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"I'll let you make the first move." Shangguan Chuyun stared at her. He looked relaxed, but his gaze was focused on every single part of her body. He guaranteed that he would immediately judge her attack.

"Sure." Hua Ruge replied lightly as she waved her light blue sleeves with her lips.

When Shangguan Chuyun saw the smile on her face and the strong confidence in her eyes, his heart trembled for no reason.

"Puff puff puff ?"

Hua Ruge waved his hand and three fireballs appeared out of thin air, following which they quickly flew towards Shangguan Chuyun.

Shangguan Chuyun was shocked, he only had enough time to roll around and dodge.

"Soul Master? she is actually a third level fire attribute Soul Master? "

At this moment, all of them stood up in shock. They couldn't believe that the young girl standing on the stage with a wave of her hand was able to make the number one genius in Ye Xiwen's history roll all over the floor.

The strength of the Soul Master laid in its ability to control the powers between heaven and earth, while the Battle Master could only utilize its own energy. The gap between the two was huge, causing the Soul Master to be generally stronger than the Battle Master, and because of that, it had always been revered by the people.

None of them expected that the Hua Clan Mistress, who had always been treated as trash in the Shangguan Family, would become a Soul Master?

Shangguan Xiong thumped his chest and stomped his feet, secretly hating himself for not being calm enough to let Hua Ruge stay for a few more years!

If the Hua Clan knew that Hua Ruge had recovered his talent, they would definitely bring her back. If the marriage was over, then the Shangguan Family would be like a fish leaping over a dragon gate, why would he be in such a hurry?

"Ru Ge, you ?" Shangguan Chuyun's way of addressing him changed.

Hua Ruge pointed a finger at him, and immediately, a fire dragon rushed towards him with blazing energy.

This time, Shangguan Chuyun was not as passive as before. He flew high into the air before the Fire Dragon could approach him, his long sword stabbing down at Hua Ruge at an incredible speed.

Everyone knew that every soul technique in the Soul Master required time to prepare, so close combat was the Soul Master's fatal weakness.

The Fire Dragon danced and landed on the Dueling Platform, blowing up a cloud of dust.

By the side, Shangguan Chuyun's sword had already arrived in front of Hua Ruge. Hua Ruge laughed, and with a flick of his finger, a fireball shot out, aiming straight at Shangguan Chuyun's face.

Shangguan Chuyun thought that he had won, and the smile on his face froze. Right now, he was in mid air, just before he had used up all his energy, so it was impossible for him to change his direction, so he could only pull out his sword to block in front of him.

His heart was in shock. Hua Ruge's soul technique did not seem to require much time, what was going on?

After he pulled out his sword to return to defense, his body fell. Hua Ruge did not give him any more time to prepare, and immediately, three fire dragons flew out, sealing all of Shangguan Chuyun's directions.

Shangguan Chuyun did not have time to be shocked, he hurriedly used his Sword Qi to block, but the fire dragon's power was powerful, and in that instant, he was sent flying, landing below the Dueling Platform with a pu tong sound.

"The Element Body's instant soul skill is really abnormal." The man in black on the roof wore an expression of jealousy and hatred.

Tuoba Rui raised his eyes slightly and worriedly said: "The Element Body is favored by the heavens, but she is also driven by those who are able to. It might not be a good thing for ordinary people.

On the ground, the clothes on Shangguan Chuyun's upper body were completely burnt, his charred skin was filled with burn marks, and the blood that flowed out was mixed with the black ash, forming a strange dark red color.

The bride's face was in so much pain that she wished she was dead. The groom was heavily injured and had no idea if he was dead or alive, and he had even picked up a young miss who was poisoned and was currently being examined by a medicinal master. This truly made everyone's heart tremble, as they rejoiced that they did not offend Hua Ruge before this.

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