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"Don't bully me because I transmigrated. Even if I don't recognize any divine beasts, I still wouldn't be as young as you!" Hua Ruge snorted.

"I'll scare you to death if I become bigger!" The little beast refused to accept this outcome.

Hua Ruge laughed and lied to it, "Then transform into me, I'll believe you when I grow up."

"Then you give me energy to eat. I can transform once I eat energy." To her surprise, the small beast was not only not angered, but it also wanted benefits.

Even if Hua Ruge was a transcender, he had heard that the higher the intelligence of a Spirit Beast, the higher their level. Seeing that this little thing's intelligence was even higher than a newborn baby's, it could really not be a high ranked Spirit Beast.

She frowned, wondering if she should stay.

If he didn't, it would be a huge loss for him if he was a treasure.

Keep it, it absorbs its own energy every day, but it's deadly.

Thinking of this, she patted her forehead in distress, but she suddenly thought of something. It was something very important, but it had been forgotten by her for too long.

In her hazy memories, she remembered living with her mother until the age of five. One night, her mother suddenly handed her a jade slip and hurriedly told her to open it when she could cultivate, otherwise, it would bring disaster upon herself.

She casually placed the jade slip away and asked her mother what had happened. Her mother smiled as she caressed her head. She didn't say anything and disappeared that night, never to return.

As Hua Ruge thought about this, she had already gone to rummage through the spatial ring in her hand. In a corner that she had neglected for ten years, she found the jade scroll.

Without thinking, she forced out a tiny bit of spiritual energy from her body.

Then, Hua Ruge felt that there was a strong light flashing and entering into the space between his eyebrows, following that, a lot of information started to appear in his mind.

A message from the first mother.

"Little Ge, I'm very happy that you were able to see the words I left behind. First of all, let's congratulate you on hatching the Devouring Beast with your own spirit energy, after hatching, it will no longer absorb your spirit energy, and it will also make your future cultivation much easier. However, you must remember not to let anyone else know, or else it will invite a fatal disaster."

"Secondly, your physique is not that of a genius Battle Master as they say, but a Element Body. This will allow you to go further than everyone else, so you don't have to rush. The most important thing is to protect yourself."

"Thirdly, Mother left you a cultivation technique that is suitable for you. You can cultivate it properly. "Finally, my little Song, you are my mother's only concern in this world. You must take good care of yourself, Mother will always think about you."

This was a mother's letter, and every word was closely related to Hua Ruge's safety.

Hua Ruge sighed. After thinking about the 'Element Body' that her mother mentioned, she was so shocked that her mouth couldn't even close.

According to the original owner's fifteen years of memories, she had some understanding of the cultivation methods of this world.

This was a world where the strong were respected, and the most common profession was Battle Master. As the threshold was very low, as long as one's body had no problems, one could control warrior power.

The rarer ones were the Soul Master s. Although their killing power was strong, their mental and physical requirements were extremely high. Thus, their status was relatively higher.

There were also a group of alchemists who were more talented, and had very high requirements in terms of spiritual force and elemental affinity.

The Element Body s were the ones that the heavens favored the most, their bodies were natural elemental containers, as long as they had the appropriate cultivation technique, they would have the Battle Master's unswerving determination and strong attack power.

I heard that in the entire continent's several tens of thousands of years of history, there have only been two records of this sort of person. These two were both legendary figures who could shake the world, and could anger the entire world.

However, no matter how rare the Element Body were, there were definitely not only two of them. The rest of them either died because they were assassinated before they rose to prominence or because they could not afford the resources.

To sum it up, this physique had unlimited potential. The body was strong, and the combat prowess was extremely high. However, growing up required too much resources, and not just anyone could afford it.

"Truly, no matter which world we go to, the rich ones will always be the grandsons, and the poor ones will always be the grandsons." Hua Ruge started to make fun of himself after finding this information. Then, he went to check his own spatial ring to see how much money he had.

Just as her mind was wandering, she heard a "Ah Wu" sound, and she felt her hand lighten. Lowering her head, she saw that the jade slip from before had already been caught in the Devouring Beast's mouth.

"You can't eat that. Be good and give it to me." Hua Ruge said in a coaxing tone. Right now, she felt that the original owner had used up a lot of spirit energy and could only hatch trouble.

Not only did he not have the slightest bit of fighting strength, he only knew how to cause trouble.


Following the sound of swallowing, Hua Ruge saw the Devouring Beast swallow the jade slip in one gulp before lying down comfortably on her palm.

Hua Ruge immediately went berserk, that was something her mother left for her, although she had already read the information, and it was useless, but she could not eat it!

Just when she was about to go berserk, she suddenly felt a surge of energy suddenly appear out of nowhere, wandering unconscious through her limbs and bones.

She didn't have time to analyze the reason why. She immediately sat down to meditate by the stream and opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with ecstasy. Because the power was not small, she directly went from nothing to a Level 1 Warrior.

It had to be known that even if she was a genius, she would need at least a month to cultivate to her current level. And now, she had leveled up without doing anything.

"You can help me level up by eating something?" Hua Ruge brought the small Devouring Beast in front of her eyes, opening her beautiful eyes wide.

"I don't know about that. In any case, I will give you half of the energy when I eat." The Devouring Beast was a little reluctant when she said this, it should be because of the restriction of the contract between the two of them.

"Then can you digest anything?" Hua Ruge was even more concerned about this issue.

"Of course, my Devouring Beast's name did not come from nowhere. As long as it is something with energy, I can absorb it all!" When the little beast heard Hua Ruge question it, it immediately stood up and flaunted its own abilities.

"That means other people rely on elixirs to live or elixirs to use as resources, but I can use anything for that. Isn't that a bit too heaven defying?" Hua Ruge was ecstatic.

The Devouring Beast jumped onto her shoulder to sleep, using its actions to express its unwillingness to be associated with a bumpkin.

After Hua Ruge became overjoyed, she became silent again. After thinking carefully, the original owner's mother did this for her own good, Mu Xiu was a person who would destroy Lin Feng. If she did not sharpen her powerful heart, her moving gold ingots would have been used by others, or been killed long ago.

However, the original owner was just too weak. He actually died before the Devouring Beast could hatch.

She sighed. Just as she was about to enter the city and find a place to comb through the cultivation technique left behind by the original owner's mother, she heard the gentle voice of a girl on the official road ahead.

"Where are you going, young master? Why don't we travel together?"

As soon as she looked up, she saw a woman who could be said to be very pretty walking towards a man. She followed her gaze and only felt a flash of light before her eyes, causing her to fall into a daze for a moment.

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