiliation today and could not help but want to tear her into a thousand pieces. Now that there was a chance, she naturally could not be let off.

"If you can throw caution to the wind and embarrass me, then why would I dare to accept?" Hua Ruge agreed without thinking.

Zhou Yunyun's face revealed a smile of satisfaction, she immediately jumped onto the Dueling Platform, she was extremely hateful, and directly took out her sword to cut towards Hua Ruge's waist.

With such a large area of attack, even if Hua Ruge had profound mysteries with his footwork, it would be difficult for him to completely dodge it.

Seeing that Hua Ruge was not moving, Zhou Yunyun smiled.

The black-clothed man on the roof took half a step forward. His body slightly leaned forward and his sharp eyes stared at the battlefield like a sharp sword that could pop out at any time.

"She can handle it." Tuoba Rui said with assured voice.

Sweeping his sword out, Hua Ruge's body fell straight back. In a moment of shock, she twisted her body in midair, supporting herself with her hand and twisting a silver needle on her other finger.

"Yunyun be careful, she wants to ambush us." Shangguan Chuyun shouted from below.

After Zhou Yunyun heard this, he quickly raised his sword and took a defensive stance.

With this miss, Hua Ruge simply threw the silver needles at Shangguan Chuyun who was below the stage, causing him to tilt his head to look.

The corner of Hua Ruge's mouth lifted, and with a slap of his hand, his entire body slid across the ground towards Zhou Yunyun. While she was distracted, he kicked her heavily on her ankle.


A bone cracking sound came out as Zhou Yunyun fell to the ground in pain.

Shangguan Chuyun dodged the silver needles and looked over worriedly.

Hua Ruge used the strength from his waist to flip over the ground, but he did not stop and instead pounced on Zhou Yunyun.

Just as Zhou Yunyun was about to attack, a dagger had already pierced through her neck.

"Don't move, if I fail you, your little life will be gone, your lover will not marry for you forever." Hua Ruge rode on top of her body and teased.

"Hua Ruge, don't go overboard!" Shangguan Chuyun shouted nervously.

"No, I'm just asking her to pay me back some interest." Hua Ruge said as he brought the dagger close to Zhou Yunyun's face.

"You ? What are you doing? " Zhou Yunyun was so scared that her voice changed.

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