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Lan Bing'er was afraid of being bullied. If she knew where she was going, she would not be able to escape her fate, and only by following Hua Ruge would she feel at ease.

However, at this moment, she could never have imagined that her choice today would completely change the trajectory of her life.

Hua Ruge wanted to tell her not to be so polite and call her big sister, but this appearance was indeed inappropriate.

Although it didn't matter if he told her his authenticity, there would be more days in the future, and she hadn't even changed her name.

If her words were to slip, people would easily think that she was the legendary Hua Ruge.

Hua Ruge weighed the situation for a moment before saying: "If you follow me, don't take me for granted, I'll treat you as my younger sister, and you better not call me big brother just because you're a young master."

"How can this be?" Lan Bing'er felt overwhelmed seeing her serious look.

"It's fine as long as I say it. Besides, I'm not afraid of others, so I'll do whatever I have to do. If something happens, I'll support you." Hua Ruge stroked her head and said.

Even if she was used to class status, she was still a modern person to the bone. Looking at Lan Bing'er who had suffered so much and was trembling in fear, she indeed felt a little sorry for him.

The reason why she chose Hua Ruge was because she felt that she was a good person. But in this strict world, no matter how good a master was, they would never let their guard down, let alone defending Hua Ruge.

"Young master, you've treated me so well. In the future, I'll definitely ?"

"Stop." Hua Ruge made a gesture of stop, realizing that changing people's minds was not easy, he could only say: "Alright, we'll still be together for a long time, take your time."

As she said that, she rubbed the little girl's head. The little girl nodded her head, and her cheeks showed some shyness.

"You were born in the wrong place. If it was us, you would definitely be a goddess in the eyes of the masses."

As Hua Ruge spoke, he had already begun to walk forward.

"Why wouldn't it be? With our appearances, we can only rely on our faces to survive." As Hua Ruge walked, he reminisced, "If we could just wear it back, we could easily make a fortune. There's no need to put our heads on our belt to eat."

Lan Bing'er tried his best to understand, but he was still confused, not knowing what she was saying.

However, although Hua Ruge was not satisfied with this world, he was very satisfied with his new face, to the point that he was unable to adapt to his male identity.

But when she saw that Lan Bing'er looked like he wanted to say something, she thought that something wasn't right and changed her tone, "No, two."

Who would have thought that Lan Bing'er would stammer out at this time: "If Young Master doesn't have enough money, one room is fine too."

Hua Ruge was a little confused. Had the ancient ladies always been this empathetic?

While telling the owner to open two rooms, she pulled Lan Bing'er over and lectured him: "Silly child, you can't get used to being wronged like this, it's easy for people to take advantage of you, okay?"

Lan Bing'er nodded as if he understood something, and asked Hua Ruge to spit blood: "Will young master take advantage of me?"

"Call me brother." Hua Ruge corrected him again and again, "Of course I won't, but I can't guarantee that others will have any ideas about you."

"Bing-Er will not help others." Lan Bing'er said as if he was a small adult.

Hua Ruge staggered, then coughed: "It's fine as long as you aren't tricked, go to sleep."

Lan Bing'er nodded obediently and the two of them went to rest upstairs.

In the early morning of the next day, students with innate talent testing in the Royal College queue had already lined up in front of the courtyard. There were hundreds of people in each row, which was a rule of Royal College.

Hua Ruge was shocked by the scene when he walked over with Lan Bing'er, as he saw the people in embroidered clothes standing together in a queue and the visual impact was quite strong.

However, she had the post given by the principal, so she did not need to queue up.

"Brat, don't you see that the line is to the side? Stop blocking my way!" Just as she was about to enter, she heard a delicate voice call out from behind her.

When Lan Bing'er heard the voice, he immediately moved to get out of the way, but Hua Ruge stopped her and turned to look at the person.

The girl looked to be about sixteen to seventeen years old. She was dressed in pink, and her demeanor was pretty, but her expression was extremely arrogant. She raised her chin as if she didn't care about anyone else.

"Today, your mood is quite good. I don't want to argue with you, so shut your mouth wisely, or else I'll beat you up so badly that even your mother wouldn't recognize you." Hua Ruge's mouth was even more venomous.

She was used to being arrogant, and didn't have the habit of swallowing her anger.

"You dare to talk to me like that, don't you know who I am?" The girl spoke with an incredulous tone.

Hua Ruge raised her eyebrows, she knew that even if she had not asked this woman, she would have introduced herself.

"Country bumpkin, listen carefully. I am the granddaughter of the Great Elder of the Hua family, Hua Lingling. The head of the Hua family, the famous First Marquis of the Great Zheng, is my uncle." Hua Lingling said with incomparable pride.

Hua Ruge almost laughed out loud. What a coincidence, the Patriarch of the Hua Family was the father that she was unwilling to see.

In other words, Hua Ruge was the only legitimate descendant of the Hua Family, and his bloodline was many times more noble than the girl in front of him.

If she went back now, her cheap father would probably welcome her warmly. It was a pity that she was not interested in being tied down by benefits. Instead, she had a soft spot for beating up the Hua family.

"Yo, you really have quite the background." Yo, you really have quite a bit of background. Hua Ruge patted his chest in an exaggerated manner with a playful look.

"Then hurry up and get out of the way." Hua Lingling was still as arrogant as before, and actually did not see through Hua Ruge's sarcasm.

"You people of the Hua family should go test your IQ." Hua Ruge rolled his eyes and ignored her.

"How dare you be rude? Do you believe that I won't let you take the exam today? " Hua Lingling said arrogantly.

Without waiting for Hua Ruge to speak, a few similarly dressed people walked over from the other side. Hua Lingling immediately stepped forward and said to a young lady: "Sister Yue, this brat dares to speak rudely to the Hua family, he is too gutsy."

Hua Ruge was her concubine's younger sister. Before she was kicked out of the Hua Manor, Hua Ruyue had been the one who flattered and humiliated her the most.

Hua Ruyue raised her head, meeting Hua Ruge's meaningful gaze, but she did not care, and only said: "A good dog does not block the road."

The Hua family had been acting arrogantly all these years, and they didn't even have the time to be tactful with their words.

"Who is this dog scolding?" Hua Ruge asked.

"A good dog is scolding you." Hua Ruyue said fearlessly.

Hua Ruge nodded. "Indeed."

At first, Hua Ruyue thought that she had given in, but when the people around them started to laugh, she reacted and said angrily: "You dare scold me?"

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