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"Don't you remember what you did to me?" Hua Ruge's voice was clear and beautiful, but to Zhou Yunyun, it sounded like a horn from hell.

"Don't... Please don't, I'll give you anything you want. " This time, Zhou Yunyun gave in, anxious to the point that even tears were flowing down.

Shangguan Chuyun immediately said: "Ru Ge, I was wrong, I will definitely help you find a medicine master to cure your face, I beg you, please let Yun Yun go."

"What else would the police do if an apology was useful?" Hua Ruge's voice was cold.

With that, he turned his wrist, and the dagger instantly made a big cut on Zhou Yunyun's face, blood flowing out.

AHH ?." "Zhou Yunyun let out a miserable shriek.

Because the dagger was smeared with Hua Ruge's corrosive poison, which was comparable to sulfuric acid, her wound was growing larger and larger, becoming more and more sinister.

"Yunyun." Shangguan Chuyun's eyes were completely red, he was about to rush up the stage and kick Zhou Yunyun away before he could even go up on stage.

"Hiss ~ ~" The man in black sucked in a breath of cold air and said, "Isn't this woman's actions too ruthless? She's too similar to master."

Tuoba Rui glanced at the black-clothed man, his gaze deep into the abyss.

The man in black immediately lowered his head, not daring to speak anymore.

The Shangguan Family immediately called for a doctor to look at Zhou Yunyun's injuries, but Zhou Yunyun rolled on the ground in disagreement, it took Shangguan Chuyun a lot of effort to hold him down.


The Zhou family's patriarch slammed the table, and scolded Hua Ruge in anger: "You evil woman, you dare injure my daughter, do you really think my Zhou family has no one?"

"The Zhou family is a noble family, how could there be no one here? How about you come up and teach me, a junior, a lesson?" Hua Ruge stood with his hands behind his back, looking at him with eyes full of provocation.

The Zhou family's head wanted to chop her into two with a single palm, but it was fine to bully the weak by doing so in a place with no one around.

"I don't need to teach you a lesson, I'll call my family's children to compete with you right now." Zhou Family Head said coldly.

"Sorry, I'm not interested in others." Hua Ruge rejected flatly, obviously not giving him any face.

"You ?" The Zhou family's head was so angry by her that his beard was trembling, but he didn't know what to say.

Hua Ruge looked at Shangguan Chuyun and said: "I can treat the wounds on her face, I'll give you a chance, defeat me."

Shangguan Chuyun's eyes were sharp as a torch, "Are you for real?"

Hua Ruge glanced at him, too lazy to reply.

Shangguan Chuyun put down Zhou Yunyun and flew up on stage. He was already at the peak of the Level 7 Warrior, and was almost able to break through to Battle Master. As the number one genius in Ye City, his strength could not be compared with Zhou Yunyun's.

He stood on top of the Dueling Platform and stood up straight. He looked at Hua Ruge with a complicated gaze, "If you don't have spirit energy, no matter how powerful your battle skill is, it won't be able to win against me. If you're willing to save Yunyun, I won't help you."

"You're the one who should be afraid of falling to the name of bullying a cripple, right?" Hua Ruge looked at him coldly: "Shangguan Chuyun, can you not make us feel disgusted?"

Shangguan Chuyun frowned, and said to the people below him: "Today, it is not that I want to bully the weak, but she is forcing me.

He did fear that it would ruin his reputation.

Hua Ruge's expression did not change at all, this was within her expectations, he was a complete hypocrite.

"Hua Ruge, today I will let you see the fighting strength of a Level 7 Warrior." Shangguan Chuyun said confidently, but he still cautiously took out his sword, in case Hua Ruge made a loophole and embarrassed himself.

He was the number one genius in this city. If Hua Ruge, the most famous trash, was able to gain the upper hand, it would be enough to turn him into a laughingstock.

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