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As the capital of the Great Zheng Kingdom, the capital was always overcrowded because the two best academies in the kingdom, Bi Tong Academy, and Royal College, would begin recruiting students for the new year tomorrow.

In this continent that was rich in martial arts, strength was everything. The best way to obtain strength was to receive good teaching, so even if these people tried their best to push their way through, they wouldn't miss the chance to enter an institution of higher learning.

At the end of the busy street, a green-clothed youth walked over. His skin was fair and his facial features were exquisite. His pair of eyes were bright like the stars, and as his gaze moved, it seemed as if the street had become darker.

The surrounding people glanced at him, and a few of the women who peeked at him blushed. However, when they saw that he did not have any badge on his chest, they could not hide their disappointment.

The man had a look of disdain on his face as he thought, "What's the use of having good looks?" He subconsciously stuck out his chest, afraid that others wouldn't be able to see the badge representing his cultivation level.

The youth did not pay attention to their small movements. He stood on the street and spoke to a certain direction, "I'm back."

This was none other than Hua Ruge who had changed into a man's attire. In order to make it more realistic, she had even refined a Shape-Changing Pill, concealing her female characteristics and adding a few centimeters into it.

However, due to her limited abilities, this pill could only be used for half a month. That is, if she wanted to maintain her male identity, she would have to take the pill again after half a month.

The last time she stepped on this land was eight years ago. Back then, she was a little girl who had been abandoned by her family. Now that she had returned, she was going to appear before the Hua family with a talent even greater than when she was born.

I really don't know what expression those people would have.

"Young master, I beg of you, please save my mother ?"

Just as Hua Ruge was in a daze, he heard a girl begging nearby.

She looked in the direction of the voice and saw a group of people gathered in front of a medicine store. The sound had come from the crowd.

Hua Ruge walked over without a word. She had two hobbies in her life, the second one was to join in on the fun and meddle in other people's business.

There weren't many people surrounding her, and in front of her were a few young girls shopping.

"Beauty, give way." She patted one of the girls on the shoulder.

The young lady was attracted by the name, but when she saw Hua Ruge, she immediately nodded her head, not knowing if she reacted or not.

Hua Ruge thanked her and walked to the front. He saw a man in his early twenties kneeling down and a girl who looked to be only thirteen or fourteen years old begging him to save her.

"What's so great about that short-lived mother of yours? Obediently come back with me. I guarantee you a good life." The man's voice was filled with impatience, but he did his best to coax the girl. The gaze with which he looked at the girl was so greedy that it made people feel nauseous.

"No, mother is still alive. Please save her. In the future, I will definitely serve you well and repay you." The girl grabbed the man's leg and begged him while crying.

It was only then that Hua Ruge noticed a woman lying on the medicinal store's steps. Her coarse clothes covered her body and with one glance, he could tell that she did not have the money to treat his illness.

I don't have the money to save her. I thought highly of you so I wanted you to come back and serve me. Don't refuse a toast and drink a forfeit." The man said angrily. It was obvious that he was a young master from a wealthy family who was used to people having bad tempers. If he showed the slightest bit of displeasure, he would hurt others.

"Young Master, don't be like this, as long as you saved my mother, I will do anything." The girl cried even harder.

"How ignorant. Bring her back to me and properly train her." The man waved his hand and a few men came forward to arrest him.

"Stop." Hua Ruge really could not watch any longer. After speaking up to stop her, he went up to the young master and said: "Scum, his mother's life is at stake, and you still want to snatch her back? Are you a beast?"

She said she was going to see the woman on the steps, and a second late was a fatal danger to her.

"Where did this pretty boy come from? You dare to interfere in my business? Do you not want to live anymore?" That man was scolded by Hua Ruge in front of so many people. He could not even cover his face as he blocked her way.

Hua Ruge squinted his eyes, and said sternly: "Get out of my way."

"A noob who doesn't even have a rank can learn from others to fight against injustice?" "Kid, is your brain damaged?" The man laughed mockingly, not moving in the slightest.

The servants around him were also laughing wildly.

"You're courting death." As Hua Ruge spoke, she waved her hand, and the wind elements immediately formed into a sharp blade in front of her, howling and cutting towards the man's waist.

The man turned pale with fright. In a hurry, he had nowhere to dodge to. In a moment of desperation, he could only roll on the ground, rolling around in the mud.

But even so, it was because Hua Ruge made such a sudden move that the belt on his pants was cut off. He looked at his pants in a daze, and thought about the consequences if he hid later, his crotch would feel cold.

"Instant cast of rank 3? She's actually a Soul Instructor? " Everyone present was shocked by this move of Hua Ruge's.

A third rank soul technique was not that difficult. It could be done for a primary Soul Master, but the prerequisite was that it had to be brewed quickly. And to be able to do this, one had to be a high rank Soul Master's soul master or teacher to be able to do it.

Until now, the youngest soul teacher in the kingdom was thirty years old, but from the looks of it, this young man was only a teenager. His strength far exceeded that of a heaven defying existence!

The two old men who were drinking tea on the second floor were shocked at the same time. When they saw this scene, they suddenly stood up. One of them forcefully pulled off a few strands of beard while stroking it.

What Hua Ruge wanted was this kind of misunderstanding on their part. Taking advantage of their shock, he walked over to the woman and extended his hand out to check her breath.

The girl immediately ran over and knelt down towards Hua Ruge. She pleaded: "This young master, I know you are a good person, as long as you save my mother, Bing'er will be yours in the future."

"Enough, don't make yourself so worthless." Hua Ruge then shouted towards the medicine shop: "Come and save people, I have money."

The moment the medicine store people heard Hua Ruge's words, a doctor immediately ran out to treat the woman's illness. Forget about her being rich, even if a talented person like her didn't have the money, the pharmacy would still not dare to offend her.

The doctor was also a Soul Master. He could use his mental power to detect the damage to his body.

"I'm sorry, young master, but this is a case of consumption that requires years and months to recover from. It's extremely difficult to save, and she only has one last breath left, so there's no way she can save us."

"Impossible, there must be a way. Aren't you all physicians?" It can definitely be saved! " Without waiting for Hua Ruge to speak, Lan Bing'er cried loudly.

The doctor waved his hands, bowed to Hua Ruge and walked back.

Lan Bing'er knelt on the ground in despair, his wails making people feel uncomfortable.

Hua Ruge initially did not want to reveal too many of her abilities, but at the same time, she couldn't help but to feel the veins of the woman. With one look, the woman's breath was erratic, she had already lost all of her bodily functions, and with her current abilities, there was no way to save her.

Seeing the woman take in her last breath, she stood up helplessly and patted Lan Bing'er's shoulder without saying a word.

When the man who made things difficult for Lan Bing'er saw Hua Ruge's gaze turn to look at him, he immediately ran off with his pants up. He was a popinjay but he was not stupid.

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