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"Thanks, so I can leave now, right?" Hua Ruge gestured to the ring on his hand.

Tuoba Rui asked: Where to?

"It's not on the way." Seeing that he had let go, Hua Ruge quickly ran off like a wisp of smoke.

Black Panther wanted to stop her, but Tuoba Rui simply said indifferently while looking at her back, "It's time for us to return to the capital."

"You don't want to know where she went?" Black Leopard watched Hua Ruge's figure run off into the distance before he asked in surprise.

Tuoba Rui said with a assured voice: "She's wearing my ring, so she won't be able to escape."

"But you were the one who hid your aura. What will you do if you give it to her?" Black Panther asked in confusion.

"If others find out too early that she's a Element Body, then she's dead for sure, so we have to hide the spiritual energy in her body, and make them mistake her as a Soul Master."

Tuoba Rui looked in the direction she had left, his voice light.

As for himself, he had never thought about it, nor was it that important.

When Hua Ruge entered the city, the sky wasn't dark yet. Just like two days ago, she was wearing a mask. It wasn't because she was afraid of others looking down on her, but because her facial recognition was too high.

After putting on her mask, she first went to the pharmacy to buy medicinal herbs and pill furnaces. Since there were many rare medicinal herbs, the owner needed to find them. While waiting, she took the opportunity to go to the restaurant opposite the pharmacy to eat.

This restaurant's location was good, and the business was not bad either. There were many people sitting around her, and all of them were talking about how she had caused a ruckus in the Shangguan family.

Hua Ruge was happy to join in on the fun, eating while listening to the discussions.

"Have you heard? Hua Ruge disgraced the Zhou Mansion's young miss, so when I passed by their house today, all I saw were some of the servants.

"Then did the Shangguan family cancel the engagement?"

"The Shangguan family is covered in dirt today, how could they have the face to cancel the engagement?"

"What's wrong? "What's wrong?" Someone who didn't know anything stepped forward to ask.

"The Sixth Young Master of the Shangguan family was actually defeated by Hua Ruge, and the marriage was even annulled. Now that the Shangguan family has gone out to show off, they can't afford to lose face."

"How is that possible? Shangguan Chuyun is a genius, how can a trash like Hua Ruge beat him? "

"Rumor has it that Hua Ruge is a Soul Master, if I had to say it, it makes sense. How could the Hua Family produce such trash? The Shangguan Family has no eyes at all."

As Hua Ruge listened to these conversations, he began to chew on the peanuts.

From today onwards, her name, Hua Ruge, would be linked with a genius.

A newly added wine guest said, "I've just returned from Shangguan family's residence. The steward has instructed me to postpone my engagement for a few days before sending the pork over. I'm going to marry the Zhou family's young miss."

Hua Ruge was a little surprised. She understood that the Shangguan Chuyun she knew wasn't the type to be emotional, and he even wanted face so badly. How could he possibly marry the Zhou Yunyun who had ruined his face?

At the same table, someone else asked the same question. This time, the pork delivery man didn't know either.

Someone else came over from the side and said, "You probably don't know about this, but five days later, the capital's Bi Tong Academy and Royal College are both recruiting students, and the Royal College is plentiful, but other than those with high talent, the ones who can enter are nobles. So, think about it."

They had to understand that Hua Ruge did not want to know, but she did.

Other than talent, resources were extremely important to the progress of cultivation, and Royal College was established by the royal family, so there was no need to mention how abundant the resources were. She believed that Shangguan Chuyun married Zhou Yunyun in order to enter the Royal College.

As long as they were strong enough, beautiful women would be everywhere.

"Admission to the academy?" She turned the teacup, and the corners of her mouth curled into a smile.

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