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Hua Ruge took out the money from her hands and helped Lan Bing'er bury her mother. It was already dusk when she finished everything.

One of the two old men was fat and the other was thin. Both of them were brimming with vigor and vitality as they stared at Hua Ruge, causing her to feel as if the originally quiet grave had been blown by the wind, looking gloomy and sinister.

"Little brother, are you here to enroll in the academy?" The thin old man was the first to speak as he looked at Hua Ruge with unconcealable anticipation.

Hua Ruge glanced at him, then asked: "Who are you?"

The skinny old man replied, "I am..."

"I was so happy that I forgot to introduce him." The fat old man quickly said, "What I call is not important. I am the Principal of Royal College, you can call me Dean Fang."

"And me, I'm Director Li from Bi Tong Academy." The skinny old man was not to be outdone.

The two of them stared at each other, one big and one small. It was very funny.

Hua Ruge inhaled a breath of cold air. The two of them were famous, their disciples were everywhere, and their status in Da Zheng was extraordinary. Although they did not have any official title, even the officials would have to be respectful to them.

"I've heard a lot about the two deans, but I wonder why you're looking for me today?" Although Hua Ruge asked this, he could guess that these two people had seen his performance on the streets during the day.

Otherwise, with their identities, they wouldn't have condescended to come here.

"Look at your age. Coming to the capital at this time, you must be looking to study. Do you have any interest in entering Bi Tong Academy?" The skinny old man was the first to speak.

Before Hua Ruge could reply, the fatty quickly said, "If you want to come, then come to our Royal College. Our Royal College is at least ten times richer than the resources of their Bi Tong Academy, and is even more suitable to cultivate talented students like you."

Hua Ruge shook his head: "I'm sorry, I'm not a noble or a commoner, I can't enter Royal College."

The skinny old man smiled and said, "Then it just so happens that you're coming to our Bi Tong Academy. There are children like you who wish to change their fates there. They'll definitely get along well, and I'll make an exception and provide you with more resources."

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you're not a noble. I can make an exception for a genius." The fat old man said in his heart. Although he did not have such an example before, he was willing to give it his all to convince Hua Ruge to stay.

"Looks like this rule is really set for the weak. Once they have strength, they can break anything." Hua Ruge said with a mocking expression.

Shangguan Chuyun was such a person that didn't hesitate to marry Zhou Yunyun who had ruined his face in order to enter the Royal College. If he knew that this rule could actually be easily trampled on, how would he feel?

"Geniuses shouldn't be limited. Young man, come to our Royal College. We will definitely create a good environment for you to grow up in." The fat old man saw that Hua Ruge seemed to want to make a move, his persuasion became even stronger.

The skinny old man stared at him anxiously, but he had nothing to say.

Although there were very few people at the Royal College, which was why the resources were so abundant, they were all good for nothing.

As for Bi Tong Academy, although it was run by the royal family, there was no one to support it. It was aimed at accepting students from the commoners, so it lacked the resources to do so.

Even the same genius would have far less strength compared to the Royal College students. This way of comparison, there was really no way to compete.

Before, Hua Ruge didn't want to have any sort of relationship with the Hua Clan, so she only wanted to go to the Green Jade Academy. But now that she had this opportunity to obtain even more resources, she naturally couldn't let it go.

"The Royal College is very good." Hua Ruge said indifferently, the fatty's face had already turned into a smile like a chrysanthemum.

"There are too many people who don't like it, but it doesn't matter." After saying that, she turned her head towards Old Man Pu and said, "I will be registering for the examinations in the next few days. Thank you, Headmaster."

"I'm sorry, President Li. Thank you for your hospitality, but I have no choice but to prepare for myself." Hua Ruge said as he gently bowed to the skinny old man.

It had to be known that she had only casually expressed her thanks to the fatty who was about to arrive. Thus, her apology was very sincere.

The skinny old man saw her actions. Although he felt regretful, he also said, "Child, you really do need good resources. The two of you are both talents of our Zheng. This old man will feel gratified with your future accomplishments."

The fat old man was wild with joy. With a wipe of his hand, he took out a golden name scroll and handed it to her. "This is the privilege that I give to a special student. When the time comes, you can just go and register. You don't need to take the exam."

"Thank you." Hua Ruge took the book and left.

"Lad, I still don't know your name." The fat old man shouted from behind him.

"Hua Ruge."

When Fatty heard the name, his pupils constricted. He mumbled, "Why does this name sound so familiar?"

"He'll become the most dazzling genius among your batch of students in the future. Of course you'll hear about him." The skinny old man said sourly.

"No, I've heard of it before. It seems that fifteen years ago, there was a genius of the Hua Clan who had the same name." Fatty recalled.

"Which Hua family?"

"Who else could it be? Of course it's the Empire's number one noble family, the Duke of the Guo Mansion, the Hua Clan."

"You mean it could be the same person?"

"I don't think so, because it's a baby girl, and she can't cultivate after that." The fatty sighed: "What a pity, otherwise, it would definitely be another glory for my Royal College."

"You're too greedy. Let me tell you, Old Fang, don't be too happy too early. We have good seedlings this year as well."

"Then we'll meet on this year's competition field!"

"Who's afraid of you!"

Walking out of the tomb, Hua Ruge said to Lan Bing'er: "Is there anywhere you want to go, I'll accompany you there."

Lan Bing'er lowered his head, not daring to raise it, and asked softly: "Does Young Master not want me?"

Hua Ruge was a little confused: "I didn't mean it that way, I really didn't do anything for you either, you don't need to talk about repayment."

"Father passed away in the army a few years ago, leaving mother and I to each other. Those relatives saw us fall and left us behind. I don't have anywhere to go now." As Lan Bing'er said this, his tears dropped down.

Hua Ruge could only raise her little face, and wipe her tears as he said: "Don't cry first, I won't leave you behind. Let me think of a way to settle you down."

Lan Bing'er pursed his lips and did not say a word. Tears kept gushing out of his stubborn eyes as he looked at Hua Ruge with misty eyes.

"I'm already afraid of you. Follow me first, if you have a suitable place in the future, I'll settle you down." Hua Ruge was truly unable to endure such a pitiful person crying in front of him.

She would help others to the end, but who let them interfere?

"Thank you young master, I will do my best." Lan Bing'er bowed and expressed his gratitude, the nervous expression from just now finally gone.

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