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Tuoba Yu laughed, between his brows, he actually had a rather carefree and uninhibited feeling, as he said: "Interesting."

He saw her acting like a pig and eating a tiger one day, he saw her being wise and intelligent, and he felt that this Hua Ruge was bold, bold and meticulous. He was truly an interesting person.

Hua Ruge saw that his expression was real and natural, but she was not so disgusted with him.

"I'll be the host later. I'll treat the neighbors to a drink. Would little brother like to show me some face?" Tuoba Yu invited.

Hua Ruge readily agreed. "Of course."

She was someone who loved to join in on the fun. In her previous life, university and her roommates loved to get together, so she naturally didn't want to be alone.

Hearing her reply, Tuoba Yu smiled rather happily, and said: "Then we'll have to properly drink a cup later."

After the servants from the other three families had cleaned up the courtyard, Tuoba Yu's table was placed in the middle of the courtyard. Of the four, other than Hua Ruge, three of the servants knew each other.

"Brother Hua must be really gifted, to be able to drink with us." A tall dark faced man across from Hua Ruge raised his wine cup and said naively.

Hua Ruge did not even have the chance to speak before he was smashed by a peanut. The perpetrator continued to pick up the peanut as he said, "Speak human words."

This person was thin and had a delicate and pretty face. There was a bit of bookish aura on his fair face, so he spoke very little.

The dark faced Mao Jun shouted: "Yan Zixing, can't you save me some face?"

"That's face for others, but that's only face for you." Yan Zixing had a taste of the wine in his cup, his voice wasn't loud but was sharp.

Hua Ruge could not help but laugh, these two people were obviously very familiar with each other.

"You want to fight, don't you?" Seeing that his tongue was no match, Mao Jun rolled up his sleeves and was about to fight.

Yan Zixing raised his eyebrows: I'm afraid of you?

The man from Mao Jun was eager to give it a try, but Tuoba Yu opened his mouth: "You two bicker, why don't you see how long it is, the Brother Hua is still here."

Yan Zixing sat upright without batting an eyelid.

Mao Jun snorted, he also stopped his momentum.

"Let me introduce you to the third young master of the General Mao family, Mao Jun." Tuoba Yu introduced the place to Hua Ruge.

"Brother Hua, if you are not afraid of laughing at me, then you are just a brute. You won't have anything nice to say, so feel free to look for me if you have any difficulties in the future. If you can help brother, I will definitely help."

He said as he straightforwardly raised his wine cup towards Hua Ruge.

His words piqued Hua Ruge's appetite, causing her to grin: "I recognise you as my brother now, come, let's do it."

After drinking the wine, Tuoba Yu praised his alcohol tolerance and looked at Yan Zixing: "This is the Young Noble of the Finance Minister's house, Yan Zixing."

Hearing that, Yan Zixing raised his glass and spoke concisely: "I don't say much, but he's a good person."

Hua Ruge laughed. She did not think that this scholar was not only not old-fashioned, but also a little funny.

"Long time no see. Brother Ming, this way please." She raised her glass.

Yan Zixing suggested that they drink together. Four white jade cups clashed under the moonlight and after that, the strong alcohol entered his throat and burned Hua Ruge's body. This was the first time he felt such warmth ever since coming to this world.

The four chatted speculatively as they toasted each other.

After three rounds, Hua Ruge opened his mouth and said: "I really do have one matter to attend to, I wonder if you guys can help me settle it?"

All three leaned their heads forward for her to say.

"I want to get a noble's record. Your family definitely doesn't attract much attention. Do you have any other methods?" Hua Ruge asked.

Tuoba Yu nodded his head: "It is indeed inconvenient for you to not have nobility in such a strict academy. Just wait for us to help you think of a way, and try to find a decent family for you, then you can just say that you're their adopted son."

Mao Jun and Yan Zixing on the other hand, had faces full of thought, as though they were already thinking of a way.

I was planning for my sister. This child has high talent, but doesn't want to leave me. I want her to go to school with me, so there's no need to be too dignified.

Not far away, Lan Bing'er's body trembled when she heard this. She looked at the frail youth under the moonlight in disbelief, she never would have thought that Hua Ruge actually had so many plans for her, a lone girl picked up by the roadside.

"So that's not your maid. No wonder you treated her so well." Tuoba Yu understood.

Lan Bing'er felt that he did not know what to say anymore.

"Since it's just for entering the academy, then it's fine. There are too many small nobles who are attached to my family. Tomorrow, I'll choose an unremarkable one and leave your sister's name behind. This way, it won't attract too much attention."

Mao Jun was straightforward and directly took care of this matter.

Yan Zixing nodded his head: "It's easy to settle his matters directly, my position is not good, but if he can't do it well, I can help you."

Hua Ruge saw their generous assistance, and said: "I will remember this favor, I will not say thanks, but in the future, if any of you need my help, I will definitely help."

"There's no need to stand on ceremony. Come and drink. We won't leave until we're drunk today!" Mao Jun boldly shouted.

The few of them chatted merrily as they drank too much wine. After Yan Zixing got drunk, he started to chat non-stop while dragging Hua Ruge to talk about the things that happened when he was young.

Mao Jun stuck his head out over half of the table, his eyes so dazed that they were almost popping out of his ears. Tuoba Yu squinted his eyes as he hugged his wine pot like a lazy drunk cat.

Lan Bing'er had originally wanted to remind his young master that it was time to go back and rest, but she patted Yan Zixing's shoulder and said, "That's nothing. Even the toilets are better than those of the palace. "

Lan Bing'er facepalmed, his young master was already drunk enough to start babbling nonsense.

She spent a lot of effort to help Hua Ruge into the room. Hua Ruge loved to drink, but her alcohol tolerance was low, so when she returned to her room, it seemed that she would be able to fall asleep the moment she touched the pillow.

However, when she glanced towards the window, she could vaguely see that there was an additional shadow there. He was standing with his back facing her, and his figure was as straight as a mountain.

The moment Hua Ruge saw him, her eyes went from green beans to the size of eggs!

Lan Bing'er, who was about to cover her with a blanket, was shocked by her appearance.

But before she could turn around, another figure appeared behind her. He quickly pressed her acupoints and sent her to the outer room, before closing the door.

The atmosphere in the room was awkward.

When Hua Ruge saw that he was drenched in sweat from fright, more than half of the alcohol immediately sobered up.

Why is he here? How did he find me? He had already recovered his face and changed into a man's outfit, so there was no reason for him to recognize him.

The black figure slowly turned around, her astounding face still eye-catching under the half-lit candlelight, causing Hua Ruge to feel dizzy.

She gritted her teeth.

He had to tell himself that the alcohol must have gotten stronger!

"Men and women shouldn't be too intimate with each other." Tuoba Rui's voice seeped out the cold air.


Hua Ruge looked at him in a daze. What did he mean?

"Why were you so close to a man just now?"

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