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Tuoba Rui observed her, and when he saw that she did not have any signs of wanting to vomit, he turned to look at the clear lake water in front of him.

Hua Ruge saw from his appearance that if she did not speak, he would not speak.

Thank you, Battle King, for seeing me out. She said she was going to put some oil on her foot.

Even if she had to die, she had to change the way she died. Being by his side was too terrifying.

"Did I let you go?" Tuoba Rui turned his head coldly, his gaze sharp and cold.

Black Panther fell silent. Master, can you not say that you are reluctant to part with it? Chasing a girl like this would scare her away, okay?

Hua Ruge was infuriated, but for the sake of his little life, he forced a smile and said: "If you're not leaving, then what exactly do you want to do? Let's chat a bit."

Tuoba Rui extended his hands out to her: "Ring."

Hua Ruge thought that things were not going well, as expected, this brat was not easy to deal with. However, she knew that if she handed it over, she would definitely die.

"What ring?" Hua Ruge doubtfully pointed to his own ring and asked: "This is what my mother left for me."

"Bring me my ring." Tuoba Rui did not appear to be confused by her, and directly replied.

"How do I know where your ring is?" Hua Ruge carried it all the way to the end.

Tuoba Rui saw that she was dishonest, and said in a low voice: "That is my contract ring, I can feel that it is on your body."

Hua Ruge's face instantly turned ashen, but he quickly smiled. "That's right, look at my memory. I remember that a thief stole it from you that day, and then I saw someone helping you take it back."

Tuoba Rui looked at her coldly.

Hua Ruge took out the storage ring and placed it on his palm while dodging, and then laughed: "It's nothing, you don't have to thank me."

Just as she finished speaking, she felt a pain in her wrist, as Tuoba Rui had grabbed her hand.

Hua Ruge was furious. She wanted to make it up to him, but there was no end to that.

Stretching her head, she also did the same with a knife. Who could she, Hua Ruge, be afraid of?

I know you're powerful, but what ability do you have to kill a young girl like me? If you have the guts, wait for me for three years.

She roared loudly, and after saying those fierce words, she glared at Tuoba Rui, but realised that Tuoba Rui was not looking at her at all, and only felt her fingers turn cold, and then, she looked down to see Tuoba Rui putting the black Dragon Mark Ring onto her middle finger.

She felt as if ten thousand alpacas were roaring past her heart. She was completely stupefied. What was this b * tch doing?

Even though she had just transmigrated, she knew that this ring was definitely a good item.

Let her go to the Underworld to scout for him first?

"For you." These two short words came out of Tuoba Rui's mouth, and when listened carefully, one could feel a bit stiff.

Hua Ruge asked desperately, "Can you not?"

How did she know if this person was harming her?

Tuoba Rui's face seemed to have turned into ice, he shook her off hand: "The moment I find out you took my life, I'll take it from you, if you don't believe me, you can try it?"

"Yes." Hua Ruge nodded his head, this man was definitely not one to be offended.

Tuoba Rui's expression became a little better, and said again: "I've already taken away the things inside.

Hua Ruge felt that no matter how hard she tried to get a treasure, it wouldn't be bad. As for the secrets, she would just have to explore them in the future.

She bit her finger and dripped a drop of blood on the dragon tattoo. The blood quickly spread and covered the dragon tattoo, making the picture even more vivid.

With a flash of black light, her blood disappeared. The ring on her finger suddenly tightened, and a warm sensation pressed against her skin, as if it was custom-made for her.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Tuoba Rui's mouth raised slightly.

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