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"Humiliating people will always be insulted." Hua Ruge replied indifferently.

Hua Ruyue felt as if he had slapped himself in the face.

A man dressed in white beside her smiled slightly when he heard this, and looked at Hua Ruge with a gaze as warm as jade.

This boy is interesting.

"Brat, do you dare to say your name and tell me whose family you're from?" Hua Ruyue asked. She had not lost her head from anger.

She felt that this brat knew that she was from the Hua Clan, yet he dared to be so arrogant. He must have some kind of backing, and also had Fifth Prince beside him that she liked.

"I'm afraid I'll lose my life if I hear your name. I'm a bachelor without any family background or backing. Do you think I have the guts to slap you in the face and have a temper?"

Hua Ruge was even more arrogant than her.

With such an arrogant appearance, if she hadn't personally said it, others would have thought that she had a great backer.

After Hua Ruyue heard this, all that was left was anger, and she coldly said. "You, a commoner, actually dared to come to the Royal College to cause trouble, do you believe that I will beat you to death right now?"

The Great Zheng Empire was a strict and orderly empire. The aristocrats never treated the commoners as human beings.

Hua Ruge smiled and crooked his finger at her: "Don't scream if you have the guts, come bite me."

The surrounding people wanted to laugh, but no one dared to. Was she treating Hua Ruyue as a mad dog?

"Someone, come." Hua Ruyue clenched his teeth, and immediately a guard stepped forward.

But before he could do anything, a teaching staff walked over. No matter who it was, he asked with a cold expression, "What are you doing? Do you think this is a market? "

Hua Ruyue did not dare to say anything.

Royal College were run by the imperial family. The academy's rules were always strict, and everyone was treated equally; anyone who violated the rules would be directly expelled, not to mention that they had not even been hospitalized.

"We don't care who you are here, you're not allowed to enter straight away. If you want to register, go over there and line up." The teaching staff said coldly.

This time, Fifth Prince, Hua Ruyue, and the granddaughter of the Great Clan Elder were all obediently standing at the back of the convoy.

"Teacher, you have to discipline her if she wants to get away with it as a commoner." Hua Ruyue pointed at Hua Ruge and asked angrily.

This person dared to contradict her in public, so he definitely couldn't be let off lightly!

The teaching staff turned to look at Hua Ruge, frowning: "You are really a commoner?"

Hua Ruge nodded honestly: "Yes."

"Then you've come to the wrong place, two streets away is Bi Tong Academy recruiting students, go over there." The man did not change his tone when he heard that Hua Ruge was a commoner.

Hua Ruge shook his head: "That's right, I am here to register."

This time, the teaching staff frowned. He thought to himself, "This brat really came to cause trouble."

Hua Ruyue naturally could not let go of this opportunity, and added fuel to the fire: "Teacher, what I said was right, people like you who do not differentiate between equals and want to disrupt order should be pulled out to be beaten to death. If it's inconvenient for you, just leave it to me."

He then revealed a proud smile towards Hua Ruge.

"If you don't leave now, don't blame me for getting chased away." The tone of the teaching staff was also becoming somewhat unfriendly.

"I have something for you to see," he said. Hua Ruge smiled obsequiously.

The teaching staff thought that she was going to bribe them to take the relationship away and their faces immediately sank.

Hua Ruyue, on the other hand, laughed worse than anyone else, as if he could already foresee the outcome of how Hua Ruge would be thrown out to be beaten to death in the next moment.

In everyone's eyes, they could only see Hua Ruge swiping his hand across his storage ring, and what he took out was not gold, not silver, but a golden-bright and dazzling name scroll.

Hua Ruyue's face was full of disdain. At this time, all the big figures had a name card, it seemed like she wanted to leave someone's relationship, she would definitely mention something about an iron plate.

But when the instructor saw the name scroll, he was stunned, he trembled as he accepted it, and opened it to carefully examine it, then immediately said to Hua Ruge with his eyes shining: "Young lad, before, you were rude, I did not know that you had the authority granted to you by the Principal."

When Hua Ruyue saw the smile on the always serious face of the teaching staff, he was stunned. His stiff expression looked as if he had eaten a fly and couldn't even spit out a mouthful of saliva.

The Fifth Prince was startled as well, and his gaze became even more meaningful.

Hua Ruge opened his mouth and asked: "Then can I queue up now?"

"You don't need to queue up if you have a name card, you can just go in and sign up." The staff returned the card and pointed her in the right direction.

"Thank you, teacher." Hua Ruge still maintained a humble smile on his face, not because he was highly regarded, but because he was not arrogant at all.

The teaching staff immediately developed a favorable impression of him. "This child is calm and magnanimous. He will definitely be able to achieve great things in the future."

Hua Ruyue was so angry that he almost vomited blood. Previously, Hua Ruge scolded people more fiercely than anyone else.

Hua Ruge walked towards the registration point, receiving the attention of quite a few people. Everyone was guessing who she was, to actually be able to walk in without even needing to take a test.

Because the Royal College were all children of noble families, they were allowed to bring their subordinates in and out, so she didn't find it strange bringing Lan Bing'er around.

Hua Ruge entered the courtyard and started to survey his surroundings. From the front of the gate, he saw a training grounds, where two big stones were placed.

A white spirit stone was used to measure talent. At this time, those who wished to enter Royal College were all lined up below, waiting to display their talent and strength.

After walking past the Martial Arts Practice Grounds, he reached the outermost reception hall of the academy. Right now, there was a table set up to display information on the students that were temporarily registered there. Hua Ruge walked to the registration table and faced an old man around fifty years old, who handed over his name scroll.

With this invitation, everything would naturally be easy to handle. Under the earnest guidance of the old man, Hua Ruge took the student registration form and walked into the hall at the side.

This hall was a place where the student's strength was determined by the number of medals they were given.

Hua Ruge was like a new disciple reporting, he foolishly walked in, after finding out the intent, he demonstrated a level three soul technique, and the man's eyes lit up: "Soul Master s of the third stage, are really rare."

The middle-aged man said, and then not only did he give her a medal that was the same as a warrior's, he even gave her a red fire robe that only Soul Master could wear.

Hua Ruge received it. Although he was smiling amiably, there was no happiness in his eyes.

Lan Bing'er was different, when she saw the robes, her eyes immediately opened wide. She had seen people wearing this kind of clothes several times in her memory, and every time, they were aloof and exalted like gods.

He didn't expect his young master to have one too. As long as he followed his young master, no one would dare to bully him anymore.

The more she thought about it, the more lucky she felt.

Looking at her, a bright idea flashed across Hua Ruge's mind. He pulled her up and said to the middle-aged man who gave her the medal: "Teacher, my little sister is here to accompany me in reporting today. Can you lend her the testing spirit stones?"

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