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Hua Ruge was overwhelmed by the favor, he felt that this man must have forgotten something important, and did not know that he took his storage ring, but this time, he was just passing by to administer justice.

As a result, she stood up straight and walked up to Shangguan Xiong and the Zhou family head kneeling on the ground, smiled and said, "The two family heads really shouldn't have acted so impulsively, wasn't it just the antidote, wouldn't it have been fine if I hadn't given them?"

When Shangguan Xiong and the Zhou family head heard her voice, they became extremely angry, but because Tuoba Rui was there, they could only admit his mistake: "Yes yes, we were impulsive, please give us the antidote."

Hua Ruge touched his spatial ring and two small medicinal bottles, one black and one red, appeared in his hands, which he handed over to the two old men. He said, "Inside one bottle, there's one antidote.

The two of them were surprised by Hua Ruge's generosity, and quickly said: "Thank you, miss."

Hua Ruge smiled warmly: "You're welcome, one pellet is worth a thousand gold."

She squatted down and calmly looked at them. Then, she opened her white hands and said, "Take the money."

Black Leopard almost laughed out loud. He knew that Hua Ruge was not that easy to talk to.

Shangguan Xiong and the Zhou Family Head's faces were both pale and dark. A thousand gold coins was their income for the past few months, but since things had come to this point, what could they do about it? They could only obediently take the money.

Hua Ruge was holding a heavy money bag in one hand, laughing until his teeth could no longer be seen.

"As expected of the two of you, great clans. You two really have a lot of money. Even I've never seen so much." After receiving the money, she did not forget to poke fun at them. Immediately, she saw that the three injured men lying side by side had ugly looks on their faces, and Shangguan Jin'er even spat out a mouthful of black venomous blood.

He vomited blood just like that?

His mental endurance was too poor!

Hua Ruge stood up shakily, then took out the marriage contract that she made eight years ago. Looking at the parchment that the original owner had kept without a single fold, she smiled sarcastically, pinched the middle of her hands, and gently pulled.

"Sizzle ?"

Her hands didn't stop moving, and the marriage contract in her hands quickly turned into a pile of scraps of paper. With a wave of her large sleeves, white bits of paper scattered into the air above the Shangguan family members' heads.

Papers flew everywhere as she opened her mouth, "From today onwards, I will break off all ties with your Shangguan family. If you do not grow eyes and become my opponent in the future, don't blame me for not being gentle when killing."

With that, she turned around and left. Under the sunlight, her back was straight. Her arrogance was like that of a peacock, making people feel that she was untouchable.

Tuoba Rui looked at her, his deep eyes revealing a faint sense of praise.

Just as Hua Ruge took two steps forward, he felt a sharp pain from his shoulder, and a hand grabbed her, sending her flying high into the sky.

The crowd only saw a shadow flash past and the three people in front of them disappeared.

"Um, Battle King, can you tell me where you want to take me first?"

Tuoba Rui did not react, he grabbed her and continued to fly.

"I mean we don't know each other, or it's better to keep our distance, don't you think?"

Tuoba Rui's aura was a little cold.

"Of course, I definitely don't mean to despise you, but you must be right."

Tuoba Rui was slightly better, but he did not have any intention of stopping.

"Oh my god, I'm so afraid of heights, I'm going to vomit." Hua Ruge covered his mouth and retched.

Indeed, in the next moment, Tuoba Rui began to descend.

Hua Ruge let out a light snort after getting the upper hand. Small fry, seeing how restrained you are, you must be a germaphobe.

The place where they landed was not far from the forest they had first met. It was a land of poetry and grass that bordered a mountain and a river.

However, Hua Ruge didn't have any mood to admire it at all. She was currently filled with apprehension, and once upon a time, she felt that the Death God was coming closer and closer to her.

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