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She was in need of a safe haven, wasn't this the perfect academy?

Just as she was thinking, the shop assistant from the pharmacy ran over and gave her the medicine that she wanted.

Hua Ruge saw the medicinal ingredients and went back to his room after settling the bill.

Since she was going to appear in front of others in a brand-new image, the first thing she had to do was change her face. Actually, her injuries weren't that serious, she only needed to find a random tier 3 alchemist to refine a Grade 3 Face Preserving Pill for her to recover from.

But because the requirements of the alchemists in this world were so little, an alchemist had to be a Soul Master, which eliminated the majority of the people.

Soul techniques were also divided into eight main divisions, with only the Fire Soul Master being able to become an Alchemist, and only about one eighth of the people there remained.

However, only a very small number of people had met the requirements for physical fitness. The most important point was that their mental control was high, so they had to eliminate about half of the people here.

Therefore, only a few people in Yunyun's world had the ability to become an alchemist. To become an alchemist, one would have to go through a long and arduous process, including the practice of alchemy and alchemy. It would take several decades before one could become a true alchemist.

Although it was difficult, once one became an alchemist, tens of millions of people would respect him. All the hardships he had endured would be rewarded.

The Element Body is related to the eight elements, so she is a complete Soul Master. As for her mental control, although the original owner's is not strong, her mental control is strong, so the current her can become an alchemist.

As for the matching of medicinal herbs, not to mention her past life as a medical saint, just the fact that the pill formulas recorded on the cultivation technique that her mother left behind ranged from Tier 1 to 9. She could just follow the instructions.

However, refining medicine was a little difficult. She could only give it a few more tries without anyone teaching her. There were still five days left until the recruitment time in the capital, so she didn't have much time left. She had to make good use of it.

She meditated until the power she had expended during the day recovered before taking out the bronze triangle-shaped pill furnace she had bought earlier. She placed the pill furnace in her left hand before casting her soul technique. A flame slowly rose in her palm as she held up the pill furnace.

His other hand began to pour in the medicinal herbs according to the sequence recorded in the pill formula in his memory. At the same time, he used his mental energy to control the size and density of the flames.

After all, Hua Ruge had never trained in this area before, and his first attempt very quickly failed.

"My money." She howled at the sky.

However, it was difficult for Hua Ruge to defeat him. After a short rest, she started to try again.

The truth was that pill concocting was much more difficult than she had imagined, especially with no one to guide her through it. Thus, for the next few days, she confined herself to her room.

On the third day, when the waiter was serving water, he heard a cheerful cry from the room. He was so frightened that he knocked on the door and asked what was going on.

"It's fine. Young lady is happy. Here's your reward."

A light voice floated out, and the waiter saw the door open. A gold coin flew out, he caught the door and quickly closed it, but he did not see the person inside.

"Thank you, Miss." The waiter's eyes turned gold.

If he had entered, he would have been even more shocked. Hua Ruge was seated gracefully on the dresser, with a face in the bronze mirror that could make any woman jealous.

Her skin was like white jade, her eyebrows like a painting. Her nose was high and delicate, her cheeks were red like peach blossoms, her red lips were like petals, and her face looked like a peerless beauty. Just a casual glance from her would be enough to captivate one's soul.

"The heck, with such a face, I can just rely on it to survive. What's the use of having talent?"

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