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Who was Black Panther?

There was only one person in this world that could make him act so respectfully and without giving face to the emperor, who could even be counted as one of the top experts in the Great Zheng Empire.

Just as the name was about to be called, everyone began to pant. It was unknown if it was due to nervousness or fear.

Hua Ruge looked at this scene in a daze.

After which, a shadow flashed in the courtyard, and before anyone could see him, a powerful pressure as vast as a sea of smoke enveloped him. The kneeling crowd were all forced to lower their heads and do their best to raise their eyes, but all they could see was the corners of his black robe.

However, Hua Ruge felt that she was not being suppressed, she raised her head and felt the light in front of her grow even brighter, a jet black jade crown on her head, a black dragon robe on her body, and a jade belt on her waist.

Under the noon sunlight, that face seemed to be coated with a layer of golden light. It was extremely beautiful, enough to make one intoxicated just by looking at it.

If Hua Ruge had to describe this man's appearance, he would be like a painter from a fairyland, an artist who used all the spirit energy and beauty in the world to make a painting.

But now that she saw him, the only thought in her mind was that she was dead meat!

She didn't think that this man would actually be able to find her. He wanted to kill someone close to him due to his temper, not to mention that she stole his ring.


She didn't know what she had been confused about.

"Participate in Battle King." Shangguan Xiong clutched at his wounded chest, shouting out loud.

He did not need to look at his face. Just this strong and murderous aura was enough to make him the Great Zheng's War God ? ? Battle King Tuoba Rui.

"The law of Great Zheng, if you enter the Dueling Platform, you will have no choice but to accept life and death. Do you all dare to incite private revenge?" His voice was not heavy, but each word was like a knife. When it entered one's ears, it caused one to feel a chill all over one's body.

Shangguan Xiong's throat felt itchy, but he didn't dare to cough out. He pinched his throat and repeatedly kowtowed as he said:

This subject knows his wrongs, this subject knows his wrongs, this subject is just too concerned about the injuries of my children, and was momentarily muddled, moreover, this subject only wants the antidote, and does not wish to harm my life, I beg Battle King to observe clearly.

"Argument?" Tuoba Rui's tone was high, a dense killing intent emitted out from his body, causing the surrounding air to freeze.

No one doubted that he would kill at once.

Who is the Battle King?

The younger brother of the current Emperor, the royal uncle of the princes.

Nine years old, armored and on the battlefield. Thirteen years old, leading troops. Fifteen years old and fighting to the death all around the border.

Because of a single rage, he once massacred three cities and left a million corpses. The land within thirty li was dyed in blood and his iron-blooded methods spread throughout the Nine Prefectures.

He was the god of war that everyone respected, and also the god of death that everyone feared. It was normal for him to easily kill someone.

Of course Hua Ruge knew all this, when she thought of this, she couldn't help but want to slap herself to death. Stolen?

No! No matter what happened, she couldn't admit that she took the ring. She didn't know if he was still in a coma or not.

Just as he was thinking about it, Tuoba Rui suddenly turned and looked at her. She was on stage, so he raised his head slightly.

Hua Ruge's eyes revealed fear, he immediately jumped down from the stage and stood three feet away from him, trying his best to be humble.

She knew her own limits. She didn't want to die right after teleporting here.

When Tuoba Rui saw Hua Ruge, the ice-cold look in his eyes unconsciously withdrew, and he said to her: "You are the victor, so these people can be dealt with by you."

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